Myths of the Blogging Universe

Myths are something most of us find interesting to read about. I find them absolutely fascinating and at times humorous when they’re so creatively fabricated and don’t really seem to hold any truth.


But it isn’t so funny when myths appear in real life because more often than not it is very difficult to discern them from true facts.


So today I’m going to decode some of the myths that have been plaguing the blogging universe for a while now and driving everyone nuts. But I’m not alone! I’m here with Shruti from her blog This Is Lit to help me out with this massive task of educating you all.


Shruti is a very good friend of mine and has a very aesthetic and informative blog that she has been running for about two years now. She is a very friendly Potterhead who’s always ready to help others out. Do go and check her blog out!


Thanks for that intro, Charvi! And hi, everyone! Like Charvi said, I’ve had a blog for almost two years now. In these two years, I’ve observed a LOT of “Here’s what you should do to make your blog successful” posts that actually give really bad advice. Today, Charvi and I are going to debunk some of the most popular myths of the blogverse.


So let’s get down to business! Here’s a list of some of the most popular myths of the blogging universe and why they’re completely twisted and misguiding.




Blogging doesn’t help you make money. I mean you would think we get payed for dealing with all the PTSD from the books we review and all the sleep we give up to post consistently but nope.


I’ll admit I’ve been at this for only 3 months now but I don’t think this is something that changes…


I’ve been blogging for almost two years now and I’m still broke af. Seriously. My barrel has been scraped so much, there IS no bottom left.


Repeat after me: Blogging. Does. Not. Mean. More. Money.


Sure, there are bloggers who say they make a ton of money just through affiliate marketing and AdWords, but we’re all not that lucky. They’re the exception, not the rule. Don’t get into this thinking you’ll make money out of this. You may get free books, but money? Nope. Not happening. At least not for everyone.






Wow, whoever came up with this is clearly hooked up on something.


Agreed, this is utter nonsense. So is the popular theory that you need to post at least three times a week. My narcissistic ass has just one example–my own blog. I don’t post as regularly as other bloggers. I try to squeeze in a post a week and my follower count is good enough.


It all boils back down to the famous saying: quality over quantity. Write an amazing post. And let it sit for a while. It’ll help you too, because you get time to think of what your next post could be.


I would recommend posting everyday only if you can write bomb posts every single day, with no dip in your amazing writing style. But I highly doubt anyone can keep that up.


There’s the added fact that posting so frequently is almost certainly going to drive you crazy over time. Not to mention that most people hate being spammed by so many continuous posts. You might even lose some of your followers! Try to put it in perspective: Do you have the time or will to read someone’s writings every single day? I highly doubt that.




And if you don’t, others don’t either.


So stop with this craziness.




I get how this myth might have started. YA is a very popular and upcoming genre these days and almost all book bloggers are avidly devouring and reviewing YA books. You probably saw some of the famous book bloggers reviewing a shit ton of YA books and thought oh, so to become popular I need to review YA books.




People are reviewing YA books because they want to. They like reading in that genre. The genre of books you review does not determine the success of your blog or your follower count. Read whatever the hell you want! Review what you feel like reviewing! So what if the book you just read isn’t YA? It’s out there in the market so somebody has to have read it or maybe someone just purchased it and needs an insight on it. Don’t be afraid to do whatever the hell you want to. In the end, that’s what blogging is all about.


Well said, Charvi! Read the books you like. You don’t need to go through the pain of reading a book of a genre you don’t like, just based on a myth that it would help. It so doesn’t. Can I shamelessly tout my blog as an example again? I don’t review YA books. I have more than 1000 followers.


So, you can do it. Don’t do something just because all the popular people are doing it. Blogging ain’t high school.




Lies, lies, and more lies!


Well, actually, not entirely. There is some amount of truth in this. That is, if you’re trying to have a professional blog. To make you look like you know your shit, yes, it’ll look good if you are self-hosted or have a domain.


But aren’t we debunking myths here? Yes. So, take a look at the following questions.


  1. Would you like to make your blog a brand?
  2. Would you like to run AdWords on your blog?
  3. Do you want to unlock any of the features a premium WP account or a self-hosted site provides?


If your answer was “yes” to any of these questions, go for it! If you’re just here to write about books and don’t want to spend on getting a domain, you don’t have to. A simple dot-wordpress-dot-com is not going to stop me, Charvi, or any other person from following you.


Your URL doesn’t determine your blog’s success, your content does.


I totally agree with Shruti! There are so many examples of successful blogs out there working on a free domain. This cruel world has always taught us that NOTHING IS FREE but here’s where it’s all wrong! Blog domains are absolutely free and are not trying to lure you into a catastrophe so make the best use of it and don’t shower all your money on buying expensive domains when you could be buying books!



I was way too much influenced by this one, so much so that I had put off starting a blog for months! I was obsessed with the pictures when I first started. Being a crappy photographer this was absolute hell for me and often required me bribing my sister for good pictures. Even then I never used to be satisfied with them. So I stopped. And guess what, it didn’t matter at all.




Nobody gasped at the lack of pictures, especially when I reciprocated them with GIFs and in no way did it affect the status of my blog or the followers. I like to think that everybody was spared from the torture of the horrible pictures xD


So if you have a knack with cameras then that’s great! But it’s definitely not a necessity. Most people care about the content you’re posting and not the pictures. Go ahead and try it out.


I’m totally with Charvi on this one too. Fun fact: Every time I take a photo, an Instagram model dies. Umm, well, not really, but you get how much I suck. Book hauls are the worst because I can never add a proper photo of all the books I bought. And it’s okay! What you write is what matters.


Now for a successful Instagram account, on the other hand…




Okay so this one’s a myth because it’s misleading. Make friends with everyone, including popular bloggers! That’s totally cool. But don’t actively seek friendships with popular bloggers just so they can give you/your blog a boost up. That’s not very nice.


Having connections with popular bloggers alone is not going to help you out, if your blog doesn’t have anything interesting on it. So work on your content and success will follow organically. 


Shruti’s right, building up friendships on the basis of business will never lead you anywhere!


Even if you get a popular blogger to scream at people, telling them to go follow you, there’s a pretty good chance that they won’t oblige. And the few people that do go and check out your blog will stop scrolling seconds later because your content isn’t worth it and the blog isn’t even designed properly since you’ve been spending all your time buttering the celebs of the blogging universe.






When faced with such myths just take a second to think over them. Do you really think they’re true? Most of the times you’ll be able to decode them yourself 🙂


In the end, blogging is all about following your heart and doing what you think is the best for your blog. Take advice from others but act on what you feel will work for you.


As Charvi says, it’s always good to follow your heart. Unless your heart says “do more tags”. Don’t. Just don’t.


Soz, I just hate it when a blog just has tags.


Anyhoo, don’t let any blogger (me and Charvi included) tell you what you should do with your blog. Ultimately, it’s your brainchild, so you need to try out different things on it. Once you keep at it, you’ll eventually figure out what works and what doesn’t.


Fun fact: For all my hatred for tags, I used to do it a quite a lot when I first started blogging. I then understood that I wasn’t posting anything original and started writing other posts instead.


So, go forth, Goldilocks! Experiment around and find the method that’s “just right” for you!


*tries to wink at super-awesome pun but squints at reader instead*


I absolutely loved  collaborating with Shruti but what about you? Have you every encountered these myths? Which one of them influenced you the most when you first started blogging? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post so that no bloggers fall into this void of myths!

36 thoughts on “Myths of the Blogging Universe

  1. *chuckles* April was the month of experimentation for me – that being posting everyday on my blog. I can confirm it’s insane and will probably send you crazy. Don’t do it folks, not unless like Shruti said you can continually write quality posts. My work around is scheduling ahead of time haha even then though – it’s a lot to keep up with.

    All valid points though!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I have only started reading this but I can see it will be a great post 😀 (yes, I actually write my comments in a notebook window while I’m reading!)

    TBH, I’ve talked to ‘bigger’ bloggers and they said Adwords makes them about 5 bucks a year at most xD affiliate marketing… my country doesn’t qualify for the Amazon program, and the other programs? Not worth it xD so yeah, I agree. About the only way would be if actual authors or indie publishers decided to buy ads from you directly 😀

    Yeah, posting often is definitely not the thing! I have been posting 3-4 times a week for almost as long as Shruti, but my follows are crap – barely half of hers. God knows where the secret is xD but I don’t think it’s frequent posting.

    I would have to mostly disagree about the YA books. Most YA bloggers I know gained LOADS of followers really quickly – and most non-YA bloggers I know struggled with this. YA is definitely more popular. But I’m not going to read YA just to be popular xD that would be a great way to kill my love for my hobby 😀

    And I’m also a crappy photographer 😀 I used to worry about this, and while I’m not a very successful blogger, I do get by without a good bookstagram 😀 I will always be jealous about people being able to take good pics though xD can’t help it 😀

    And I agree about the connections – it’s actually the most rewarding to have connections with the small bloggers because you can actually DO something for them and promote them 🙂 but maybe that’s just something I personally like 😀 I just really love helping smaller bloggers along the way. It’s a really great feeling.

    And actually, I don’t hate reading people’s tags 😀 they’re kind of fun! Although I don’t do them often myself. Last time I did one must have been AAAAGES ago.

    Great post, both of you 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • Ooh that’s a great way of commenting!

      Anything related to money goes straight over my head, I only started this blog as a hobby xD

      Ikr, I think Shruti uses some kind of black magic that makes a reader automatically click the follow button 😛

      Fortunately for me, I love reading YA! And yes I’ll forever be jealous of the awesome photography skills of certain bloggers -_-

      Awww yes that’s what I love the most about you! You’re always interacting with and supporting us small bloggers 😍 I love both your groups so much!

      Haha I guess there are always exceptions xP

      Thanks a lot, it was great to hear your thoughts on it!

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  3. Great post Charvi and Shruti. Definitely going to add this in my monthly wrap-up post. I do agree with all the myths that you have talked about here. My blog will complete one year this July and I am using Amazon’s affiliate for the starting. yet, I haven’t earned a single penny. So yeah, blogging doesn’t guarantee that you would earn money too.

    Yeah definitely agree that posting more doesn’t mean that you’ll famous. I post 4 times a week but always post different things on all four days. If I am getting notification from someone daily about their new posts than I am definitely bored.

    I don’t think that I use real photographs in my post. I did in a few earlier posts but not anymore and I don’t think it matters much especially in book blogging world. But yes, for Instagram popularity, your feed should be neat at least 😀

    I enjoyed reading this. Good work 🙂

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  4. Gah! I totally believed that I had to post as often as I could back when I first started blogging. I posted every other day, and I think that’s part of the reason why I experienced so many burnouts then. It’s just so stressful feeling obligated to squeeze your brain ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I only post twice a week now, and I feel so much kinder to myself. xD

    And yes to not needing to blog YA! I personally read YA since it’s MY OWN PREFERENCE, not because I know other people will only read my blog if I do that. I see so many blogs now that are successful for reading and talking about the genres THEY love. ♥

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah I get what you mean about burning out. Plus it’s all too hectic! Glad to see you’ve fallen into a steady rhythm, I’m still trying stuff out. This month I went for two or three posts a week and it suddenly became too chaotic and I was so stressed nearly everyday thanks to school too so I think I’m going to go back to posting once a week 🙂


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