Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag

You know what we booknerds love?

Freaking out.

The main characters always put themselves in danger, the books we lend come back damaged, our favourite characters always die, WE CANNOT READ ALL THE BOOKS IN THE WORLD –



So naturally there is a tag for this. What are we freaking out about now? Half the year has somehow passed thanks to whoever is using dark magic here and now we may or may not be behind our reading goal or might have forgotten to read those books within the first quarter of the year.



I’m sure a ton of people tagged me for this including Aimee and Simant and Saimon over at Instagram so here we go because apparently all the freak out stress is good for reading. (NOT.)


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FIFA World Cup Book Tag

Let me start by putting this out there- I’m not a huge fan of watching sports.

Be it cricket, football, badminton or whatever else, I never really watch sports-persons play, eyes glued to the television. That’s just not me. The only time I avidly watched a sport event was when India was playing for the cricket world cup, which by the way, they won in that very match.



This doesn’t mean I don’t like playing sports- I absolutely love playing football and cricket though it has been a long time since I did so. I probably could get invested into watching sports but some part of me doesn’t want to because that’s just another thing that’s going to consume my time.

Needless to say, I was kind of wary when I got tagged for the FIFA World Cup Book Tag because yes I know FIFA is currently taking place but no I’ve never watched it, and this is after all a bookish blog with no place for sports. But then I read the word ‘Book’ which immediately got my attention. This turned out to be a pretty interesting tag and so I thought oh well, let’s give this a shot.

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Hi everyone!

I’ve been a very lazy person so this wrap-up post is kind of delayed but oh well. Better late than never!

LOTS of stuff happened last month! June is Pride month, as you all know, hence one of my favorite months. It doesn’t hurt that I didn’t have to go to school for that whole month either.


So let’s go over everything (probably just 50% thanks to my memory) that happened in June!

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Banned Book Club: Reviewing The Hate U Give + Trailer Reaction

You’ve all heard this name flitting around in the book community, and if you haven’t then you seriously need to stop living under a rock!

I’ve been meaning to read The Hate U Give(THUG) ever since it came out because wow it has such a lot of hype and has like 4 award stickers plastered on it’s cover(sigh) not to mention it has been turned into a movie which come out this October 19!


So when THUG was voted for the BOTM for our Banned Book Club I was elated that I have a reason to tug it out from under my growing TBR!

(By ‘tug’ I mean pull at the book with all my might while the rest of the books on my TBR screeched in protest)



So now you get to see me flail scream review this book!

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Indian Lit Readathon

Quick question: How many of you have recently read a book by an Indian author?

How many of you have ever read a book by an Indian author?

(I really hope all of you raised your hand at that last question)


As time passes the book community is slowly progressing and indulging in more diverse books so as to give the undermined communities some importance and to gain a deeper understanding about them. But somehow I feel that Indian literature has got subdued despite this diversity movement.

This is one of the reasons why I collaborated with some of my Indian blogging friends to organise Indian Lit Readathon; a 48hr readathon that will begin at 12 am IST on 7th July and end at 12pm IST on 8th July. In this readathon we’ll be aiming at reading Indian Literature written by Indian authors or authors of Indian origin and encouraging others to do so as well.

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