No Heroes by Jamie Hall: Book Review

Hi everyone!

I’m peeping out of my hiatus for this one review post, but I’ll be back soon 🙂

In the meantime go ahead and read my review of No Heroes by Jamie Hall, a book of many colours.


3/5 stars


Official Goodreads Summary:

Michael’s life is one of little importance, which is a far cry from his dreams of being a hero throughout childhood. Several traumas in his life lead Michael down a path of vengeance in his father’s name. Guided by the desire to leave a legacy and create change, Michael battles disease and internal demons to catch his father’s killer and those that prey on society. As he delves deeper into a world of violence, Michael must balance his personal life, newfound identity, and the darkness that inevitably creeps into his life as he struggles to complete his mission.

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The Dangerous Art Of Blending In: Book Review

I owe a huge apology to this wonderful book that I had promised I would review ‘soon’ but as usual my ‘soon’ turned into ‘late af’

I read The Dangerous Art of Blending In on the 1st of this month and today it’s the 19th.

Someone give me a pat on the back.

This had been a highly anticipated read of mine and it truly passed my expectations with flying colours. This book totally messed up my heart and brain and I probably filled a whole bucket with my tears. And it was only after finishing did I find out that this book is semi-autobiographical a.k.a loosely based off the author’s life.

Cue more tears.


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Banned Book Club: Reviewing The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things

Hi, I’m alive!

Things have been super busy and my review of last month’s BOTM for The Banned Book Club kept being pushed back until today when I stepped down my foot and said ENOUGH.


So here I am, reviewing The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things – an unconventional title but hey! Don’t judge a book by it’s title!

I dived into this one with no idea what to look forward to and no expectations whatsoever and wow this book completely sucked me into it’s vortex. I was literally glued to it and finished it in one sitting with a few tears and screeches and hugs.

(let’s just say you’re lucky you did not witness me finishing this book)


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Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag

You know what we booknerds love?

Freaking out.

The main characters always put themselves in danger, the books we lend come back damaged, our favourite characters always die, WE CANNOT READ ALL THE BOOKS IN THE WORLD –



So naturally there is a tag for this. What are we freaking out about now? Half the year has somehow passed thanks to whoever is using dark magic here and now we may or may not be behind our reading goal or might have forgotten to read those books within the first quarter of the year.



I’m sure a ton of people tagged me for this including Aimee and Simant and Saimon over at Instagram so here we go because apparently all the freak out stress is good for reading. (NOT.)


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