Year of the Asian Reading Challenge

Hello there!

If you aren’t dying under the list of bookish challenges you’ve taken up for this year then here’s one you really need to get going with.

Year of the Asian Reading Challenge 2019 or YARC for short is a year long reading challenge where readers aim to read as many books as possible by Asian writers. All books started and finished within 2019 count and you can join at any time of the year!

There are many other fun twists and challenges within YARC monthly prompts and recommendations, twitter chats, and monthly link-ups and giveaways too! There are several levels to this challenge and I am going for the Giant Panda Level where I’ll try to read 31-40 books by Asian authors.

Panda synbol.jpg

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How Bloggers are Legally Copying Content and Getting the Credit

Yes, you read that right.

I was so shocked when I first found out about this!

And I swear this isn’t click-bait or anything like that. I rubbed my eyes twice and did my research and apparently this is a thing and I am simply enraged.

Hold on for a minute, I’m giving you all the tea.


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