Celebrating My 1 Year Blogoversary

My little baby blog has turned one!


I honestly am so overwhelmed that I have no idea what to write. You may experience a fair amount of word vomit in this post because I’m ecstatic and pumped up and okay, sentimental too.

Like how did this happen? Did I not just start blogging???

I can’t believe I’m celebrating the birthday of my smol brainchild! Okay technically my blog turned one sometime in January 2018 but WordPress messed up and didn’t send me any notifications so here I am, celebrating it with my own birthday because well as we celebrate the birthday of a crazy fangirl it’s only right to celebrate her creations too.

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Thoughts I Have While Organising My Bookshelf

Today is the day that Off Tangent Thoughts goes live and honestly I’m super excited and a little anxious(throws the anxiety off a cliff) to see how this journey goes! This first prompt is in the spirit of Bookending Spring which is a wonderful event organised by my friends Clo and Sam. Now without any delay let’s get started on today’s prompt 🙂


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Thoughts You Have While Organising Your Bookshelf



All bookdragons have a bookshelf no matter what size or shape or condition. Mine is carved out of the top two shelves of my study table and when that started overflowing I convinced my mom to give me another two shelves from the crafts cabinet in my room…

So yeah my bookshelves are pretty much divided and an absolute mess right now or else I would have definitely put up some pictures. But as I got around to organising them here are some thoughts that popped into my head.

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Is It Important To Know The Book Genre? ft. Fanna @Fannatality

What is one of the first things you do when you pick up a book?

Me? I personally try to figure out the genre, even before I read the blurb so that I can tell what kind of a book it is going to be.

But not everyone is like that. Many people don’t mind knowing the genre or even the blurb before reading the book or other misinterpret the genre on a whole.

I mean by reading the title and the fact that I’ve used the word ‘genre’ about five times you already know what this post is going to be about. Today we’ll be discussing whether or not it is important to know the genre of a book before you go off reading it.

Honestly I was feeling a little lonely here, talking all by myself so I invited my lovely friend and fellow book blogger Fanna @Fannatality to give me some nice company and also provide further perspective and dimensions to the discussion 🙂

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Juggling Reading With Studying – Are They Compatible?

It’s a bittersweet moment since today is my last day of hosting for Bookending Spring but also this is one of the prompts I’m most excited for, not only for my own post but to see what the rest of you come up with 🙂


Pairing Reading with Studying

Book bloggers are busy people okay? Most of them are blogging as a part-time job or hobby and out of those a lot are high-school or college students trying to somehow manage both their studies and blogging. And with all that going on we sadly don’t have much time left to read.

‘Oh but are’t you reading while you’re studying?’

NOBODY enjoys reading textbooks! Even english companion novels are boring or plain crap 99%of the point so we really don’t get to read for pleasure. So today I’m trying to help out all the student bloggers like me by suggesting a few books that you can read which correlate with your subjects. I mean it counts as something.

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Is Unorganisation The Bane Of Our Existence?

Hello everyone! It’s day three of me being a host for Bookending Spring and I’m clutching for dear life because I don’t want to let go. I like this too much! Ahem, I clearly need help

Today’s topic is one that we can hold an intense discussion on and whatever your stance may be, remember both organisation and unorganisation is important in life and people leaning to either of the two sides are perfectly valid 🙂



Unorganisation: The Bane of our Existence…Or Not

So since the age of dinosaurs organisation has been held at the highest level with the most revered dinos planning out and sorting the different kinds of humans to eat.

Okay, maybe that’s not true.

But still, since the longest of times organisation has been seen as a quality to be admired and encouraged in children, students, adults and the aged alike. Organised individuals command respect and are considered superior and more successful whereas unorganised people are mocked and taunted or simply asked to mend their ways or else perish. Too much of an ego boost?


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