Indian Lit Readathon

Quick question: How many of you have recently read a book by an Indian author? How many of you have ever read a book by an Indian author? (I really hope all of you raised your hand at that last question)   As time passes the book community is slowly progressing and indulging in more […]

Myths of the Blogging Universe

Myths are something most of us find interesting to read about. I find them absolutely fascinating and at times humorous when they’re so creatively fabricated and don’t really seem to hold any truth.


But it isn’t so funny when myths appear in real life because more often than not it is very difficult to discern them from true facts.


So today I’m going to decode some of the myths that have been plaguing the blogging universe for a while now and driving everyone nuts. But I’m not alone! I’m here with Shruti from her blog This Is Lit to help me out with this massive task of educating you all.


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