Hi everyone!

My name is Charvi and I’m an Indian teenager trying to juggle with my school and blogging life, not to mention the tiresome social interactions. Now add to that my never ending TBR pile and the books I conveniently forget to read and you’ve got a screeching banshee a.k.a me.

I am an introverted reading fanatic and you’ll always find my head buried in a book or daydreaming. I literally breathe and live in words. I also scream and sob at my books and fangirl 24/7 so if you would like to do any of the above mentioned you are welcome to join me!

Apart from reading I indulge in art and music and love to go out for a swim now and then. Infact beaches are my absolute favorite, what with the feeling of soft sand underneath your feet and the bright blue ocean waves. Unfortunately instead of living near a beach I reside in a small suburban area which while being beautiful has an unfortunate lack of water bodies and bookstores.

I’ve only recently started hoarding books even though I’ve been reading since I was 5 (my entire childhood was spent in libraries) and often go for online book shopping sprees, only to become bankrupt. Thank God for birthdays and festivals! I dream to have my own private library and becoming a successful writer sometime in the future.

My favorite genres are Fantasy and Young Adult though I’ll read absolutely anything that comes under the category of fiction. I also have a strange obsession over gay ships (this started as a phase but I think it’s my life now. Whoops)

I had been thinking of starting this blog since a long time because I wanted to get out there and interact with fellow booknerds (shocking since I hate social interactions) and just share my views on the various aspects of books and what they mean to me. I had actually first set up Not Just Fiction on blogspot but then shifted it here as I feel much more comfortable and at ease with WordPress. That said, my blog had a rather rough start but the few encouraging comments kept me going.

You can find all sorts of bookish subjects and book reviews on this blog, ranging from the pain of lending books to the pros and cons of reading books in public. I can guarantee that you’ll come across something of your interest here so go check out the posts!

You can find me on:


I hope to see you around !



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