Review Policy

Hi there!

Thank you for showing interest in my blog Not Just Fiction. If you would like me to review your book then kindly fill out the form below. But before that, please go through the following guidelines and preferences.

  • I only accept physical review copies but both physical and e-ARCs.
  • I live in India so please keep that in mind if you’ll be sending out a physical ARC or review copy.
  • I generally do not read books with graphic descriptions of violence, gore and other such things so please keep that in mind before proposing your book for a review.
  • Kindly warn me in advance if your book comes with trigger warnings for anxiety, panic attacks or/and depression. I would be really grateful if you could just list all trigger warnings applicable.
  • Reviews will be posted on Goodreads and and on the blog as well as Amazon if specifically requested.
  • Providing me with an ARC or review copy does not ensure a positive review from me. I am entitled to my own opinions which may sometimes be honest and blunt. If I do post a negative review I promise to provide constructive criticism and proper explanations regarding my feelings and opinions on the book. I refrain from posting negative reviews on my blog so these would only go up on my Goodreads.
  • I may decline your request even if it is valid due to any factors such as my interest in the book, time restraints and my university workload so kindly cooperate.
  • I review almost all genres of fiction and do not generally read non-fiction but please check out the list of genres I like and dislike for more reference.


  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult Contemporary
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery/Crime/Thriller
  • Psychological Thrillers
  • Dystopian


  • Steampunk
  • Action and Adventure
  • Romance


  • Non-fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Biography or Auto-biography
  • Horror
  • Religion
  • Paranormal

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