Blog Posts from My First Year of Blogging That I’m Still Proud Of

You know what, I’ve had this blog going on for 3 and a half years now and I don’t know about you but that’s a long freaking time for me. I remember starting it as something fun to do but it has quickly evolved into a hobby that I’ve refused to let go. And damn, my writing has evolved and grown so much from it. To be honest, it’s the only sort of writing apart from academics that I usually get done these days.

And then I made the decision to go back and read some of the posts from my first year of blogging. Ugh, a lot of it is filled with typos and cringey stuff that makes me want to bury myself underground and never come out. But then some of it is good? Like you can tell that I was writing out of passion and energy and it’s actually pretty funny. The point of this activity was to go back and see that if I could find any posts that current me would be proud of. And I’m honestly surprised I found as many as I did. Let’s take a look.

Blog Posts from My First Year of Blogging That I’m Still Proud Of

Trilogies: The Bane of My Existence was the second or maybe third post on my blog and good lord I still remember the struggle behind getting that picture shot for the header. And it was my first discussion post! I’m actually really happy with the way I’ve written this post. The content is to the point, funny and I’ve used a lot of examples of trilogies so it’s easy to see where I’m coming from. And I still stand by all the points I made in that post because god, reading trilogies can suck on way too many levels. You can give that post a read if you want to understand what I mean πŸ™‚

You know how babies aren’t really afraid of fire because they don’t know why it’s something to be feared? I feel like I was that baby writing out a post like this with absolutely no fear. Blogs Based Solely on Book Reviews was a huge call out to the many blogs who only published reviews that I was personally tired of following. And wow I can’t believe that I fearlessly wrote a post about it instead of staying quiet. While I did repeat countless times that these views were my own and nobody had to follow them, some people still took offense. If I were writing that post today I would have worded things a little bit differently, maybe softened the blow. But I’m still proud of myself for putting it out there.

I swear to god I forgot that this post even existed! Myths of the Blogging Universe was a post I wrote in collaboration with my friend Shruti from This Is Lit and wow it’s so nostalgic? Quality wise, I think what we wrote was good, overall decent content that I won’t take back but more than that it just put a huge smile on my face to see past Shruti and past Charvi writing a post and being their funny selves. (Shruti is infinitely more funny than I am but back then I used to put an extra effort into making my writing funny :p)

I absolutely loved reading this post because it’s just so true to who I am. Thoughts I Have While Reading a Slow-Burn Romance was the start of so many things. I remember that I loved writing it and people loved reading it so freaking much. A couple others wanted to do similar posts and I ended up making a meme series that I had great fun hosting on my blog. It was so different from the content I usually wrote! I eventually ran out of steam and things came to an end but this makes me thing maybe I would like to write another one of these posts sometime in the future.

I feel that it’s very ironic that I went back to my post 6 Reasons To Go On A Social Media Detox while I am taking a break from social media. If I may say so myself, this post is one of my best pieces of writing. It’s honest advice from lived experience and I’m really proud of the way I wrote it all. Like hell, this could convince me to go a social media detox even if I didn’t want to. Reading this post in the present day also feels good for different reasons. I’m so wrapped in my FOMO that I don’t dare take a break but I’ve decided to extend my break and give my mind the peace and quiet it probably needs.

So, anyway… that was quite a fun experience! I honestly would recommend for everyone to go back and read their previous writings. The idea came to me because I often re-read my old diaries and it often makes me much more grateful. The place I’m currently at would have been a fever dream for past me and it feels good to remember that.

Reading my blog posts remind me of the good times I had, it makes me laugh at the insecurities I had while starting the blog and the friends I gained on the way. Looking at how my writing has changed makes me believe that blogging isn’t a worthless waste of time, even if it’s just a hobby for me. Hah, I guess you didn’t expect such an emotional reflection but yeah, writing this post was pretty cathartic for me πŸ™‚

Have you ever read any of your old writings or posts?

Can you think of any of your old posts that you’re super proud of? Link them down here, I would love to take a look!

If there’s one thing you could tell yourself when you first started blogging what would it be?

6 thoughts on “Blog Posts from My First Year of Blogging That I’m Still Proud Of

  1. I absolutely refuse to let go of blogging too! πŸ˜… for my blogoversary last year (ithink?) I did my fave posts of the last two years.. which was long as hell ahah β€” surprise, most of them were mental health related. Because I spoke especially louder from the heart, you know. But oh my were my first posts cringey too 😬 pretty sure we are all like that at first, sadly rofl

    Absolutely backing you up β€” blogs solely for book reviews are quite meh to me .. #SorryNotSorry. I do read reviews sometimes, but I need more meat on the bone!! Gimme your personality, gimme some diversity!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ooh that sounds like a great way to celebrate! Ahhh I totally get you, mental health posts just hit differently hehe ❀

      Lol yes, at least we aren't that cringey now. Yay, thank you! It's just hard to get a person's personality only out of book reviews!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I love rereading my old posts when I’m in the mood for. Although I do also reread old writing I’ve done if I’m in a writing funk, I usually laugh at my own humour I’ve put in which is good I guess haha. Honestly though we’re going to pretend none of my posts from 2017 exist because I think I need to go back to most of them and sort them out still.

    If I could go back, I’d tell myself it’s ok to not do reviews. You’ll still gain a following and make friends without posting the review content that every other book blog seems to. It’s ok to follow your love for creating other types of posts, when reviews never appealed to you to start with.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hehe exactly I love reading my work because it gives me confidence like bitch you can write stuff, don’t be afraid. Ahahaha yes most of my posts from my first year were what everyone was doing and mainly me trying to be funny and ending up a little cringe.

      Yesss that’s excellent advice! ❀

      Liked by 1 person

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