5 Characters Who Deserve All The Happiness and Love in the World

For the past couple of years, I’ve been writing a character appreciation post every Valentine’s Day. I feel it’s better than just recommending romance books (there’s nothing wrong with doing that, I just don’t read that much romance). And even though I decided to do something different this year by talking about romance books I was obsessed with because I was going through a romance phase, I missed showering characters with love. And then I thought, these kinds of posts don’t have to be relegated to Valentine’s Day or the month of February, right?

This is my blog and I’ll do whatever the hell I want 🙂

So that’s why we are here today, to shower some characters with love. These are just people who deserve all the happiness and love in the world because authors can be so freaking cruel sometimes…

6 Characters Who Deserve All The Happiness and Love in the World

Meg from The Trials of Apollo

I’m on the fence about the Apollo’s TRials series as a whole because while some of the books were amazing, the others fell flat. But throughout it all I loved reading about Meg who’s this stocky, determined fighter, ready to face the world with her questionable fashion choices. She has such a spunky attitude yet immediately turns soft when it comes to plants. I don’t want to spoil the series for anyone but let’s just say that Meg has been through a lot. She lived as an orphan on the streets where she had to fend for herself and compete with her adoptive siblings. Her adoptive dad is an emotional manipulator who uses and abuses her and leaves Meg with no other option but to return to him. And yet Meg has a rather positive outlook and keeps going forward in life, trying to help those around her. ALSO SHE’S A FRICKING KID, WHY IS SHE ALREADY A TORTURED SOUL?? She deserves all of the food and love from Sally Jackson and so much more!

Laia and Elias from The Ember Quartet

I mean, the more books you read in this series the more you are likely to agree with me. Sabaa Tahir is absolutely evil and a master of torturing her characters, something she proudly owns. Both Laia and Elias just go through so much physical and emotional pain, loss, grief and literally everything imaginable. For the sake of spoilers I obviously cannot say anything but askjefhoqlwihaeflikefhpql will you stop Sabaa??? Yes it’s making them stronger but AT WHAT COST?!?!? EMOTIONAL DAMAGE!

It’s time to let them be happy and cosy and just have some semblance of a nice life okay??

Ben De Backer from I Wish You All The Best

I know some of you all might be sleeping on this book but seriously, it’s so good. Bump it up on your TBR! We start the story with Ben coming out as non-binary and then immediately being thrown out of the house by their parents. My heart went out to Ben and it’s not just because of what happened to them. Ben is truly such a soft fluffball who’s trying to navigate coming out, being their true self and reconnecting with their sister. There’s just so much going on with them and I just wanna offer myself up as a personal shield like YEAH YOU WANNA HURT THEM? YOU’LL HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME FIRST!

Hades from Lore Olympus

Oh no, the webcomic characters are not being left behind! Hades’ character from Lore Olympus is just so soft and wholesome! He’s like a cute and sad little child who’s putting on a brave face for everyone else. Like don’t get me wrong, he can be quite fearsome and authoritative but come on, we know who he truly is: A BIG SOFTIE. I love how the author depicted his life events and background story which really makes you connect with him. I legit wanna adopt and protect him. A literal god of the Underworld. I don’t care how impractical it is, okay? HE’S JUST A CINNAMON ROLL, HE DESERVES THE WORLD!!

Felix from Felix Ever After

Another book and another character that I would lay down my life for. Felix is a trans kid who gets deadnamed publicly in school and gets his pre-transition pictures displayed. I can’t even imagine the kind of horror that must be for someone and somehow Kacen Callender made me feel so many fucking emotions throughout this book. I just wanted to see Felix happy, you know? But instead we see him struggling with relationships, family, identity, finances, his passion and finding the person bent on exposing him. I mean is there even one area of his life where my poor boy can be happy???

I was literally ready to throw the book because oh my god who hurt these authors?? Felix deserves the whole world and much more, I dare you to change my mind about it.

Have you read about any of the characters I mentioned? What are your thoughts?

What are some characters that you think have been tortured too much and deserve peace and happiness?

What do you think of this series as a whole? I for one really enjoy writing for it 🙂

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