February New Releases I Pledge My Love To

The month of love is here and that’s why I’m here to shower all my love and fangirl-y feelings over these upcoming February book releases! Now I’m not going to slay a dragon for them (because dragons are beautiful creatures who need to be protected) but I will do about anything else to get my hands on these beautiful books.

Again, this is not an exhaustive list, this list mostly includes books on my radar and books that I want to be on your radar. Or you know, if you don’t want these books maybe send them my way?







February New Releases I Pledge My Love To


My list for this month isn’t very long. I’ve probably missed a lot of February new releases but if they’re not in this list then there’s an 80% chance that I don’t really want to read that book but also a 20% chance that I accidentally missed out on them. So please do let me know if you think I missed out on a February book release that I would love!





So Euphoria Kids is about a girl named Babs who got cursed and is now invisible and the only person at school who can see her is Iris who grew from a seed in the ground? All I could get from the blurb about Iris is that they are non-binary and not human. And then appears a new boy at school, like Babs and Iris and they bond over magic and spellwork. And there’s a whole other dimension or magic world? It’s just super intriguing and the cover is also stunning!







After losing her mother and her home, Sabine finally gets a break when she gets into her dream art school. But the world of visual arts is cut-throat and her mentors are not very helpful. If Sabine’s not very careful, she may lose her merit-based scholarship. Enter Adam, a grad student who can help Sabine out with her art.

This story sounds extremely beautiful and being an art enthusiast, I’m really excited to read t. Also, towards the end of the blurb the mention that Sabine accidentally gets caught in the middle of a crime? So this could turn into a sort of crime novel? I’m super intrigued.





In Yes No Maybe So, Jamie is volunteering for his local state senate candidate. Maya’s best-friends doesn’t have time for her, her summer trip got cancelled and her parents are separating. And now her mother wants her to go door to door with a random boy to ask for votes.

The end of the blurb said cross-cultural romance and I’m all for it. Plus it’s being written by one of my favourite authors, Becky Albertalli! I cannot not read it. Also, Aisha Saeed is a wonderful writer, I love her book Amal Unbound. I feel the result of this author duo can’t be anything but a masterpiece.







The Train Being Held is basically a romance being held entirely on a train between Isabelle and Alex. Isabelle goes to a private school and Alex wants to go to college but his father is hellbent on Alex being in a major-league. They get to know more about each other and I’m guessing fall in love.

This just sounds super cute, plus it’s pitched for fans of Jenny Han? I am so in.







Ink In The Blood is a dark fantasy with tattoo magic! Celia and Anya are inklings who make tattoos for people following the religion of Profeta. It’s supposed to be a noble calling but it is all lies, the whole thing is more like a prison for its followers. So Celia and Anya escape with a travelling theatre group using their ink magic in performance rather than the religion of Profeta. But someone has followed them and now they’ll have to pay the price.

Wow, how amazing does tattoo magic sound? I was lucky enough to get an ARC for this one, thanks to the FFBC Tours and my review for this book will be nearing the release date 🙂






The Only Child is a book about a serial killer who calls a criminal psychologist to interview him. The killer who refused to speak to anyone until now has asked for her. As Seonkyeong, the psychologist, trie to unravel the killer’s past she is also trying to solve her own personal struggles back at home. Somehow both lives start coming at a parallel and soon she starts to take the killer’s advice?

Wow, that’s creepy. But the blurb leaves us asking so much and this book sounds so creepy and mysterious and I can’t wait to unravel this mystery!







The Sound Of Stars is one of my most anticipated books for the whole year. It’s about a girl who loves books in a world where books are banned and an alien who loves forbidden pop music. In a dystopian/futuristic world, 1/3rd of the world’s population is dead, books and creative expression are illegal and there is a sort of alliance of earth with aliens. The adventure begins when Ellie, our main character who keeps an illegal library finds that one of her books has gone missing and can be traced back to her.

I’M SO EXCITED?! Aliens, books, music: this sounds like a dream. And look at that cover, it’s a feast for the eyes 🙂 Oh and I’ve also heard that one of the characters is demisexual? Yay for representation!




Are any of these books on your TBR too?

Which February book releases are you most excited for?

Also, I’m super curious about how you decide which book release to buy and which to not spend on. Or do you just surrender your wallets?



7 thoughts on “February New Releases I Pledge My Love To

  1. Haha I do my best not to surrender my wallet, a lot of the time my choices are narrowed down by which books are out in paperback. If there’s not a paperback out then…I sit in my corner waiting for it to be released so I can finally get my hands on it. I remember seeing The Sound Of Stars somewhere before…it may even have been on your blog Charvi but I love the cover and the premise so I’ll probably buy that one at some point. A lot of my money goes on backlist books that erm…I still haven’t read yet which there are many.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg same, I can’t afford to buy books in hardcover format! I’ve also started sidelining series because I would like to read a series when all the books are out.

      Hehe yes the cover is stunning and the blurb is super intriguing! Hope you read it soon! I’ll let you in on a secret, it might be the next Read the Rainbow BOTM 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oooooooo *sticks nose to screen and wags imaginary dog tail* I really hope it comes out in paperback then because I’d love to devour it in physical form…and of course have it for my shelves.

        Ah side lining series, see I do that but not on purpose I just…get distracted by other books/series that are already finished and then when I go back to another series the books are all mostly out xD

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