Top 5 Favourite Spots In My University

Hello everyone!

Last year, when I came back with a rebrand of my blog, I mentioned how I’ll be branching out into other areas that are not just about books. I’ll admit I haven’t really gotten enough time to keep my promise on that. Life has been super busy thanks to my new semester at university and I’ve been having a lot of fun in my classes!

This made me think whether you would be interested in some of my university-related posts where I could write about the kind of things I learnt in my classes and the books I found. My post Authors I’m Taking Away From My First Semester received a good response from you all so a while back I put up a poll on my twitter, asking my followers if they would like me to start a blog series based around my academic life. And the response was overwhelmingly positive!

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So as of right now, I’m starting the University Journals series which you’ll be able to find on the main menu on my blog. This being the first post in the series, I thought it would be a nice idea to give everyone a little introduction or tour of my university, especially the spots that I’m most fond of 🙂




I’m studying at Ashoka University in India which is a new and upcoming liberal arts university. I love the sort of new ideas and teaching techniques that are implemented here which has led to many of my friends, including my sister to say that I’m studying in a fake college. Just cause it’s too chill.

But that’s definitely not true. While we have all sorts of liberties and advantages, we are made to work hard. Time flies by slowly and two days feels like two weeks because of the amount of work we take up! Anyway, that’s a story for later. Right now, I’m talking about my favourite places in the university, whether to study or just relax.


1. My Room















Honestly, my room is my favourite place in the world. Growing up, I’ve never had a space that is completely my own. I’ve always shared rooms with my sister and let’s just say that we’re polar opposites hence I could never really decorate my room. But my university room, even if it is a bit small, is literally brimming with my paintings and decor and the shelves are filled with books. Being surrounded by such colourful things that I love gives me a sense of peace and comfort and I tend to spend a lot of time in my room 🙂



2. The Library

IMG_20200131_144751_344 IMG_20200131_145426_186

Well, obviously the library would be on my list! At first glance, it may not seem that our library has many fiction books but you just have to look harder. Many times authors have come here for talks and end up leaving a signed copy of their books behind so it’s always fun to stumble upon a signed copy! The library has a cosy and serious environment and some comfortable sofas but it isn’t my priority spot to study. The chairs are a bit too stiff and the sofas too comfortable so I always end up studying in the student commons.



3. Student Commons

IMG_20200201_100958_702 IMG_20200201_101038_234

I can’t even tell you how much I love the student commons. There are so many comfy sofas and chairs in bright colours and the temperature is always perfect! There are even some designated quiet rooms that you can use for meetings or just to study in complete silence. And this place takes up an entire floor so I couldn’t even begin to capture it properly.



4. Mess Lawns

IMG_20200203_163600_031 IMG_20200203_163717_979

The mess lawns have been a recent addition to this list. There are some open lawns right outside the mess with lots of bushes, shrubs, flowers and weird statues. There are some benches sprawled all over but my favourite thing to do is lie on the grass when the sun is out, especially during winters! I usually go there to soak up the sunlight and read a book, whether for fun or a class and it just gives me a sense of satisfaction and happiness 🙂


5. Reading Room

IMG_20200131_174345_692 IMG_20200131_174447_312

About half-way through my first semester, I discovered the reading rooms. Every residence hall on the campus has two separate rooms on the 8th floor where anyone can go to study and read. It has two tables with power sockets and some chairs as well as a bean-bag. Also, it offers a really pretty view of the outside because two of the four walls are entirely windows, which can not be opened (for a very good reason). Again, the place is pretty peaceful and close by. Plus, watching other people hard at studying instantly motivates me too!



+ Sonipat Skies!



It would be insanity to not include the most picturesque thing about my campus… the skies! My university is in Sonipat, an area at a distance from the city, surrounded by village life and fields. This is why every sunrise and sunset, we can clearly see the glorious blend of colours in the sky from almost any point on the campus. I don’t have many pictures of the skies, and most of them are of poor quality. But I have included these two pictures from my university’s Instagram as well as a friend’s.



So that was a sort of introduction to my university! What do you think?

Which place out of the ones I listed sounds the best to you?

What are some of your favourite spots in your university?

Also, what sort of content would you like to see in the University Journals series? Be sure to let me know!


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