8 Characters Who Have Been Through Hell and Deserve Some Love

To start off with, I’m not big on Valentines Day. It’s kind of a silly holiday which has basically been invented to market all sorts of red and pink mushy goods to us. Okay, maybe this isn’t the best way to start this post.


What I mean to say is that I don’t really care for Valentines Day(I’m not getting mad at anyone who loves it, so don’t you get mad at me) but I feel that it is a good time for a person to simply express their love for someone(not with goodies, words are all you need, honestly) and so today I want to remember and shower with love all those characters who have been to hell and back(literally or figuratively).

These are the ones that the authors have twisted and dumped and crushed to the point that our hearts are broken into a million pieces and we’re begging them to be left alone. Any one coming to mind?

I mean yes I could be talking about my top ten OTPs or my favourite romance tropes or maybe even top ten romance books but I figure I should have an ode for these characters who have done nothing to deserve the whirlwind of a life they live and who just keep filling us with happiness and love.

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8 Characters Who Have Been Through Hell and Deserve Some Love

(beware of some spoilers about the characters and their storylines)

1.) Nico di Angelo

This is by far the most precious and misunderstood little boy I’ve ever read about! The poor happy go lucky kid loses his sister and becomes this emo and mislead kid with a lot of power and no idea how to use it. People keep misusing him plus he’s coming to terms with being gay and not fitting in anywhere. HE LITERALLY WENT TO TARTARUS(HELL) AND BACK! THIS BOY NEEDS ALL THE LOVE AND HUGS IN THE WORLD, OKAY? He almost freaking disappeared out of existence while trying to help others. I’m so freaking glad he has Will Solace to pamper him and yell ‘DOCTOR’S ORDERS’ whenever he tries to do something crazy and get himself killed.

2.) Zelie

Zelie is a character from the upcoming series Children of Blood and Bone which I absolutely love. And to be honest, the girl has had her fair share of pains. Her mother died a long time ago and she almost loses her father too and then actually sees him get killed because of her. She sees many people she loves die, gets tortured to the point she is broken. Zelie herself falls in love, gets betrayed and kills the guy she loves while being scrutinized by her brother. Plus she goes through this painful ritual to gain power and save her people only to find that they lost in the end. And this is just the first book.

I’m not holding much happy hopes for her in the second book either but I’m hoping that at least nobody in her close circle dies again and that she finds happiness in the end. This warrior girl deserves it.

3.) Simon Snow

I’ve read Carry On about 6 times now and every time I’m flailing not only over the book but my precious boy Simon Snow. He’s an orphan who is a wizard living amongst ordinary people except for every summer when he goes to a wizarding school where he’s destined to be the Chosen One but actually has no idea what to do. And there’s something wrong with his magic. I mean you all already know, the Chosen Ones go through so much hard stuff plus this guy accidentally kills the only father figure in his life who turns out to be the antagonist, loses his magic(the only good thing in his life) and accidentally grows a pair of red wings and devil’s tale that he has to live with forever.

I’m so freaking happy he has Baz because this guy need a little sunshine. The sequel, Wayward Sons is coming out soon and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this little cinnamon roll!



snow simon.png

4.) Alec Lightwood

If you know me even a little bit you can tell that I’m absolutely crazy about Shadowhunters, especially when it’s concerning either Magnus or Alec.

Speaking of Alec Lightwood he has always been left in the shadows and being the older and more responsible sibling, has had to squash all his dreams and desires while trying to be the perfect son. He’s a closeted gay boy in love with his best friend and is constantly under extreme pressure while looking after his siblings and righting their mistakes. To top it off his parents arrange him to be married to a girl he interacts with for a couple of seconds, HOW RUDE.

If I start listing the problems he faces like almost dying for his best-friend and getting possess by a demon, we could be here for forever.

Just take my word that he’s the cutest and sweetest gay to exist who thankfully has his lovely boyfriend Magnus but honestly things don’t look well for him in the next season. JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE AND LET HIM BE HAPPY WITH MAGNUS, PLEASE!

5.) Alex Rider

Few people have heard of the Alex Rider series which is honestly a huge travesty. How have you all missed out on this amazing action-adventure series with a 14 year old protagonist who upon the death of his guardian discovers that he had actually been trained to be a spy, just like his uncle and is unwillingly thrust into a dangerous world with impossible missions to accomplish? I can’t count the number of times Alex has escaped near death and how many times he has been physically and emotionally tortured. Even when he does get a break he seems to end up in trouble. The latest book in the series does leave him on a so called happy note so I’m just sending him all the love and praying that he stays safe.

6.) Simon Lewis

Whether we’re talking about The Mortal Instruments series or the show Shadowhunters, Simon Lewis just can’t seem to catch a break. My friend Nandini will testify as we often cry over the pains this sweet nerdy boy has to undertake. From getting turned into a rat and then a vampire, having a psychopath lover after his life, being rejected by his family, forever having a rocky love life and having hundreds of near-death experiences this guy has had it all.

At this point I’m just going to kidnap him and place him in the safety of a pillow fort.




7.) Percy and Annabeth

Hi, there are legit 10 books written by Rick Riordan about the sufferings of Percy and Annabeth. Yes that’s a pretty valid title for the whole PJO and HOO series because these two are never left alone and forever tortured by Rick troll Riordan.

They went to hell and back and-

You know what? Just go read the books.

I can’t, this post is getting super long as it is.

8.) Literally all of Adam Silvera’s MCs

Adam Silvera is famous for writing stories with depressive and dark themes and oh wow, I never want to be the protagonist in one of his books because this author is almost sadistic, the amount of pain his characters go through is inhumane.


Let’s make hugs and kisses rain on them.

At least on those who aren’t dead yet…





So how did you like this post? Do you agree with my choices? I’m always available to fangirl over these characters. Tell me which characters do you think deserve some love this Valentines Day? And speaking of Valentines Day, tell me if you have any plans, even if it involves reading romance books, I would love to hear about them! πŸ™‚

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