5 Side Characters Who Deserve All Our Love

Well hello, it’s the month of love!

Okay, I kinda cringed while writing that but whatever. It’s February which has a single day called Valentine’s Day which in turn has made everyone declare this the month of love so that we can have sickly sweet candies and everything in the shape of a heart and the colour red or pink shoved down our throats. You might have guessed my stance on this hotly debated topic by now… I mean, yes capitalism sucks and I don’t believe in this whole orchestrated month that exists to mint money but also people can do whatever the hell they like as long as they’re not hurting anyone else.

But since this month is about love and if I post anything related to Valentine’s Day it will get me views I’m turning to my beloved fictional characters. Last year I wrote a post, 8 Characters Who Have Been Through Hell and Deserve Some Love and you all really loved it. Like really, really loved it to the point it’s still in my best performing posts list. And I really enjoyed writing it so I thought what the heck, let’s do another post but this time shine the spotlight on characters who are usually left in the dark.

Yes, all the underappreciated side characters.

Woman saying “You deserve everything and much much more”

Now I do know some fandoms and series and books where all side-characters are dearly appreciated, like the Percy Jackson and Shadowhunters fandom, but those are the exceptions. Most of the times these side characters are here to support and cheer our main characters, further the story and yet they don’t get the love they deserve. And yes, maybe I’m writing this post because I’m a 1000% sure I’ll be the cheerleading side character in any story but that’s not the point. The point is that it’s Valentine’s Day/week/month (seriously, how many days do you need?) which means love and affection and appreciation, at least for me. So let’s go shower some characters with love!

5 Side Characters Who Deserve All Our Love


Listen, I absolutely loved Emoni but let’s be real here, Angelica was an MVP. She was there to hurl Emoni’s ass and knock some sense into her when needed but also ready to kill anyone for her. Their friendship? Absolute gold. I would gladly read another book on Angelica, I’m in love with her. She’s just so wholesome, even with Emma and Malachi. She has so much personality and potential to be a main character!

Someone, bring me a badass bitch like Angelica who’s ready to be my bestie, I’ll be waiting.


The Hunger Games is such a popular fandom, surely someone here will chant #JUSTICEFORCINNA with me?! Cinna is fucking amazing okay? Aesthetically speaking, chef’s kiss. Personality wise, he blows me away. Like he’s just a stylist from the Capitol who wants to bring a change. Not only is he gentle, kind and caring with Katniss and everyone else but he’s ready to lose everything for Katniss and the rebellion. Cinna never demands anything, he’s just there to support the main characters and make them shine so that everyone sits up and takes notice.

Cinna telling Katniss “I’m not allowed to bet, but if I could, I’d bet on you

Lowkey spoilers, (but like everyone has read or seen The Hunger Games, right?) when they took away Cinna and you know what happened I was crying so much because I love him. There are so many beautiful side characters who just deserve so much more, especially Cinna.

I’ll never not be angry over this, give this character justice!!!


I love the entire cast of Felix Ever After, literally everyone is so well written and has a role and a voice. I especially stan Leah, one of Felix’s friends. Leah is the sweet and helpful girl who just wants to be friends with people who she looks up to, like Felix. I loved watch her slowly develop her friendship with Felix and she was there for him. The scene where she asks Felix if they can hang our more often was the part where I gave her my heart. Oh and don’t underestimate her! If someone dares to wrong any of her friends watch her stand up and have their heads. Like, at one point she comes to know that someone she’s related to or is friends with has been bullying or just making fun of Felix and she immediately ditches them to support Felix and she deserves so much. Leah deserves the world.

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Listen, I’m always here for a good sibling relationship, and Priti? She’s the best damn fictional sister there is. She’s always there to support her older sister Nishat no matter what. Priti plays the cupid, sacrifices her time and happiness to just cheer up and make Nishat feel better and she’s right by her sister’s side during the hard times. Like of course they have their own secrets, they fight and they cry but Priti is so mature for her age and the love she has for her sister brought tears to my eyes.

I wish I could read another book about her but for now I’m just sending tons of love to her 🙂

Colourful bears sending love

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And lastly, this may seem like an unlikely candidate but we have Butler from the Artemis Fowl series. This dude just signed up to be a kid’s bodyguard, not to follow him into a secret world of fairies and technology and things that make no sense. Throughout the whole thing he just sticks by Artemis and yes, some may argue it’s his job but no, it’s his life which he continually puts up at stake for Artemis. He literally never complains or blinks, he’s pretty much Artemis’ dad and mom at this point and I feel like more people need to appreciate him.

Yeah he’s like six foot tall, bulky and deadly but give the guy some love!

What are some of your favourite or underappreciated side characters?

What are your Valentine’s Day plans if you have any? I personally am staring in the face of an assignment deadline…

Are you a Valentine Day hater, lover or just neutral?

12 thoughts on “5 Side Characters Who Deserve All Our Love

  1. YAS, Angelica and Preeti for sure deserve all the love! Preeti is such a great character 😍 I’m currently reading Take A Hint, Dani Brown and I think Dani’s friend Sorcha defo deserves all the love. I’m kinda ‘eh, whatever’ when it comes to Valentines. I take it as an excuse to buy even more chocolate for myself 😂 Good luck with your assignment deadline!


  2. I don’t remember The Henna Wars quite clearly enough, but you are definitely spot on with Cinna and Butler. They deserve to share their own stories, but then they wouldn’t be side characters… LOL Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah this is such a lovely post, some side characters really deserve so much love. I really, really liked Angelica too and yes yes, their friendship was goals and SO AMAZING, I adored it. We need way more friendships like these in books ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am 100% ready to back the #JUSTICEFORCINNA campaign. He does not get enough credit for all that he did for Katniss and the rebellion and his ending still makes me sob. He deserved so much more than what he got.

    Liked by 1 person

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