5 Romance Books I’m Obsessed With

Lord help me when I get obsessed with a book. I think about it constantly and literally bring it up in every freaking conversation. I’ve literally had to cut down on some of the recommendations for this post because I realised I’ve been screaming about recommending them in every other post.

Which is not something I’m ashamed of but I thought I would talk about some of my more recent obsessions. I’ve been reading a lot of romance books, especially romance audiobooks lately and I thought what better time than the month of love (holds back disgusted expression) to talk about these books?

Okay yeah I tried. I don’t honestly believe in the whole Valentine’s thing but I’m not gonna bash you about it if you’re celebrating it unless you’re just buying into the capitalist aspects of it.

Anywayyyyyy. Let’s not go off on that tangent. The last two times I did a post for Valentine’s: 5 Side Characters Who Deserve All Our Love and 8 Characters Who Have Been Through Hell and Deserve Some Love you all loved it so freaking much! Granted, this is not a showering characters with love post (I really should make another one of these huh?) it’s still romance related which seems like something everyone loves to read *cough* and also gets me the views *cough*

So without any further ado, here are some adorable romance reads that are perfect for you to binge this month 🙂

5 Romance Books I’m Obsessed With


Perfect on Paper is such a well-written book about a girl who gives relationship advice and ends up getting blackmailed for it. The premise is so good and the book absolutely delivers! Not only did I fall in love with the main characters I also thoroughly appreciated that the advice Darcy was giving everyone wasn’t generic romance advice but well thought out and based on attachment styles. I think I fell in love with that the most and would gladly let Sophie Gonzales analyse my love life or the lack thereof, lol. We see Darcy crushing on her best-friend and falling for another guy as well. The book is a bit messy, fun and just adorable overall. Would 10/10 recommend for you to curl up in your blanket and read it through the night!


What a swoon-worthy book! I was just so hooked with everything going on in this book: the characters, the romance, the themes: chef’s kiss. Happily Ever Afters is a book about a girl who loves to write romance books and is an anxious mess who’s afraid to step out of her comfort zone. I could relate a hundred percent. I love how the book explores what it’s like to be anxious, to try and be composed and smart in front of everyone while you feel like an imposter inside. I also loved how Tessa’s flaws were given screentime as well and she took her own time to understand them and try working on herself. And adshiawkiheffoiqwaj the romance? I’M SWOONING, GIVE ME ALL THE BAKER LOVE INTERESTS YES! Absolutely everything about this book was amazing. Was it predictable? A bit. But I still loved every bit of it!


We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This is an absolutely ADORABLE book. Seriously, I was giggling and awwing through the entirety of it. The slow-burn romance had me dying. Both Quinn and Tarek had a swoonworthy connection and I just instantly clicked with both the characters. It was really interesting to read about these two contrasting characters snarking it out and their views on romance crashing as they try to get together. But my favourite is the mental health representation. I’m a huge fan of how the author addressed the stereotypical view of OCD that prevails in society and dismantled it through Quinn. People tend to forget that mental illnesses do not manifest in people in the same way. It’s not so straightforward as media would have you think and I really loved the way this was talked about in this book.

You can check out a more fangirly version of my review for this book here.


Afterlove really is the lesbian story to die for. I absolutely stan Ash and Poppy. They both make such an adorable couple and I absolutely couldn’t stop reading about them. I had a huge smile on my face as I watched the two of them fall in love in the most wholesome love story ever. It was so refreshing to see two lesbians having a happy love story and I loved every bit of it. Halfway through the book we embark on Ash’s journey as a grim reaper and it’s absolutely devastating and heartbreaking and good lord I cried buckets of tears over this book. It’s just beautifully written. This book is about hope, love, family and grief and so much more.

Check out my full review for this book here!


I legit read The Charm Offensive three days ago and I’m already obsessed. Thy hype is real. The premise itself promises you a love story between the producer and Prince Charming of a reality show and god it doesn’t disappoint. I mean the romance is absolutely swoonworthy, toe-curling and cleared my skin kind. But this book is so much more than that. It talks about mental health and found family, stepping out of your comfort zone, making mistakes and so much more. I was honestly hit with so many well written themes in this book and it made me love it all the more. It’s a must-read for me!

Are you someone who celebrates Valentines Day? If so, what are your plans? I have a chill zoom dinner scheduled with my friends 🙂

Have you read any of these books? If so, what are your thoughts on them?

Do you have any romance recommendations? Do tell me, especially if they’re available in audiobook format!

16 thoughts on “5 Romance Books I’m Obsessed With

  1. YESS!! I also adored We can’t keep meeting like this 🥰 today tonight tomorrow is coming a close second fave though— but I just love her books!

    All the rest on the list is on my wanna read ahah im hopeful id love them as much as you did !

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  2. i’ve heard so many people love the charm offensive, so i’m glad the hype didn’t fail you with that one! and ahh i’ve been really excited to read afterlove and i’m so happy to see that you loved it, i feel like i haven’t seen lots of people talking about it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, The Charm Offensive is like really in right now! Omg yes nobody seems to be talking about Afterlove which makes me really sad. I think it’s because it’s a straightforward sort of book focused on romance and relationships and doesn’t include many sub-plots or social or political issues. But it’s a fantastic read nevertheless!

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