Type A Personality Characters I Relate To

It’s April! It’s Spring! And even better, it’s Bookending Spring! πŸ™‚

If you’re not aware of Bookending Spring I’m just quickly going to divert you to this post here, you can still participate, it’s never too late. And the rest of you may know that I’m one of the hosts for Bookending Spring and I’m absolutely ecstatic! So let’s get onto the prompt without any further ado.


Type A Personality Characters

I don’t know if somehow this fact has remained hidden from you but legit everyone in this world knows that I am a 100% Type A Personality, especially when it comes to going crazy after organisation and cleanliness, getting anxious if everything is not perfect, feeling that someone is secretly stealing my supply of time(I swear once I get the time to find this thief they’ll be dead meat) and umm basically everything except for being impatient and hot-tempered. Because oh boy patience and a good tempered are two necessary qualities one needs to possess in order to survive in my chaotic household.

And whenever I spot a Type A Personality I go WHEEEE let’s wallow in our tears!

Because being Type A Personality is Like a constant headache because good lord nobody can save us from ourselves and spotting characters with the same personality as mine in books, tv shows and movies makes me so very happy and also scream THIS IS ME, OMG!


Personalities that are more competitive, highly organized, ambitious, impatient, highly aware of time management and/or aggressive are labeled Type A. They are rigidly organized, highly status-conscious, sensitive, impatient, anxious, proactive, and concerned with time management. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving “workaholics”. They push themselves with deadlines, and hate both delays and ambivalence. Now this definition may be loosely interpreted or certain features may be given more importance than others.

So here’s a list of characters having Type A Personality whom I absolutely adore.


~also please note we’re not talking about characters with OCD or any other psychological ticks. It’s not their personality but their mental illness so please be sensitive to it~


I mean sometimes I feel like Type A Personality originated from Amy. She’s such a sweet, hyper and competitive cinnamon roll! A detective in the NYPD, Amy is a huge nerd with a love for books and maths puzzles as well as a neat freak who is a planner from birth. She has three alarms, all backed up by batteries, is forever punctual, highly ambitious, uses binders for absolutely everything, loves being tested and graded on anything and everything, will spend hours finding the perfect tabs for her binders, can get real hyper when tense and god can she give you a tough competition.

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amy santiago.gifamy.gif


Let me start off by saying that Reyna is one of the most fierce and brave yet underrated in the whole Heroes of Olympus series. Reyna is a senator at Camp Jupiter and has the responsibility of the whole camp resting on her shoulders. Smart, organised and driven are a few words to describe her. She is dedicated to the safety of her people for which she always proactively plans strategies ahead of time and takes no nonsense from anyone. Reyna will keep pushing herself to do her best for everyone else but you don’t want to get on her bad side because she is completely capable of pulverizing you.

How could I go ahead with this list without mentioning Hermione?

Hermione is truly on of the most ambitious and striving characters I have read about. With a passion for learning new things and failure being her greatest fear she can end up working herself too hard sometimes which was clearly seen during the time she possessed the Time Turner. Like a typical Type A Personality she always feels like there are too many things to do and too little time. Maybe not the best leader but her plotting and planning skills benefited the Golden Trio more times than I can count on my fingers. And let’s not forget how anxious she can get when she gets something wrong or is simply running behind schedule. She definitely deserves a spot in this list.


—> BAZ from CARRY ON

By far one of my favourite snarkiest and brooding character to be ever written, Baz is an organised person who likes to keep himself and his belongings clean as Simon has mentioned in the book a few times. A determined and zealous character, Baz always strives to be the top at everything and refuses to skip school after being kidnapped in case Penny gains a lead on his in his classes. Since Baz is a closed off and mysterious character his personality characters are much more subtle and I guess it would take a superfan(me!) or Simon Snow to really tell that he’s a Type A Personality.


I’m really seeing a pattern here with most of the characters I stan. While watching Shadowhunters you can get lost in the fantasy world and the swarm of relationships *cough* Malec *cough* and may fail to really see the characters as individuals which is why it may take some squinting for you to notice that Alec Lightwood is a Type A Personality. Brave, blunt and passionate with a low self esteem, Alec worries about everything being done to perfection and more than often pushes himself to take care of everyone and everything to the point of drop dead exhaustion.

He is always cautious, prefers to act on a plan and constantly looks out for his friends and family, putting others before himself. Being committed to the accomplishment of the tasks presented, he is usually strict when it comes following rules and the authority exception when he feels that the people in authority are wrong in their standing or if needed to protect and help his loved ones. I mean someone brew me a potion so that I an get a little less obsessed with this heavenly boy.

What type personality are you? If you’re Type A do you relate to these characters? Which are your favourite Type A characters and which ones do you like best from my list? Do you disagree with their personalities? In your opinion what’s the best thing about being a person with Type A Personality?


26 thoughts on “Type A Personality Characters I Relate To

  1. Wow I never thought of Alec this way.. but you are totally right… he is quite the perfectionist and rule follower and wants to take care of everyone 😊😊

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  2. YES!! My Type A personality also is screaming ❀ I relate to all of these characters so much (well except Baz because I haven't read that) I would also add Annabeth Chase to this list, and that's definitely why her and Reyna probably get along so well πŸ™‚

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    • So happy you relate 😍 You should definitely get to Carry On soon! I almost added Annabeth bit remembered that she can be a bit messy due to her ADHD so I didn’t but yes that’s definitely why she and Reyna go along well!

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  3. Oh my god!!! This post is amazing charvi! Alec is such a type A . Whenever i see some type A character in fiction after reading TMI i always get the feels (spoiler : there is a type A character in tiger at midnight which I’m reading and heavily reminded of alec rn). Anyway, I’ve always thought of Annabeth as type A tho. Her love for maps and we also see her cabin in Mark of athena which is so organized.

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  4. I totally forgot that Baz is type A character too! I’m not that much a type A myself because i’m lazy and just want to do things quickly instead of well.

    I think I relate to Alec the most because he wants to take care of everyone and has low self esteem. Also his father made him feel bad for being how he is. I really don’t get along with my dad. He always finds something i’m doing wrong.

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    • Haha I’m glad I made you aware then! Ah my sister is like that too, it’s such a struggle. Same, Alec is just me! Ah sorry to hear about that. My dad is just a bit uninvolved in my life.


  5. I love this post. And AMY… I can’t get enough of her craving the approval of her seniors and peers – the perfect Type A thing!

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  6. Wheeeeeee fellow Type A (kinda Type C) dragon here, I’m also an INFP tho hehe, I related to erm all the characters I know of. Don’t know Baz, or Reyna cause I’ve only read the first PJ book oooopsies.

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    • Hi! Ooh I’m an INFJ so yeah it’s close enough πŸ˜› YOU HAVEN’T READ THE COMPLETE PJO SERIES?!?! Get to it or I’ll get Rain on your case! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€


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