Trilogies: The Bane of My Existence

Welcome to my first ever discussion post!

Everyone knows what trilogies are, and if you don’t then you’ve seriously been living under a rock. A trilogy is a set or series of three books- an easy enough explanation. But what may not be easy is reading them. So that’s the topic of today’s discussion- trilogies.


I used to love trilogies. I mean it’s the perfect number! With standalone books you are left wanting for more and with series containing more than 4 or 5 books you quickly get bored and discouraged. Nobody’s got the time for that!

But recently I’ve started to develop a dislike for trilogies. Let me list the reasons why!

1.The Plot

If you’ve read enough trilogies and actually paid attention to them you’ll begin to realize that as we increase the number of books, the quality of the content, especially the plot, goes down drastically. The plot seems stretched to the point that you no longer like the story which is really disheartening because you loved the first book! Why couldn’t the author just have left it at that?

For me, this was what happened to the Divergent series.

The first book- Divergent, was quite amazing with a unique concept and a strong and interesting story to tell. I was hooked. But as we went on to Insurgent and Allegiant I lost track of why I was reading the series in the first place because there was literally no sense in what was happening anymore. And now I’m no longer a fan of this series.



2. The Characters

So the first book of a trilogy has these adorable and delightful characters you would die for and you simply can’t wait to discover more about them but haha they’re all dead by the end of the second book. Or the author just focused on the main character and let the others get sucked into a whirlpool of darkness, because who cares?

My personal worst: the characters’ personality just degraded after the first book or so and honestly who are they even anymore? Did an impostor take upon the protagonist’s name and appearance because this isn’t the character I fell in love with!


Or kill them off.

Cassandra Clare is partly responsible for this because in the beginning of The Infernal Devices series I really liked Tessa, the female protagonist, and I could actually relate to her. She loved reading books, was brave and kind and never wanted to be a burden on anyone. But in the next two books she morphed into a plain and characterless women who fell in love with two boys and just cannot chose. JUST PICK ONE!

Although we did get new and better characters and dwelled into the backstories of some side characters as the trilogy went on, I still wanted the old Tessa back. But now the author has permanently ruined her for me and that’s just sad.



3. Powering Through

This isn’t that common but sometimes in trilogies the first book is insignificant and trash but people really hype up the other two books and tell you to just power through and somehow read the first one because the next two are heavenly.

Why did the author even write the first book then?

Why couldn’t you have just skipped the useless first book and combined the second and third books to make one heartbreaking and beautiful book? But no, you got dragged into the hell-hole of trilogies…

4. Novellas

There is this new trend nowadays in which authors write a trilogy and later go on to insert short novellas in between. Why? My brain cannot comprehend this mystery.


Could that so very important information written down in the novella not have been included in the three books itself? Why didn’t you go on and make a longer series then because now it already feels like we are reading one. And honestly, sometimes people even skip the novellas altogether because it doesn’t hamper your reading of the trilogy as a whole.

I skipped a couple of novellas from the Selection series because it was just the whole series in the point of view of other characters and there was no need for them. And although I absolutely loved the novella ‘Destroy Me’ in the Shatter Me series I didn’t read the novella in Adam’s point of view because I intensely disliked that character and somebody told me that the whole novella was just him pining over the female protagonist. Ugh.

5. Changes and Details

It’s a pain when the first book of a trilogy takes place in one world and the next two in another but you really loved the first one. Why do there have to be so many changes?

I loved reading Inkheart because it was set in the human world and was easy and fascinating to read with a mix of fantasy and everything but going through Inkspell was a struggle because suddenly we were in a totally different, make belief world where we knew only two or three of the old characters. Sure the world was interesting but everything was really overwhelming like what is happening? After re-reading the beginning of the third book- Inkspell like 5 times I completely gave up.

And quite opposite to this, sometimes authors make changes in small details of the book, hoping that we won’t notice or maybe they didn’t realize they were changing something in the first place but whoops that side-character doesn’t have a mother anymore. Oh and the antagonist that died in the first book? Yeah he didn’t really die and yaay he’s back!(Totally pointing at The Scorch Trials)

No, not again. Never again.


But despite all this I do still read trilogies because it’s not like I don’t have anything better to do, right? *TBR wailing distinctly in the background*

Yeah, it requires a lot of hope and courage.


Let’s discuss!

What are views on trilogies? Like them or hate them? Or maybe you have a love-hate relationship with them. Do you agree with me that sometimes the plots stretch way too thin to the point that they are barely visible? And do you discard a trilogy mid-way or just power through? I rarely leave trilogies in between because how would I have written this post then, haha. Did the number of whys in this post bother you because this whole post could literally be titled why?

Let me know in the comments below!

35 thoughts on “Trilogies: The Bane of My Existence

  1. OMG, I was just thinking about this today. I’ve totally given up on trilogies or any series because they just don’t end well. Especially Divergent, ugh. Such a great premise and such a disaster of a last book.

    But there is one good series I’ve read, who’s last book didn’t disappoint me—The Unwind Dystology by Neal Shusterman. Check it out if you haven’t already! 😁

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    • It’s hard for me to give up on them. Curse me, I still have hope! Totally agree about Divergent I mean what the hell was happening between Tris and Four?!

      *adds the Unwind Dystology to her TBR*
      *TBR groans and topples over her*
      *is now buried under books*
      I’ll get to it!


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  2. Great post! I agree with you! I hate it when authors include so many novellas. I find it hard enough to read three books and here we have the authors who keep on including new books.
    And I hate when authors change the details in books. The Scorch Trials. yes!
    Also does ‘Bane’ in the title refers to Magnus Bane?

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  3. I feel like the odd one out here hehe. Firstly The Infernal Devices is my favourite series but I suppose I see what you mean about Tessa (that was a painful thing to admit haha) I think for me when I first read the series it didn’t bother me and even now it doesn’t because I love that world so much and I don’t know it’s weird but I do see where you’re coming from with her character. (I also loved the love triangle in that series which again I’m a weird one)

    However I love trilogies, I also love books which are long series. The longest series to date I’ve read and own all the books for is the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine. It’s 15 books long, and I know some people found it was too long etc but I loved it and I would have happily continued buying the books should it have continued. Anyway interesting post – I think I find trilogies annoying because they’r e everywhere. It’d be nice to have a range of say standalones, duologies, quartets and then the larger series not just a surplus of trilogies.

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    • Ah no despite the Tessa problem I really do love TID it’s wonderfully written, especially Jem 😍

      Omg 15 books?! 😲 Wow that must have required some dedication. And I don’t completely hate trilogies, I do love sone of them- it all depends on the author! 😄

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      • Jem kills me genuienly I love him so much and then there’s Will but like ah the emotions.

        Yeah 15 books, but I’m super into paranormal books so for me I can deal with it. When my mum first got me them for my 12th birthday there were only 11 books out and I eventually picked the first book up and suddenly I was hooked. I of course had to wait after I reached book 11 for the last 4 to come out but it was so worth it 🙂

        I agree with the author thing!

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      • Same! Jem is just pure love 😍
        Ahh I hate waiting for books to come out! Regardless I do get what you mean by getting hooked on a series with large number of books ☺

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  4. I do like trilogies! I think they’re probably my favourites because duologies always seem to short. 😂 And unless it’s an ultimate favourite author (like Cassandra Clare or Maggie Stiefvater) anything over 3 seems to…drag on?! But omggg my most HATED trilogy trope is when they get the couple together in the first book –> then the immediately break up in the second —> to have their mushy reunion in the first. It’s just boring to me because it happens basically every time haha.😂I also hate when characters do COMPLETE personality changes but luckily I haven’t come across that too much!

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    • Wow I don’t think I’ve ever read a duology? I totally get the series dragging on point! And Rick Riordan has come up with a new twist of making multiple series to the point that I’m not interested like haha PJO & HOO were good but just stop now.

      OMG that trope is puke worthy though thankfully I haven’t come across many trilogies with them. That’s why this is named Trilogies: the Bane of My Existence cause I like them but I hate them ahhhhhh!


  5. Ohh I love trilogies in general… Standalones leave me wanting for more… so 3 books with the beloved characters gives me some satisfaction…
    Of course all the problems you have listed still exist, but I kinda ignore them and continue reading… I don’t really analyze much as long as I find the book enjoyable.. 😊😊

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  6. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with trilogies. There are certain trilogies that I stand by because each book got progressively better and was necessary for the story to develop the way that it did. However, these are rare. I stopped reading the Divergent series and the Maze Runner series and even Legend series because of the exact issues that you mentioned in your post; the other books were boring or the characters stopped being great. I’ve become a lot more picky now when it comes to a series, whether it is a trilogy or longer, because I need to be sure that it is worth investing that time and energy!
    Great post!

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    • Thank you vee! I totally understand what you mean! So far I haven’t abandoned a trilogy but I did feel Scorch Trials were meh but the other two books were good and ugh don’t get me started on Divergent. That said I don’t always hate trilogies, I sonetimes really enjoy them too!

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      • True! I’ve mostly read series and I have found that series have better plots than trilogies at times because they actually plan out the books in advance? Some trilogy authors don’t… It varies from author to author

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      • It’s so variable, honestly, even when it comes to series. I have a hard time writing reviews for series or trilogies because I have different opinions on each book and I still need to make sure I don’t give away any spoilers.

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      • Ah yes, reviews could be difficult. And sometimes it’s so hard to keep spoilers to yourself if you’re excited for that book! I usually just fangirl about it with someone in the comments lol

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  7. I’m terrible at committing to any kind of series reading, even a trilogy can be too much. Either I love the first book and then get distracted so I forget I needed to look out the others, or I fail to spot the new ones being published, or – my favourite trick – I inadvertently start in the middle and then have to spiral around!

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    • Ahh I totally get you, Stephanie. I’ve re-read the beginning of Lady Midnight thrice but still haven’t got around to completing it….but I really want to read the next book in the series ughhh. The struggle is real.

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    • Even though I haven’t read any duologies I think I agree with your view. It’s usually the third book on a series which I find myself screaming and groaning at


  8. I was just commenting on Elgee Writes, she wrote a post about why she dislikes series – so it’s related. I totally agree that there is a so-called ‘Book Two Syndrome’ – where the second book just sort of drags, and it’s like that for most series. And then again, there are also series that have become series only because it’s financially preferable, but the story itself drags and doesn’t really call for three books. Two could do sometimes, but who’s bold enough to release a duology when everyone only understands trilogies now? I find that quite funny. I think I know only one series that’s actually a duology.

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    • Exactly! Authors should just let the books stop where they end but no they have to strech them for financial reasons! Lol I haven’t even read a duology though I think that would be a nice change 😊


  9. I’m with you there!! Divergent had me so mad with the ending! Same with The 5th wave or The Fate of the tearlings (characters unrecognizable in the last one!). Small novellas: I hate it! Even big novellas! That’s the reason I haven’t read Tower of dawn so far… I love trilogies but I don’t love when they become “N” logies (like Sylvia Day for example).

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  10. […] Trilogies: The Bane of My Existence was the second or maybe third post on my blog and good lord I still remember the struggle behind getting that picture shot for the header. And it was my first discussion post! I’m actually really happy with the way I’ve written this post. The content is to the point, funny and I’ve used a lot of examples of trilogies so it’s easy to see where I’m coming from. And I still stand by all the points I made in that post because god, reading trilogies can suck on way too many levels. You can give that post a read if you want to understand what I mean 🙂 […]


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