Lending Books + Recommendations for New Readers

It is every bookworm’s dream that all their friends and family read the millions of books they love so that they can rant  hold long discussions on how the book ended on a cliffhanger yet again!

But when they come up to us to borrow that book… we actually get a mini heart-attack. I’ve had plenty of long discussions with fellow booknerds who desperately do not want to give their soul books to other people.

Because lending books is a life-changing decision and there should be proper one-on-one interviews before we even think of giving away our precious books.

People don’t realize the amount of trust we’re placing in them- it’s as good as handing over an age-old family heirloom. We expect you to take good care of it, okay?

But here’s what happens instead…

  • Dog-eared pages



It will take you a single second or less to reach out your arm and grab anything to use as a bookmark, so please don’t dog-ear my book.


  • Food between pages

    Are you kidding me?

Why do people even think it’s a good idea to bring a morsel of food near our                         gorgeous books? Do they know of all the terrible accidents that can take place- the             situation screams disaster! And getting food between the pages is the worst. There             is no way those cookie crumbs are going to come out of there- thank you very much.



  • Spilling Water

    After this horrendous event of spilling any kind of liquid on a book, your bookworm lender will be screaming their soul out and you might need to call for police protection because honestly, HOW COULD YOU?

water damaged book OMG WHYYY MY HEARTTT

See when a book comes in contact with water it no longer remains a book. It mutates into a totally different species and we hold them close to our chest and sob our hearts out at what they used to be. NO WATER AROUND MY BOOKS, I DON’T CARE IF YOU DIE OF DEHYDRATION.


  • Broken Spines

Honestly, this doesn’t matter much to me but there are other book fanatics who are dying because you broke their book’s spine and you don’t even know what that is. A broken spine is when a book looks like this-


And it usually happens when you’re too lazy to use a bookmark and keep your open book face down on a surface. If you have a hardcover book then you’re good to go but if not, I suggest you ask the person whom you are borrowing the book from whether he/she is okay with broken or cracked spines.


  • Scribbles and Doodles

You borrow my book, I give it t you with trust and also fear. You return it in seemingly pristine condition. But the next time I sit down to read it I find scribbled notes and doodles in it. AND YOU DID NOT EVEN USE A PENCIL!


Congratulations! You have been officially classified as a monster and your bookworm friend is now going to come and hunt you down!


  • Book Covers

    Not all of us follow the don’t judge a book by its cover rule, okay? We get hypnotized by the glossy and shiny illustrations and hog all the editions if the covers are gorgeous. Book covers matter a lot. 

When you borrow my book NOTHING should happen to the cover.


I cry whenever I get back a book whose cover page has now been been folded, stained with ink or ripped. How can you be so careless?!

Imagine if somebody took a knife and marked a huge scar across your face and now you have to carry that with you forever. It’s the same way with books! BOOKS HAVE FEELINGS TOO!*


* even if books don’t have feelings, we do. SO RESPECT THEM


  • Honestly, I could go on….

This list could be never ending.

I still haven’t talked about torn pages, missing pages and NOT RETURNING THE BOOKS EVER.



The point is that people need to learn how to take care of books, especially books they borrow. Because all this stresses us out and in the end we’re not going to lend you that book you want. I mean all we want is somebody else to share our feelings about a book we just read why do we have to pay this price???

So if you’ve learnt nothing from this post then yaay!

Nobody is ever going to lend you their books.

But if you’ve now realized why your booknerd friend runs away whenever you try to confront them then good for you. Don’t worry! All you need to do is assure them that you’ll protect that book with everything piece of your soul and would rather die than let anything happen to it. And then we might let you borrow it.

What? It’s hard to trust people, you’ve got to take your chances.



I also have some absolutely lovely and promising book recommendations for you, especially if you find reading slightly hard or are trying to develop a habit of reading. (If it’s the latter you might want to check out my post on how to develop a reading habit here)

You can click on the cover pictures to go to Goodreads and read up their reviews.


1. Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda


Nobody has said a single word against this book, it is so fluffy and adorable and easy to read! Also, totally quotable and relatable! And be prepared for loads of OREOS!


2. Little Women

little women.jpg

I know what you’re thinking- it’s a classic, which means it has incredibly pretentious language and will take days to read!

But Little Women is so much different! It’s an easy read with simple language and a beautiful portrayal of friendship, sibling relationships and how you should never give up. You’re gonna fall in love with this one.


3. Holes


This book is absolutely stunning with a totally fresh and different plot and covers a wide variety of interesting topics. You basically need to read it- end of story.


4. The Alchemist


I’ve had non-readers come up to me and say that this book blew their mind so you have no excuse for not grabbing a copy of this bestseller, now!


5. Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief


This book has the simplest language, the most interesting plot, a humorous young narrator and also educates you about Greek mythology. What else do you need?


6. The Maze Runner

maze runner.jpg

This YA Dystopian novel is EVERYTHING. Packed with mystery, action and dry humor, this is a book I would actually kill for. Everybody needs to read it!

Good luck borrowing these books from your bookworm friends though!


So do you think you can convince the booknerds to let you borrow pieces of their soul? Can you swear you won’t damage any book like this- that would be really nice. Or are you the book lender who suffers with anxiety and despair whenever they have to part with their books? Let me know in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “Lending Books + Recommendations for New Readers

    • Thanks Amanda! I don’t mind broken spines that much either! Though I do wail when I accidentally drop crumbs between the pages. But I’m a huge foodie so reading and eating is the best, lol 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love sharing my book love so I do lend people books, although not all of them. If it is a book I absolutely love and can’t replace (because it is rare, expensive or I just care about that exact copy for nostalgic reasons) I won’t lend it. Other important but replaceable books I might lend but if I don’t get it back in good shape I will probably only lend that person books I don’t really care about in the future. But for the somewhat replaceable books I do think it’s worth to have a few lost or harmed books for the joy of sharing books with others. It helps that many of my books are bought second-hand and are thus not in a pristine condition to start with,

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really like your approach to lending books. Personally, most people don’t ask me for my books idk why but I don’t own many books as it is. Quite of them are indeed second hand and a major chunk of my reading comes from the library. I used to lend out books without a thought but then…well some of them got spoiled, that too my favourite one and my sister lent a book away that I hadn’t even read and now I’m screaming because she doesn’t even remember who she gave it to! So now I only lend books to close friends or bookworms cause they know how to value books 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Broken spines destroy me a bit, it depends what colour the cover is some colours show the broken spine up really well which does my head in. I don’t actually lend books out, I have done in the past but I was always paranoid. I do let my mum borrow some of my books and I swear, I’m like a hawk I don’t trust her anymore and there’s a story to go with this.

    So we have a German Shepherd and when he was a puppy he was fluffy and cute and I hit the roof when I found out what he’d done. So my mum had been reading City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare and I realised after the fact my copy is some sort of limited edition I believe because it has a poster in the back that folds out. Anyway we’d gone to have dinner and my mum left the book on the sofa, and didn’t shut the lounge door. Afterwards I walked through to lounge to find my book on the floor CHEWED and my mum’s bookmark was gone. The bookmark I don’t care about, my book however…I have never been so angry in my life in that moment seeing my book like that.

    My mum told me I was overreacting and I mean yes and no, my book, I’d lent to her. He’d chewed the top corner on the spine so the first few pages aren’t joined at the top. And I still remember it to this day. Great post though, all very true points 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my god I would have been devastated! My mum doesn’t understand broken spines either and I’m struggling to educate her on preserving books and for all my sister cares she’ll sit on them or throw them around and my dad might accidentally write a phone number or something else that is important on them if he cannot find a piece of paper soother I have to be very careful with my books! Thank yoi so much for checking out my post and letting me know your views 🙂

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  3. I hate letting people borrow my books because I really like my books to be in pristine condition! My mother always breaks the spines of my books and she dogmarks the corners of the page, so she isn’t allowed to borrow my books anymore

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Water, food… Library books are the most common places to find all of those. 😭😭😭

    Unfortunately, my mom has a habit of marking in her books – personally, I don’t care, but it hurts so much because the precious book! 😭

    I only let my mom have the old ARCs that I have, or the ones I’m not interested in. She can mark or do whatever she wants to them as long as I don’t get them back, haha. (I JUST REALIZED SHE STILL HAS MY RAVENCLAW EDITION OF HARRY POTTER. OMG I NEED TO GET IT BACK.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah ikr! Most of the library books suffer in really bad conditions! I remember when I was hooked on a series and then I finally got its 3rd book from my library but the first 80 PAGES WERE MISSING. I still read it because I was so desperate!

      OMG go get your precious book back before it’s too late!


  5. Ugh I hate lending books…it’s so risky and humans are completely untrustworthy. *shakes head sadly* I leant Paper Towns to my sister years ago and she put it in her bag AND CREASED THE COVER AND JUST…NEVER AGAIN. NOPE NEVER. Also I just like to know where my books are?! That’s like the biggest thing for me.😂 I like them all in their proper places ah haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • At leat your sister asks for permission- MINE JUST SNATCHES THEM AWAY AND LENDS THEM TO STRANGERS. I’ll forever be salty about how she lent a book I hadn’t even read and now does not even remember who she gave it to and NOW MY BABY IS LOST FOREVER 😭😭😭

      Ha, keeping track of books is easy when you don’t lend them 😂


  6. People actually scribble on borrowed books?? What planet are they from!! I think I should have a laminated set of rules to give out to people who borrow my books. Then again, it’s only my sisters who borrow my books and they’re bookworms, so they’re super careful! Personally I don’t mind broken spines and creased covers because, hey, what can you do? But absolutely no markings, no losing my book, and no spilling water or food on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, it’s horrible! Haha yes the laminated rules would be quite handy 😂
      The only people whom we can give our books to without having a heart attack is other bookworms, equally concerned about the books’ state. Food is the worst 😭


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