Thoughts I Have While Writing Book Reviews

I had a wonderful time reading all your lovely posts for this prompt which I have linked down below 🙂

Can you believe Off Tangent Thoughts has been running since two weeks now?

I still feels so surreal to me, especially the fact that all of you have greeted it with so much of love and enthusiasm. I had a great time reading and laughing at all your different posts and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day I could put up my second prompt post. And today is the day! Super pumped up for this one 🙂

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Under this prompt you can talk about either book reviews or discussion posts or even combine both. You can talk about reading them or writing them or just discuss your thoughts on them in general.

I decided to go ahead and talk about the thoughts I have when I sit down to write a book review.

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Regular Porridge: Book Review

I’m pretty sure that my blog is one of the only ones out there which doesn’t post book reviews as often as it should. Don’t ask me why, that’s how it is! Even when I was starting this blog I knew that I wanted to do more of discussion posts, funny thoughts, listicles and so on and slip a couple of book reviews in between 😛

And today I’m going to be reviewing ‘Regular Porridge’ a short poetry book dealing with various important topics.


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~I was sent a free e-copy of this book by the author but this does not influence my opinions in any way. This book review is completely honest and straight from my heart~

Goodreads Summary:

Regular porridge as a collection explores the meaning of life- success and failure and how they intertwine, as well as how a person may find it difficult to balance the two, confusing one for the other. This book contains tales of how people go about their lives and the extraordinary web each life can weave, using the appreciation of art to explore the human experience. Love and human relations have been depicted in some pieces too. Love is agony, ecstasy, unpredictable, testing and perfectly serene. It doesn’t always have to be something you feel but something you do. In this collection, fiction has been used to catalyze introspection in people and instead of setting out to solely entertain readers, this poetry collection certainly educates, too.

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