Everything I Binge-Watched In October and November

I’m back with another edition of reviewing everything that I saw in the past month! Except that it’s two months this time. Like the last time…

I swear this isn’t going to become a regular thing, mostly because a two monthly list is so long that I’m dead by the time I finish writing the post.

I have a super long list this time thanks to my tendency of switching on a rom-com movie whenever I’m stressing about a deadline. I know, not the healthiest coping strategy but I’m working on it. Anyway, let’s just begin the post πŸ™‚


Everything I Binge-Watched October – November




This was a kind of cringey and the usual stuff kind of sit-com? I think I watched most of it as background noise while I was working on something else. So I guess it just makes good background noise.

Would recommend: if you’re into sort of mindless family comedy which borders on slapstick

Would not recommend: if you’re looking for quality content and a good plot or storyline

2. SHERLOCK S1, 2 & 3


Ahem, I might just have gotten obsessed with Sherlock all over again. I MEAN HOW CAN YOU NOT?! Look at our god, Benedict Cumberbatch and then there’s Martin and you know the whole freaking amazing cast. And well, you know the plot. I can’t. Every time I watch it I just get so ridiculously happy and then emotional because goddamit all I want for Christmas is a season 5!

Would recommend: if you want to bless your life with a richly crafted masterpiece

Would not recommend: In what universe will I not recommend Sherlock?!?!



I’ll admit I only started watching this for Alisha Wainwright, who by the way was FABULOUS, but this show ended up having nice characters and a pretty decent storyline. Also, I did not expect that plot twist, I was blown away. They ended it while leaving space for a season 2 so I really hope that it happens soon because I can’t get enough of Alisha Wainwright. But like seriously, I’m looking forward to more content form this show.

Would recommend: if you like diverse shows with sci-fi and fantasy elements

Would not recommend: if you aren’t a huge fan of fantasy or sci-fi



One Mic Stand has a really great concept where every episode, a well known stand-up comic mentors someone who is famous in an area other than comedy to perform a stand-up. However, I would only recommend it if you know these celebs who are coming on the show. Because a good chunk of each episode is behind the scenes montage and I was mostly not interested in that. I ended up skipping it up to the actual stand-up comedy bits. It worked out pretty well though!

Would recommend: if you like comedy and your favourite celebs feature in the show

Would not recommend: if you aren’t really familiar with the faces in the show or don’t like comedy


1. OCEAN’S 8


Loved seeing an all-female cast in a heist movie! And I actually like it better than the rest of the movies in this series. I seriously couldn’t get into any of the rest except for this. Oh, and Anne Hathway was there if I remember correctly that was the only reason why this movie came into my radar.

Would recommend: if you love heist movies and all-female casts

Would not recommend: if you’re not into heists??


joker banner with warning notice.jpg

So my sister dragged me to the theatres for this one and despite me having no prior knowledge of the character or anything in the DC universe, I actually liked it. I mean the story progression was pretty slow but I liked the psychological aspects and as everyone else has commented, Joaquin’s acting was mindblowing.

Would recommend: if you like the quiet sort of stories where the villain has a backstory and there are psychological aspects to the movie

Would not recommend: if you don’t like slow movies



People warned me that this movie would be crap so I guess it’s my own fault. I just- there was just slapstick comedy and sexual innuendos in it. In fact, that was all there was in the name of a movie, the plot was so basic and cliche that a child could have written it.

Would recommend: if you like slapstick comedy or just want to stare at gorgeous actors?

Would not recommend: literally every reason in this universe



So the only reason I watched this movie was because my friends were drooling over Timothy Chalamet and I was like, wait who? Introductions were made and I do approve of the actor in both how he looks and acts. But the thing is… the movie was only okay. It was just so slow with very little dialogue and my attention kept going to other things.

Would recommend: if you like those medieval kingship kind of movies

Would not recommend: if you have the attention span of a goldfish and cannot watch slow movies



This was such a cute little holiday romance story! I’ve never read the book it was adapted from because a reviewer I trust didn’t really like it so I didn’t bother with it. But I really liked how these three families converged and well there’s not much to say except that it’s a feel-good fluffy movie πŸ™‚

Would recommend: if you love Christmas themed movies or young adult romance movies

Would not recommend: if you don’t like rom-com sort of movies



Thank god I watched it for one of my classes because otherwise, this would have been a complete waste of time. There was literally no plot here and random romance going on. I like that it is anti fatphobia but at the same time, it has that really bad cliched representation of mental health getting cured due to love. I can’t describe how much I despise that.

Would recommend: if you really love insta-love romance without much plot. Or if you’re looking for fat positive movies

Would not recommend: for every reason other than the ones mentioned above



Again, another movie I watched for a class but this was so much better! I absolutely loved the family dynamics and the little comedy added in together. Worth a watch, and all that drama lol. I’m gonna have fun memories of this night.

Would recommend: if you like family drama and comedy based off of it

Would not recommend: if you want more of a plot-centric movie rather than character-centric


Biswa Kalyan Rath Sushi stand up comedy.jpeg

I absolutely love when stand-up comics get their own Amazon Prime specials and Biswa is definitely one of my favourites out there. And like all other comedy acts of his, this one did not disappoint at all!

Would recommend: if you like stand-up comedy

Would not recommend: if you don’t like comedy?



It’s so refreshing to see a woman on the stage who is unapologetically herself and makes everyone laugh. Stand-up comedy is mostly dominated by men so I always love seeing women comics. Neeti Palta does a great job of exploring her life as a woman through anecdotal comedy. I literally never stopped grinning.

Would recommend: if you like comedy

Would not recommend: if you don’t like comedy?

10. HER


So this is a super interesting yet kinda creepy story of how this man falls in love with his OS technology system. Kind of like Siri but much more advanced. She literally keeps changing her personality to suit him and well no spoilers but it creeps you out how ‘normal’ it is for everyone around him. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching it.

Would recommend: if the blurb intrigues you or you like films related to technology

Would not recommend: if you don’t like romance?



I think it’s a well-established fact that I’m a sucker for rom-coms. I obviously knew where this story was going but I still liked it. Pretty sweet and well it had Adam Sandler. Lately, it feels like I’ve embarked on a mission to watch all of his works.

Would recommend: if you like rom-coms and obvious plot

Would not recommend: if you’re not into rom-coms


Due Date Banner Poster

Okay, this was a slightly weird comedy? But somehow I just like watching all kinds of comedy movies after a long and hectic day. It helps me wind down a bit, I guess. I can’t say much about this one without giving spoilers but I like how the characters did a complete 360-degree development by the end.

Would recommend: if you like travel-comedies

Would not recommend: if you don’t like comedy movies without much of a plot



I’m still not completely sure of what I think about this movie. I still feel like the main character was a bit of an asshole and the girl could have done much better but I also loved the OCD representation and how they did not go down the track of love cures mental illness that much. This was a weird one for sure and my emotions kept changing so I guess you should judge this one on your own.

Would recommend: if you’re interested in mental health representation

Would not recommend: if my description put you off


Blended movie poster.jpg

I was regretting picking up this movie even as I was watching it. It was the cringey kind of slapstick with some tropes that I despise. For example that girl-just-got-a-makeover-and-now-the-boy-falls-in-love-with-her. Ugh. They tried to justify it but it did not work for me. That being said it wasn’t all bad? It certainly had some cutesy elements but oh my god Terry Crews was so cringey, I can’t.



Let me tell you something, I absolutely adore time loops movies and shows. Which is why I loved Russian Doll so much and why I absolutely fell in love with Happy Death Day. It’s about a girl who keeps getting murdered on her birthday and she must find out her killer before her lives run out. The mystery is alive till the very end moment and I really grew fond of the main character over the two hours. Thank god she went through some character development though because her first version was… someone who I’d hate. Anyway, I wish I could just get more such movies.

Would recommend: if you love mystery-thrillers and time-loop

Would not recommend: if you don’t like stuff with time-loops?



I just typed ‘time loop’ in Netflix’s search engine and Naked came up. And I liked it actually. The time span of the loop is shorter than I’ve ever encountered which is what makes it so much interesting. And the cherry on top is that at the beginning of every loop, this man wakes up naked in an elevator. What fun πŸ™‚

Would recommend: if you like those self-discovery comedies with time-loops

Would not recommend: if you don’t like time-loops

17. EASY A


I’ve heard it’s one of those classic rom-coms so of course, I had to watch it. And I ended up really liking it. Love the message and the way the whole movie was carried out. One thing I always feel in high-school movies though is the disconnect. High-schools in the west are so very different from the ones we have in my country and other countries as well. I swear one day I’ll do a whole post on this. But for now, this movie gets an A from me πŸ˜‰

Would recommend: if you like rom-coms and female lead characters who are feminists

Would not recommend: if you’re tired of high-school movies or don’t like rom-coms


And with that, we’re finally done here. Phew!

I was literally groaning as I went down this list and cursing my past self. But all in all, it turned out to be a good two months for binge-watching.


Have you seen any of the movies or shows I talked about? If yes then what do you think about them?

If no, which of these are you putting down on your to-watch-list?

Do you have any time-loop recs for me?

What are your thoughts on time-loops and time-travel in general?


13 thoughts on “Everything I Binge-Watched In October and November

  1. i have watched only the king and let it snow from the list and i agree with your opinion on both of them. the king was so hyped but I ended up being totally bored while watching it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed The King and Joker, but you know what, it’s really funny because we JUST watched Easy A as my husband had never seen it, he loves Stanley T. and he’s like the best dad in a high school film, I think I enjoyed it more than I thought even though it was a rewatch for me. You watched some awesome things this month! Love Mr. Deeds too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Raising Dion!! I loved that show! My aunt and I watched it together and she asks me regularly if it’s been renewed πŸ˜‚ Let It Snow was definitely cute. Blended is just awful. And Happy Death Day is a pretty good movie! I lovee Easy A!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I LOVE so many of the above movies and shows!!
    a) SHERLOCK. (I mean, do I need to say anything else here?!)
    b) Easy A is so good!! I bought the Pocketful of Sunshine ringtone after watching this movie years ago, and I still have it…
    c) Her was so good. I really enjoyed it when it first came out, and I think it deserves a rewatch. It’s a really interesting premise.
    d) Joker. YES!! So well done. (I mean, Joaquin Phoenix is just superb in pretty much everything.)

    Liked by 1 person

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