Reviewing Crushing: A Beautiful Stand-Out Graphic Novel

She’s lonely and searching for a connection. He’s lonely and afraid to reach out. Life in the big city means being surrounded by connections—making them, missing them, and longing for them. But is finding someone else really the answer to their problems?

Crushing, the stunning debut graphic novel from Sophie Burrows, is a story told in silence; a story without words but bursting with meaning; a story about loneliness and love. Achingly beautiful, quietly defiant, and full of subtle wit and wisdom, Crushing is a unique meditation on the human condition in the twenty-first century, and a timely examination of young adult life in an age of isolation.

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Note: Thank you to Aloquin Young Readers for sending me an e-arc of this book! This does not affect my review. All my opinions are honest and unbiased.

Reviewing Crushing: A Beautiful Stand-Out Graphic Novel

I’m astounded at how much emotion and depth this graphic novel was able to convey without using any words and with such a limited colour palette. In such few pages, this book manages to tell us stories of two people living their lives in the big city. The book focuses on elements like bustling crowds, watching garbage on the television alone, online dating, grocery shopping and other such mundane parts of our lives.

The book does a beautiful job of highlighting how lonely, closed off and isolating our lives often our with very few moments of respite where we actually connect with the environment and the people around us. We follow two characters who lock eye on public transport. There’s no romance depicted between them, in fact they don’t really see each other for a large chunk of the book. The focus is just on loneliness and craving of love in our lives.

I really can’t say more about this one, you have to read it to truly understand the beautiful story being told. This is something quite different and I enjoyed reading it and would definitely recommend that you pick it up too 🙂

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