4 Reasons to Read The Wicker King

Yes, I too have joined The Wicker King hype train!

I mean, to be honest, I’ve only seen a handful of people yell about this book but their passion made me pick it up and now I’m here to scream about it from every fucking rooftop because oh my god this book is so underrated?!?!

The Wicker King is a book about two best friends, August and Jack. As Jack starts to hallucinate about a whole other world we see Jack trying to help support him all on his own. But how far can both of them go before they’re driven to insanity?

Okay maybe my two-line explanation isn’t the best but you can find The Wicker King on Goodreads and go read the blurb there. I’m here to tell you about all the reasons why I loved this book and why you should be picking it up as soon as possible.

4 Reasons to Read The Wicker King

“If you drop the weight you are carrying, it is okay. You can build yourself back up out of the pieces.”

The Mixed-Media Format

Honestly, the biggest reason I was drawn to The Wicker King was its mixed-media format. Please do yourself a favour and don’t read it in an e-format. This book is such an aesthetic beauty with all sorts of squiggles, pictures, playlists and black and white designs peeking out of the book. One of my favourite things is how the pages of the book start getting darker and darker as the story progresses and as Jack’s hallucinations get worse and worse. It just added a whole new level of ambience to my reading experience that was simply breathtaking.

Themes of Mental Health and Toxic Relationships

This book is honestly chef’s kiss in terms of all the themes it manages to get across so beautifully. The author’s note successfully reduced me to tears because you can clearly see how important this story is for the author and she really did an amazing job portraying two boys who had been neglected by their parents and ended up leaning on each other entirely for emotional and physical support. This book explores how friendships, no matter how strong or important, can be toxic, especially when you’re so dependent on the other person.

As a psychology student, I’m giving a huge thumbs up to this book for its portrayal of mental health. I love how the crux of the book is that August and Jack just tried their best in the circumstances they found themselves in. They were both going through hell and refused to get help despite yearning for it. Some of my favourite quotes from this book were about mental health messages.

“But your best is not good enough sometimes.”… “Sometimes… you have to stop trying and just let someone else try their best. In order to survive.”

“My mom once told me that being alone makes you feel weaker every day, even if you’re not.” he said quietly. “But it’s not as bad if you’re with other people who are alone, too. We can hold each other up like a card tower.”

Cinnamon Roll Boys You Want to Cuddle

I swear if you wanna harm August and Jack you’ll have to go through me. They’re just two precious soft boys trying to survive in a world which doesn’t seem to care about them. They’re just trying to be there for each other but they keep getting hurt over and over and like… my brain immediately scream PROTECT!!!!

They are so beautifully written. On one hand, we have Jack who is terrified of the hallucinations and new world he is falling into. He’s terrified of being alone, more specifically of not having August by his side. And then we have August who craves control and direction and feels like he owes his would to Jack. He’s looking out for both of them, even if he exhausts himself to death. Like how can you not love these two??

The Absolutely Gripping Writing Style

Once you’re about 20% into the book it’s impossible to put it down. The writing style is so smooth and beautiful and I could vividly see the world Jack was hallucinating about in front of my eyes. The pacing is absolutely perfect and the entire time I was just incredibly worried for the two boys and their future. You might find some of the themes heavy in which case you may not fly through this book like I did but either way it’s just an incredible story written in the most beautiful way possible 🙂

Have you read The Wicker King or is it on your TBR?

Do you go out of your way to pick up books surrounding mental health? I know I do.

What is a mixed media book that you thoroughly enjoyed reading?

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