Reviewing Slip: A Graphic Novel by Marika McCoola & Aatmaja Pandya

From Eisner-Award nominated writer Marika McCoola and debut artist Aatmaja Pandya, an emotional coming-of-age graphic novel for fans of Bloom and Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me.

Right before Jade is about to leave for a summer art intensive, her best friend, Phoebe, attempts suicide. How is Jade supposed to focus on herself right now?

But at the Art Farm, Jade has artistic opportunities she’s been waiting for her whole life. And as she gets to know her classmates, she begins to fall for whimsical, upbeat, comfortable-in-her-own-skin Mary. Jade pours herself into making ceramic monsters that vent her stress and insecurities, but when she puts her creatures in the kiln, something unreal happens: they come to life. And they’re taking a stand: if Jade won’t confront her problems, her problems are going to confront her, including the scariest of them all—if Jade grows, prospers, and even falls in love this summer, is she leaving Phoebe behind? 

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Note: I was sent an e-arc of this book in exchange for a review. All my opinions are honest and unbiased.

Reviewing Slip: A Graphic Novel

First and foremost, Slip is a love letter to art. The story revolves around Jade who is taking part in a summer art camp that is quite intense and demanding but provides wonderful opportunities at the same time as well. However, just before she leaves, Jade finds out her best friend tried to commit suicide.

A queer coming-of-age story, Slip tries to tackle many themes of mental health, suicide being the most obvious one. we see Jade going through phases of anger, despair, worry and impostor syndrome as well. I wish we saw more of her relationship with Phoebe though and who Phoebe is as a person.

I think the art style is beautiful and the colouring comes in every now and then in a very significant manner. I found the idea of Jade’s art being a manifestation of her emotions and memories a very fun idea and this fantasy side of the graphic novel was quite enjoyable, although I think the author could have done more with it.

All over this is a fun book with some important themes to be explored. I did find the writing and storytelling slightly lacking to sort of tie everything up and deliver the message and emotions of the book in a manner that blew me away. But if you’re an artist or art student I think you’ll quite enjoy reading this book.

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