Back from Hiatus: What’s Been Up & Future Plans

Hi everyone! Feels good to be writing a blog post again 🙂

I say this when I’ve procrastinated on this one as much as I can but whatever. I’m just really excited to come back to the blog! It feels weird to start posting without sort of checking in with you all and having a bit of a chit chat so I thought I’d do a short post giving you an update on what’s been going on with me and some plans that I have for the blog in the next few months.

What I’ve Been Up To

The last two months were quite busy and chaotic as I basically focused on my academics and social life. Can’t believe I’m graduating in like a week! I mean, I’m staying for a fourth year (we usually have three-year graduation in India) but I’ll be graduating twice, lol. I guess that’s why it hasn’t really hit me yet.

But anyway, apart from that, here’s a gist of what I’ve been up to.

  • My blog turned four years old! I didn’t celebrate much but wow it’s still surreal how long I’ve been doing this.
  • It was my 21st birthday and I got to celebrate with my friends after so long! It was an amazing day and I finally got to drag my friends to an escape room which was the coolest thing I could have imagined.
  • I had an amazing trip with my thesis class and we went to visit the Harper Collins office near us and I was just simply awestruck half the time…
  • I didn’t read much at all because, like I said, I was focusing on academics.
  • I got a promoted from my internship to lead the department and it’s a lot more responsibility but yeah, this was a self-esteem booster 🙂
  • I watched Heartstopper! It was so cuteee ❤
  • I did almost no writing whatsoever apart from academics because good lord who has the time?
  • I did play a lot of Genshin Impact, especially with my friends Ruby, Clo and Jayati. It’s always a riot when we get together on a call!

I think that pretty much sums it up. This break was much needed and I feel fresh, rejuvenated and read to talk everyone’s ears about books, hehe. I’m currently on about three months of summer vacation which sounds like a lot of time but let’s see, I’ll be juggling two internships, studying for exams like gre and ielts and working on my capstone thesis. I have a lot planned for the summer and that includes something for the blog too!

I mayyyy be coming out with a new psychology series. I can’t guarantee if it will turn into a series even though I very much want it to. Really depends on the response. I had been writing a paper on therapizing a popular character from the MCU and I posted about it on Instagram. Everyone wanted to read the final thing and I thought, why not post it on the blog? It needs a bit of editing and a change of structure before I can post it here but definitely keep an eye out for it!

Other than that I’m going to revamp my graphics. I think the elements are going to remain pretty much the same but I want to redo the design. This design is far from perfect, mostly because I painted it traditionally and had to get after my sister’s life to convert it into digital graphics. She might have done the bare minimum, lol. Anyway, I’ve been polishing my own graphic designing skills a bit so I’m excited to work on them again 🙂

Fingers crossed that I don’t drown myself in the amount of work and projects I’m planning and get plenty of time to read as well, hehe.

What’s been up with you all? How were the last two months for you?

What have you been reading lately? Any 5 star reads you want to rave about?

What do you think of the psychology post idea? Would you be interested in a series of posts psychoanalysing different characters from pop culture?

15 thoughts on “Back from Hiatus: What’s Been Up & Future Plans

  1. Congratulations on your graduation! And welcome back to the blog. It’s great that you took some time to concentrate on your studies.

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  2. welcome back charvi!! congratulations on your graduation and also happy 4-year blogiversary and BELATED-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ahhhh heartstopper is PERFECTION, and i am INSANELY EXCITED for all the posts you have planned!!

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  3. Welcome back lovely! Congrats on your graduation and I am so happy you were able to celebrate your 21st bday with friends 💜 I am so excited for this psychology post/series you have cooking away and yes, chaos always reigns when we co op on Genshin with the other two hehe


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