LET’S TALK BOOKISH: How Have Your Reading Habits Changed Over Time?

I’m so excited for today’s post! I’ve been trying to take part in the Let’s Talk Bookish memes for ages now but either I don’t have much to say about some of the topics or I miss out on them or am absolutely too busy to participate. But finally this day has come!

Starfish yelling “Today’s the day! The sun is shining!”

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @Eternity Books & Dani @Literary Lion, where they discuss certain topics, share their opinions, and spread the love by visiting everyone’s posts.

Today is actually a Freebie Day which means I can go back and catch up on any previous prompts and today I’m choosing to talk about how my reading habits have changed over time 🙂

How Have Your Reading Habits Changed Over Time?

As a kid the only books I read came from the library. Sure I had some books at home but I had read and re-read them so many times, I was honestly bored.

I have so many fond memories of going to the children’s section of my local library where I would march in with two library cards(my sister and mine), browse for shiny books and leave with a stack of books and an excited spirit. I was very well known among the librarians.

Okay maybe that’s too much nostalgia…

I was an extremely avid reader and I would read anything that sounded good. Back then I wasn’t on social media, I didn’t know which books were new or hyped so I would just go through all the blurbs and choose whatever sounded good. I used to read all sorts of underrated and niche books and I honestly miss that.

Nowadays I either read new releases or popular backlist books. I miss the joy of going to a library and stumbling upon an undiscovered gem. That’s the first thing I’m going to do when my local library opens up.

Girl looking through bookshelves

Another huge change is the rate at which I read books. There were times when I would come back from the library, plop on my bed and finish off the book in one sitting. Oh those sweet days when I had all the time in the world. These days reading books in a single setting is all but a fantasy and I usually end up taking at least two days to finish a book, sometimes even weeks. Little me would probably be disappointed but what to do, university can be a pain in the ass.

But a good change is definitely the fact that I’m actively looking for diverse reads. Most of the books in my library were old, outdated and majorly written by white authors. Now I get to read all sorts of different books and actually see myself represented in some of my favourite stories. What a dream! If I had found this sort of diversity from childhood itself I feel like I would have been more at peace with myself and more sure of my identity in many ways.

So I won’t say me reading habits have changed for the good or the bad, I think it’s a bit of both. I’m trying to recreate the better older habits like re-reading books and not being worried of my unread books, spending hours in the library just looking for any random book. I can’t travel back to my past but I’m determined to incorporate some of my older reading habits into my current life 🙂

How have your reading habits changed over time?

Are there any new reading habits that you want to adopt or any old ones you want to bring back?

Do you have fond memories attached to your local or school libraries like me?

16 thoughts on “LET’S TALK BOOKISH: How Have Your Reading Habits Changed Over Time?

  1. My reading habits have definitely changes A LOT since I joined the bookish community this year. I started to read a lot more diversely and come across many amazing books which I will forever love and cherish. Great post ❤

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  2. My reading habits have definitely chanegd over time! just like you when I was younger I could just go to the library, go home and immediatly read the book. Now I will buy a book say I will read it right away, and then end up not picking it up for a long time haha!
    I also now listen to audiobooks, so that isa big change. And Like you I definitely read more diverse now!


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  3. This reminded me of our library days together. From gorging a book a day to not being able to finish a book for months, my reading habits have changed for the worse. The change in my reading habits is in great measure also attributable to my shift in preference from fiction to non-fiction.

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    • Ahhh I miss those so much!!!
      Do you think maybe if you try reading fiction again it will take you less time? Or is it just the pandemic and general work overload which has lowered your reading rate?

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      • I suppose picking up fiction would actually turn out to be good. I have The Last Don by Mario Puzo waiting for me for a year now so I guess I will be picking it up as soon as I am done with my mid-sems. Pandemic drained a lot of my mental energy in the initial few months but now it’s just general workload.

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  4. “Back then I wasn’t on social media, I didn’t know which books were new or hyped so I would just go through all the blurbs and choose whatever sounded good. I used to read all sorts of underrated and niche books and I honestly miss that.”

    Aaaah this, I feel this so badly, I used to read all sorts of backlist titles, underrated books just whatever caught my eye and now…well at the moment I’m struggling to just read but I sometimes miss being a reader before realising social media was a thing. I’m grateful though that I’m actively seeking out diverse books now, as a kid. I may not read as many books but I’m reading quality books, which is more important than quantity I think.

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    • Yesss 😭😭😭 I miss the thrill of reading that came without any pressure. Oof yes, that’s the one thing I keep telling myself, if it weren’t for social media I won’t have been able to read such wonderfully diverse books or even interact with authors 🥺

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  5. Aww I’m just thinking of a small Charvi marching into the library and coming out with a stack of books. I kept on losing my books so my mom kept a nice and tight hold on every copy I got and even chose them for me because if I don’t touch them unless she gives it to me, I won’t lose them, right? (I still lost some of them though.)

    I’m definitely reading more diversely now! I agree – I think if I read the books I now read and come across and there were more back then, I’d be more peace at myself as well. I know I’ve wanted to change myself and often wanted to change my identity since all I saw as a kid was an identity the vast majority of the world is represented.

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    • Hehe yes I imagine it makes a funny and cute image. Hahaha! I don’t think I ever lost a book and in general I was a responsible kid lol so that wasn’t a problem for me but that sounds kinda cute lol.

      Right? I’m so glad more people other than me feel like that 😊 I was always reading white books because most of the Indian rep I got was in hindi and while I did read occasional books in hindi I preferred English books and I didn’t even realise how much of those books I had internalised till I grew up. Sigh. At least kids now have a somewhat better range of books.


  6. I definitely used to go to the library like you did! I really miss it too. There was something so magical about just wandering into the library hoping you’d find a gem. Now I have a TBR and I know every book I’ll probably be reading for the next little while. I have so many recommendations I feel almost weighed down. There’s just something more magical about stumbling onto a book.

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    • Exactly, the magic of stumbling onto a book is truly something else, oof. Once the libraries open I plan on picking at least one book a month like that and not checking it even on Goodreads. Just reading a random book thta catches my attention 😊

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  7. Growing up I was an extremely solitary reader. My reading revolved around what my neighbourhood lending library had — Sweet Valleys and Fear Street. I think I’ve finished the entire series but I don’t remeber them to well. It was a small library sandwiched between a beauty parlour so you can imagine. Around the age of nine or so I was introduced to Roald Dahl and after that I just didn’t find anything else interesting enough till a friend forced me to read Jeffrey Archer and then I just kept moving along till I moved to Bombay. Became a part of a book club and whoosh everything changed. What I read, how I read, everything. But I really miss bunking college to complete LoTR. Best three days of my life!

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    • Oh wow, that sounds like a beautiful journey! Haha your LOTR college bunking days remind me of that time in 11th when I finished the Lunar Chronicles in four days and I swear I got so many looks because those books were humongous lol.

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      • I sailed through days reading Harry Potter one after the other. I read it at the bright age of 31 and still cried at all the points I knew were going to happen. But somehow, life didn’t stop. Kept working while reading.

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