Thoughts I Have While Writing Book Reviews

I had a wonderful time reading all your lovely posts for this prompt which I have linked down below 🙂

Can you believe Off Tangent Thoughts has been running since two weeks now?

I still feels so surreal to me, especially the fact that all of you have greeted it with so much of love and enthusiasm. I had a great time reading and laughing at all your different posts and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day I could put up my second prompt post. And today is the day! Super pumped up for this one 🙂

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Under this prompt you can talk about either book reviews or discussion posts or even combine both. You can talk about reading them or writing them or just discuss your thoughts on them in general.

I decided to go ahead and talk about the thoughts I have when I sit down to write a book review.

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Behind the Screen: A Book Blogger Tag

I am freaking months late with this tag but I just needed a light and fun post to write today, something just like this very tag so here we are!

So a long time back the lovely Krisha @Bookathon tagged me for this behind the screen tag and I’m so grateful, thank you so much for tagging me, Krisha. You all should go check out her wonderful blog!

Now let’s get onto the tag itself.


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No Heroes by Jamie Hall: Book Review

Hi everyone!

I’m peeping out of my hiatus for this one review post, but I’ll be back soon 🙂

In the meantime go ahead and read my review of No Heroes by Jamie Hall, a book of many colours.


3/5 stars


Official Goodreads Summary:

Michael’s life is one of little importance, which is a far cry from his dreams of being a hero throughout childhood. Several traumas in his life lead Michael down a path of vengeance in his father’s name. Guided by the desire to leave a legacy and create change, Michael battles disease and internal demons to catch his father’s killer and those that prey on society. As he delves deeper into a world of violence, Michael must balance his personal life, newfound identity, and the darkness that inevitably creeps into his life as he struggles to complete his mission.

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The Dangerous Art Of Blending In: Book Review

I owe a huge apology to this wonderful book that I had promised I would review ‘soon’ but as usual my ‘soon’ turned into ‘late af’

I read The Dangerous Art of Blending In on the 1st of this month and today it’s the 19th.

Someone give me a pat on the back.

This had been a highly anticipated read of mine and it truly passed my expectations with flying colours. This book totally messed up my heart and brain and I probably filled a whole bucket with my tears. And it was only after finishing did I find out that this book is semi-autobiographical a.k.a loosely based off the author’s life.

Cue more tears.


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Banned Book Club: Reviewing The Hate U Give + Trailer Reaction

You’ve all heard this name flitting around in the book community, and if you haven’t then you seriously need to stop living under a rock!

I’ve been meaning to read The Hate U Give(THUG) ever since it came out because wow it has such a lot of hype and has like 4 award stickers plastered on it’s cover(sigh) not to mention it has been turned into a movie which come out this October 19!


So when THUG was voted for the BOTM for our Banned Book Club I was elated that I have a reason to tug it out from under my growing TBR!

(By ‘tug’ I mean pull at the book with all my might while the rest of the books on my TBR screeched in protest)



So now you get to see me flail scream review this book!

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