#StartOnYourShelfathon TBR

Is your TBR threatening to murder you in your sleep? Are you scared of looking at your unread books in the eye? I have a solution for you, join the #StartOnYourShelfathon like I am doing! What is #StartOnYourShelfathon? #StartOnYourShelfathon is a 2020 star-themed readathon hosted and run by CW from The Quiet Pond. The aim […]

Indian Lit Readathon Edition 2

We’re already done with half of June and with July peeking around the corner this is the perfect time to go for an official announcement – Indian Lit Readathon is back! We had a really great response last year and an absolutely amazing time making the readathon happen as well as participating in it ourselves. […]

Mythothon TBR

What better than planning for November before October ends? A few weeks ago Louise @Foxes and Fairytales contacted me through Twitter about a Greek mythology related readathon and even before I finished reading her message I was screaming yes! Basically Mythothon is a month long readathon from 1st to 30th November in your timezone. While […]


Hi everyone! I’ve been a very lazy person so this wrap-up post is kind of delayed but oh well. Better late than never! LOTS of stuff happened last month! June is Pride month, as you all know, hence one of my favorite months. It doesn’t hurt that I didn’t have to go to school for […]

Indian Lit Readathon

Quick question: How many of you have recently read a book by an Indian author? How many of you have ever read a book by an Indian author? (I really hope all of you raised your hand at that last question)   As time passes the book community is slowly progressing and indulging in more […]