The Entertainer Tag (Tagged by Clo @Book Dragons)

Look who’s taking out a tag from her chest of buried awards and tags that she is even embarrassed to think about? It’s me. Unfortunately. I am so behind on all of these that I’m very tempted to do what my friend Nandini did and abandon all of them except those that I got tagged for this year.


But then my guilt takes over so here I am doing the Entertainer Tag which Clo @Book Dragons tagged me for. Clo is a wonderful and funny blogger and a really great friend to have so go check out her blog!

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Celebrating My 1 Year Blogoversary

My little baby blog has turned one!


I honestly am so overwhelmed that I have no idea what to write. You may experience a fair amount of word vomit in this post because I’m ecstatic and pumped up and okay, sentimental too.

Like how did this happen? Did I not just start blogging???

I can’t believe I’m celebrating the birthday of my smol brainchild! Okay technically my blog turned one sometime in January 2018 but WordPress messed up and didn’t send me any notifications so here I am, celebrating it with my own birthday because well as we celebrate the birthday of a crazy fangirl it’s only right to celebrate her creations too.

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