Thoughts I Have While Writing Book Reviews

I had a wonderful time reading all your lovely posts for this prompt which I have linked down below 🙂

Can you believe Off Tangent Thoughts has been running since two weeks now?

I still feels so surreal to me, especially the fact that all of you have greeted it with so much of love and enthusiasm. I had a great time reading and laughing at all your different posts and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day I could put up my second prompt post. And today is the day! Super pumped up for this one 🙂

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Under this prompt you can talk about either book reviews or discussion posts or even combine both. You can talk about reading them or writing them or just discuss your thoughts on them in general.

I decided to go ahead and talk about the thoughts I have when I sit down to write a book review.

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How Bloggers Write Their Posts ft. Clo @Book Dragons

I know what you’re thinking, everyone is different and writes differently and blah blah blah.

But when it comes to melting your brain to produce words that make sense and organising them in a coherent and mildly aesthetic way so that people actually read and like it, requires a shit ton of effort. And despite what you may think, writing blog posts requires the same amount of screaming and cursing and crying on everyone’s part. If this is not you then please give me the serum you ingest to reach the amount of perfection that you have.


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Off Tangent Thoughts Meme

OTT is something that I’ve been planning since a long time now and having poured my heart and soul into it I am beyond excited to launch it on my blog today 🙂


Off Tangent Thoughts was originally created out of a post which I had an incredibly amazing time planning and writing and to top that off it was received with an immense amount of laughter and love by everyone in the bookish community. Following that a few bloggers insisted on writing their own thoughts based off the original post, planting a little seedling of an idea that grew up to be this meme. Off Tangent Thoughts(OTT) is a bi-monthly meme that has a basic list-based format wherein bloggers express their points in the form of a short or long list with the points under the list being merely a couple lines or even complete paragraphs. Bloggers are also free to use headings or bring in other variations- put your own spin on it if you like. After all it’s just about letting your thoughts run wild!


Every 1st and 3rd Saturday I will be putting up prompts based on which everyone can write their own posts. For prompts that will be released on the 1st Saturday, bloggers can write and publish their posts over the next two weeks, that is, until the 3rd Saturday from when posting for a fresh prompt will begin and continue uptil the 1st Saturday of the next month and so on. On the rare occasions when we have a 5th Saturday I will keep an open prompt where everyone can generate a topic of their own or catch up on previous OTT prompts they may have missed. Everyone is encouraged to interpret the prompt however they like and be innovative with their posts. I myself will be uploading my posts for every prompt at 12am IST each 1st and 3rd Saturday so that everyone participating can link their posts back to my post for that prompt. I am also putting up a schedule of prompts that will be regularly updated so that everyone can get a glimpse into the future prompts and plan their posts accordingly.

The first prompt is Thoughts You Have While Organising Your Bookshelf (in the spirit of Bookending Spring)

You can write about organising books by colour, author, genre or whatever comes to your mind.

Posting for this prompt will begin from April 20 and you can find the rest of the schedule and prompt on the main OTT page here. Please follow this page for all kinds of updates on OTT, this post is merely for the announcement.

So what are your thoughts? Do you like the idea? Will I see you participating in OTT? Did you check out the prompts on the OTT page? How excited are you? Let me know all about it in the comments below 😊

Thoughts I Have When A Book Character Dies

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first edition of this newly formed feature: Off Tangent Thoughts where I’ll let present before you a list of my crazy, fanatic thoughts on bookish events and situations because apparently you find them hilarious. My original post that sparked this idea was Thoughts I Have While Reading A Slow-Burn Romance and my notifications absolutely blew up after that.


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5 Books People on Santa’s Naughty List Should Receive

You know, Christmas is a holiday where you are socially inclined to give gifts and spend money on people you are believed to be close to. I mean sure it’s a happy and merry time, enjoying with your family and friends but there are always some people who you wish you could just tie up and hold hostage in your basement until they stop annoying you.

Okay maybe it’s not that extreme for you.

But all you can do is force on the biggest smile you can muster and hand over a gift to them while screaming how life is unfair and how you deserve a gift for putting up with them.

I have a great solution for this 😉

What if you could give them books that seem like a gift but that are actually a curse bestowed onto them from the deepest corner of hell. Yes this my brilliant evil master-plan that I would definitely have carried out if I a) celebrated Christmas and b) knew any freaking one who reads books -_-




Anyway, this is loosely based on the prompt ‘The Befana Comes at Night’, for Bookending Winter. It basically encourages us to make a list of books that we would give to good vs bad people but I feel that I have harped about good books enough, let’s get to the misery and bloodshed tear-shed.

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