How I Met My Bookish Friends

Let me start off by reminding you all that I have the memory of a goldfish. When it comes to book related stuff I do tend to have a better memory but it is nowhere near as good as a memory that people normally have.

But the point is that I do have some vivid and beautiful memories of how I met some of my wonderful bookish friends. It honestly surprises me too so I decided why not make a blog post out of this as a sort of ode to our friendship?

Also I really need to write these down somewhere because a few months or years down the line I might forget all of this like the terrible goldfish I am.

awkward smile.gif

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The Pancake Book Tag

Are you drooling yet? Because I totally am!

I’m a huge pancake fan, it’s my favourite breakfast and my favourite thing to cook. You can constantly find me experimenting with pancakes in the kitchen and find my friends drooling on instagram 😉


I remember seeing this tag float around and wishing someone would tag me even though I’m drowning in tags like a pancake drowns in syrup. It’s brutal.


And then my lovely friend Tiffany tagged me and I praised my lucky stars. Tiffany is the absolute best and she has such a pretty, now self-hosted, blog that you all absolutely need to check out! Okay now let’s get started with eating pancakes answering some questions.

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Thoughts I Have When Someone Interrupts My Reading

Hello everyone!

Here I am with yet another exciting prompt for Off Tangent Thoughts and I feel this is one that absolutely every reader can relate to.

All your lovely posts are linked down below, Thank you for participating!



Under this prompt you can talk about your thoughts when your reading is interrupted in school, at work, at home or somewhere else or even just in general.

People seem to be plotting against me and keep popping up with something or the other whenever and wherever I’m reading. So let’s have a look at my murderous tendencies thoughts when this happens.

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Guess That Book By The Cover

Have you ever looked at a book cover and found it so stunning that you feel you could stare at it for a thousand years? Have you felt like that about almost every book?
Well if you answered yes to either of those question then you’ve got a bit of luck on your side.
Today we’re gathered on my blog to play a very interesting bookish game that is going to test your memories(uh oh) and how much attention do you really pay to book covers(wohoo!)


So I will basically be describing the book covers in a few sentences and you will be trying to guess which book I’m talking about! Almost all of these books are 2019 releases but a couple backlist books are present as well. You click on ‘show answer’ for the correct answer to be revealed. Here’s an example of how it would go.

Description: ‌Supernova half-naked golden boy covered with tattoos is standing behind dark buildings. There are emerald ruins in the front.

Show Answer




So you get the idea…now let’s play!

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The Entertainer Tag (Tagged by Clo @Book Dragons)

Look who’s taking out a tag from her chest of buried awards and tags that she is even embarrassed to think about? It’s me. Unfortunately. I am so behind on all of these that I’m very tempted to do what my friend Nandini did and abandon all of them except those that I got tagged for this year.


But then my guilt takes over so here I am doing the Entertainer Tag which Clo @Book Dragons tagged me for. Clo is a wonderful and funny blogger and a really great friend to have so go check out her blog!

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