Thoughts I Have When I See A Cafe With Books


All bookworms have a tendency to go crazy whenever they see books, without any care for the place or time, but we do try our best to conceal our crazy feelings. And this is what this time’s Off Tangent Thoughts prompt is about.




I have complete freak-outs when I spot books absolutely anywhere, especially when it is unexpected. In this prompt you all can talk about your reactions and thoughts when you come across books in a cafe or libraries or bookstores. I’m personally going to be talking about the thoughts I have when I see a cafe with books. Such places are not that popular in my city so I always freak out when I find one and you’re about to see exactly how.

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Do I Have That Book Tag?

You would think I have every kind of book possible but apparently not…

See this is why I shouldn’t be stopped from hoarding hundreds of books.

*looks down at her weeping wallet*

Okay fine, I get your point.

giphy (1).gif

Anyway, a while ago I saw this super interesting tag trending on booktube and it was so much fun to watch my favourite booktubers scramble to find their books. And then my wonderful friend Sahi tagged me for the same tag but on her blog and I legit gasped. Sahi has some of the most fun and interesting tags on her blog and getting tagged for them is a bonus when you’re her friend so go check her blog out!

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How I Met My Bookish Friends

Let me start off by reminding you all that I have the memory of a goldfish. When it comes to book related stuff I do tend to have a better memory but it is nowhere near as good as a memory that people normally have.

But the point is that I do have some vivid and beautiful memories of how I met some of my wonderful bookish friends. It honestly surprises me too so I decided why not make a blog post out of this as a sort of ode to our friendship?

Also I really need to write these down somewhere because a few months or years down the line I might forget all of this like the terrible goldfish I am.

awkward smile.gif

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Thoughts I Have When Someone Reads A Book I Love

Another Saturday brings yet another Off Tangent Thoughts post!

Let’s just quickly get on to the prompt 🙂



I love lending out books to a few of my trusted friends and then tracking the living hell out of their progress. Especially when it’s a book I love at which point I would happily stand over their shoulder and watch their reactions- most satisfying thing ever. But there are other times when one of your online friends doesn’t really love that book that you would sell your soul for or there’s this book you hate but your friends love. Whoops? Today I’m gonna write about what I think when someone reads a book I love.

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Guess That Book By The Cover

Have you ever looked at a book cover and found it so stunning that you feel you could stare at it for a thousand years? Have you felt like that about almost every book?
Well if you answered yes to either of those question then you’ve got a bit of luck on your side.
Today we’re gathered on my blog to play a very interesting bookish game that is going to test your memories(uh oh) and how much attention do you really pay to book covers(wohoo!)


So I will basically be describing the book covers in a few sentences and you will be trying to guess which book I’m talking about! Almost all of these books are 2019 releases but a couple backlist books are present as well. You click on ‘show answer’ for the correct answer to be revealed. Here’s an example of how it would go.

Description: ‌Supernova half-naked golden boy covered with tattoos is standing behind dark buildings. There are emerald ruins in the front.

Show Answer




So you get the idea…now let’s play!

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