Off Tangent Thoughts Meme

Off Tangent Thoughts was originally created out of a post which I had an incredibly amazing time planning and writing and to top that off it was received with an immense amount of laughter and love by everyone in the bookish community. Following that a few bloggers insisted on writing their own thoughts based on the original post, planting a little seedling of an idea that grew up to be this meme. Off Tangent Thoughts(OTT) is a bi-monthly meme that has a basic list-based format wherein bloggers express their points in the form of a short or long list with the points under the list being merely a couple lines or even complete paragraphs. Bloggers are also free to use headings or bring in other variations- put your own spin on it if you like.

Off Tangents Thoughts has now been closed down due to the lack of time on the hands of the creator. Bloggers are free to look at the past prompts and attempt them as long as they link back to this page. They are also free to come up with their own off tangent thoughts posts as long as they credit the creator.



APRIL 20 Thoughts You Have While Organising Your Bookshelf ~in the spirit of Bookending Spring~

MAY 4 Thoughts You Have About Book Reviews or Discussions

MAY 18 Thoughts You Have When Someone Interrupts Your Reading

JUNE 1 Thoughts You Have When Someone Reads A Book You Know

JUNE 15 Thoughts You Have On Seeing A Library/Bookstores/Cafe With Books

JUNE 29 THE 5TH SATURDAY Freebie Saturday!

JULY 6 Thoughts You Have During Readathons or Readalongs ~in the spirit of IndianLitReadathon~

JULY 20 Thoughts You Have When You Are Crushing On A Character

AUGUST 3 Thoughts You Have While Watching Booktube

AUGUST 17 Freebie!


SEPTEMBER 7 Thoughts You Have When A Book Has Too Much Description

SEPTEMBER 21 Thoughts You Have While Scrolling Through Book Twitter or Bookstagram

OCTOBER 5 Thoughts You Have When You Haven’t Been Blogging/Reading For A While

OCTOBER 19 Halloween Freebie!

NOVEMBER 2 Thoughts You Have When You Get Spoilers

NOVEMBER 16 Thoughts You Have When You Get Approved For An ARC


DECEMBER 7 Thoughts You Have While Reading A Book Series

DECEMBER 21 Bookish Thoughts You Have At The End Of A Year