My Last Semester at University? Updates and Future Plans

Pssst! I can’t believe it’s been a year since the last update on this feature. In my defence, I truly thought that I had given an update the previous semester but I guess my blog isn’t lying… Time just really slipped away from me, let’s just go with that.

As a refresher, although who is even keeping up with this series I don’t know, I’m currently in the last semester of my fourth year at university. So technically I graduated from the three-year program (yay!) and am now doing an advanced major which kinda counts as a Postgraduate degree I guess. Fun times. The last update I gave was for Spring 2022 and you can read all about it here, but let me play a little catch-up with you and talk about what I’m looking forward to in this spring semester 🙂

What’s Been Up

Right, so last semester was supposed to be light and in a way it was but it also turned extremely chaotic thanks to grad school applications. I’m hoping to get into a PhD or MA-PhD Clinical psychology program is US or Canada so I was absolutely enveloped by grad school applications for the past six or so months of my life. I do not miss that, gosh. But in terms of my courses, I was completing my capstone thesis in translation where I finally finished translating and editing a book from Hindi to English and I’m soooo proud of it ❤

I also took Helping Skills, an exhausting yet extremely wonderful course about practising counselling and therapy skills in the lab. The course involved a lot of self-reflection, hence exhausting, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I was also TAing for an Introduction to Psychology course and the experience was a mixed one, mostly because the professor was driving me nuts. I was also a part of a research project with the same professor on misinformation and fear speech spread on WhatsApp and its effect on truth perception and sharing. I worked hard for it and the initial results we got were not what we expected but that’s the harsh reality of research… one of the main reasons I won’t ever take up psychological research as a career.

My Plans for Spring 2023

That brings us to now, the start of the Spring 2023 semester.

This is my last semester at my university and I’m honestly a bit tired of this space but the community is a whole different thing. It’s going to be extremely difficult to leave behind my friends and the casualness of sort of living with them. That apart, I haven’t heard anything from the universities I applied to yet. Even if I get rejected from them all I’ll be applying to Austrailia sooooo this series will continue if I get into a university XD

But yes, not to start overthinking about all that, I’ve tried to keep it light this semester as well since I want to spend the most amount of time with my friends and really enjoy everything.

Moral Psychology

Ajshbwkjehcoqwcd I didn’t know such a thing existed? It’s a crosslisted course between psychology and philosophy and I’m super pumped for it! I love debating about the morality and existentialism so this course piqued my interest. I panicked a little because the first reading we were assigned went over my head but the professor repeatedly assured everyone that it was the hardest reading of the course. Which I mean why would you assign as the first reading? But mayyybe she just wanted to weed out some people. Anyway, we shall see how this goes.

Is There A Modern Indian Literature? Ugh why do I need to take this course?

Listen, there are certain courses I need in order to complete my capstone thesis being one of them. But this one is crosslisted with Literature and oh god I kinda hate lit majors and I don’t want to write in the pretentious academic manner such courses usually demand. To top it off, some Oxford students are going to be joining in for the course online and now I’m even more intimidated…

Publishing Seminar: It’s literary useless for me

I did this course last year when I was doing my thesis but apparently I have to take it again for my capstone thesis. To top it off, I’m actually done writing and editing my thesis unlike others so it doesn’t make sense for me to be taking this course. Like the feedback would be useless because of *cough* superstitious reasons that I will not elaborate on for now. But, the professor was nice enough to agree and let me present my pet projects for feedback so at least there’s that.

TAships: Helping Skills and Translation Workshop

I took up two Taships this time, both for courses that I really enjoyed when I took them. Translation workshop is always a chill course so I’m not expecting much workload and in a hilarious turn of events we have six TAs for Helping Skills and around ten students… Fun times!

And that was that!

I never really know how to wrap-up these posts but I’m looking forward to make the best of this semester and truly have a good time. You can expect an update from me towards the end of April when the semester ends. I’ll definitely hear from everywhere I applied by then so gahhhh I’ll know more about my future and the future of this series too, hehe.

See you then 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Last Semester at University? Updates and Future Plans

  1. I always look forward to your updates, all the best as application results start to come out in the next few months; can’t wait to here about it in your next post! Trying to have a lighter workload this semester so you have time to spend with friends and enjoy your last semester is definitely the right move, and I can definitely relate about it being hard leaving people behind. I hope the semester goes well for you!

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  2. Ah I missed these posts Charvi! Hoping you’re able to get into one of the programs in US or Canada! Omg Australia?! Ok I am crossing everything that you hear back from one of them! I hope your Spring semester is amazing and you’re able to spend time with all your friends too before you finish 💜

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