Reviewing Where The Lost Ones Go: A Story About Love, Grief & Ghosts

Eliot is grieving Babung, her paternal grandmother who just passed away, and she feels like she’s the only one. She’s less than excited to move to her new house, which smells like lemons and deception, and is searching for a sign, any sign, that ghosts are real. Because if ghosts are real, it means she can find a way back to Babung.

When Eliot chases the promise of paranormal activity to the presumably haunted Honeyfield Hall, she finds her proof of spirits. But these ghosts are losing their memory, stuck between this world and the next, waiting to cross over. With the help of Hazel, the granddaughter of Honeyfield’s owner (and Eliot’s new crush), she attempts to uncover the mystery behind Honeyfield Hall and the ghosts residing within.

And as Eliot fits the pieces together, she may just be able to help the spirits remember their pasts, and hold on to her grandmother’s memory.

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Listen, I’m a slave to Akemi’s writings by now.

Screw me if I don’t fall in love with every book she has ever written and will write. Where the Lost Ones Go was no different. I didn’t expect it to hit me so hard.

Eliot is trying her best to not drown in her grief, choosing to invest her time and energy into finding her babung’s ghost so that she can have a last goodbye. But when she comes across the ghosts of the Hollow she takes it upon herself to save them.

I’m trying hard to put my feelings for this book into words. The way the author is able to explore grief is beautiful. It’s a theme I keep seeing in Akemi’s books and every time it moves me. On one hand, we have Eliot who doesn’t want to forget her grandmother and refuses to believe that she’ll never see her again and on the other hand her parents are trying to deal with their grief as quietly as possible.

Moving to a new place isn’t easy for Eliot and her mom trying to force friendships doesn’t make things any better for her. But at least that ends up introducing her to Honeyfield Hall where she meets Hazel and the ghosts of the Hollow. It’s so beautiful to see the developing relationships Eliot forms with both Mrs. Delvaux and Hazel. Hazel and Eliot start exploring the mystery of the ghosts of the Hollow. Why can’t they move on and how can the two of them help?

This book offers a great mystery as well as an exploration of grief and relationships. It’s heartwarming to embark on this journey and see Eliot coming to terms with her babung’s death. Eliot is open to new experiences and looking at things from their perspective which turns out to be her greatest strength. She has a huge heart and is still coming to terms with her sexuality and feelings.

The ending was very well done and wrapped up. I saw most of it coming but there was a thing or two that took even me by surprise. I think this will be a great book for middle graders, especially to start a conversation about loss and grief and acceptance.

Would you pick up this book or not?

What are some of your favourite middle-grade books?

Have you read any other books by Akemi? If yes, what are your thoughts on them?


4 thoughts on “Reviewing Where The Lost Ones Go: A Story About Love, Grief & Ghosts

  1. So glad you enjoyed this one. Akemi Dawn Bowman has such a way with words, her stories manage to capture me everytime and feel so much. I think I’m not quite mentally ready for this one yet, but nevertheless I’m looking forward to this a lot!

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