Mini Review of Somewhere Among the Stars: My First Experience with Mysticism

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In this book, we follow our narrator, Ahana’s journey towards a life of mysticism and self-discovery. It all starts on her 18th birthday with a dream and an enticing stranger who opens before her a new world.

I’m not one to usually pick up books about mysticism but something about this one drew me in. If you’re like me, don’t worry, I think this is a great book for people just entering the genre. The language is quite simple and everything is explained quite beautifully to us. This isn’t a book you should rush through, take your time with it and you might just get a full sense of what’s going on. I think this might be one of those books that gets better every time you re-read it.

The book explores the Vedanata system of spirituality, consciousness and the idea of body and mind and self. It’s hard to really explain what this book is about but reading this made me feel at peace with myself. It was quite interesting to wrap my head around some of the concepts and in the end, I quite liked where the book took me. It invokes a certain curiosity in its readers and overall I feel like the author does a good job of keeping the reader engaged.

I like that this was written as fiction because I feel like the non-fiction format wouldn’t have worked as well and I would have been rather skeptical as a whole. I’ll recommend you this book if you’re interested in reading about spirituality and mysticism or would even like to dabble your toes in the genre.

Have you read any books on mysticism? If yes what are your recommendations?

What are your thoughts on this book? Is it something that you might pick up?

Would you rather I do more mini-reviews or longer ones? Let me know in the comments!


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