August Wrap-up: Monthly Musings and Some Book Blogging Thoughts

Hello there! If you’re here I’m eternally grateful because it’s surprising that people are here even with my mysterious and irregular posting schedule. To read a wrap-up post. Wow. Like not me crying over the fact that I’ll be posting two wrap-ups in a row…

It has been a whirlwind of a month and I’m writing from the depths of exhaustion but these wrap-up posts have become a sort of ritual and I like to see updates from everyone in our community and keep them updated about my month as well. There’s not much to report, as seems to be the sad norm these days, but let’s get into it 🙂

Books I Read


I had such high expectations for this one but was quite disappointed. To sum it up, the worldbuilding was heavy-handed, many side-characters were underdeveloped, and I hated the romance with a passion and thought it was kinda problematic and toxic honestly among some other things. Feel free to follow a more in-depth review that I wrote on Goodreads. 3/5 stars


Another book that I was psyched about, I did really enjoyed reading Kindred although it felt rather predictable. I think the romance was sweet but it didn’t strike me. Overall there wasn’t a wow factor that impressed me but it was still a good book. 3.5/5 stars


This is like the blockbuster highlight of my month. I went in expecting good time travel and I got that but also was thrown into the deep end of a beautiful emotional journey that really touched me. Honestly a must-read and a great book for people looking to dip their toes into science fiction. 5/5 stars


I’ve never read a book that was so raw and true to the depiction of eating disorders. This was extremely intense and one should definitely read the TWs and be prepared before they read it. If you choose to pick it up, it will definitely leave you reeling. 4/5 stars

Books Hauled


I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a paid review but these people have been mysteriously quiet ever since I decided to enquire about my payment so… let’s see if I’ll ever read it lol.

Everything I Binge-Watched



Oh god never watch this film. The premise was pretty interesting and I was kinda digging the plot but like I told my sister, the climax and reveal makes or breaks such kind of movies and oh god it really did toss this movie to the garbage pile. The workings of this movie rely on unrealistic mechanics and stupid acts not to mention some characters are just there and forgotten about.


I finished a lot of shows that I’d been watching for a long time now starting with-


This show is so long! But also completely worth it. I mean I don’t know what I can add of value to one of the best cooking shows on tv except that I loved it as usual 🙂


Yet another amazing season! I really love the new direction the show is going in and the changes they’ve made. was happy to see that the winner was someone I was rooting for.


I literally shrieked when I saw the new season of Glow Up on my screen! I adore this show and this season was no different in that way. I love to see how creative and extravagant people can get with makeup and this is the perfect show for all makeup lovers.


Oh my god, this season was a rollercoaster! I loved every bit of it, except for maybe Mabel’s romance storyline with a certain person because I don’t think it really added anything. But yes, can’t wait for the next season!

Life Updates

August was… a lot for me. It was mostly studying for competitive exams, finalising graduate programs and just figuring shit out along with working at the school for the mentally gifted. My days were pretty full and I didn’t really have a happening social life which only made things a bit worse mental-health-wise because I was just getting drained doing things that I didn’t love with not much to look forward to except the end of the month.

I think I gave up halfway through the month and decided to do some fun stuff. Like I went for a couple of comedy shows which were really great! I also played a lot of Genshin Impact and it lowkey might have been the only thing I looked forward to sometimes. I gave one of the exams I had been preparing for and the result wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for which means I’m back to studying for another attempt :/

But I did spend the last week of August preparing to leave for my final year of university so things were definitely looking brighter towards the end. I was way more nostalgic and sad about leaving the wonderful people and students I had been working with during my internship but other than that I was glad to be going back to my uni, which is where I am now 🙂

There was some usual book drama happening in the bookish community but something struck me a little in August. I was feeling sad at not having the time to write for my blog and within the span of the month, I saw multiple book bloggers, some of whom I had been following for a while or absolutely adored, say that they would either be leaving the blogging space or cutting down to a great extent. It certainly made me question some things as well.

The book blogging community is so very different now from what it was 4 years ago when I started blogging. I would say that 90% of the friends I made have stopped blogging and even the 10% left blog sporadically. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with that but the lure of the community has been weakening for me. I haven’t formed such strong connections with newer people (I’m sure I’m to be blamed as well for the lack of a social media presence) and it just makes me sad. Sad that I don’t get to read what some of my best friends write anymore. Sad that it inadvertently affects my interactions with them. Sad that my comments section isn’t the same anymore. And just sad about the change I guess.

I did briefly ask myself why I’m still blogging. I think this is an emotional and creative outlet that I don’t intend on ever shutting down. I still love my blog and what I write about. It’s almost like a public diary? It still makes me happy and the fact that I miss writing whenever I’m away from it just proves that I’m not ready to leave just yet.

I will have to post less frequently though, it’s just how busy my life has become. I don’t mind admitting that when I started this blog I was lonely and had very few friends. Now that I’m blessed with a strong circle of friends and other relationships I like to divide my time between my personal ventures and my social life so it’s natural that I’ll have less and less time for blogging. I’ve been struggling lately to try and put up 2 posts a week or so and I think I’m finally giving up and just going with the flow.

Guess that’s a long and different update that you all didn’t expect. This could have been a separate post on its own but I’m not sure if people would have really wanted to read it plus I didn’t want this to be even more dramatic than it already feels, so here we are.

September is already proving to be a much better month but here’s to hoping it continues to go that way!

How has your month been?

Have you read any of the books I talked about?

What do you think about the changing book blogging community?


6 thoughts on “August Wrap-up: Monthly Musings and Some Book Blogging Thoughts

  1. It’s also very hard for me to create friendships.. even digitally! It seems like people don’t even stick around- eventually they just get bored and there’s that, you’re left remembering everything when the other part seemingly « forgot ».

    I get the blogging blues at times too.. but I absolutely love writting, and truly idk where id put my time if I wasn’t blogging! Like- I seem to spend more than enough time gaming already 🤣 socialising? Yeah maybe.. but with whom?? I don’t really have anybody to do things with, one hours away on the verge of delivering her baby, and one who’s overworked.. so merps.

    Ah we absolutely love glow up too!! We watched it with mother last week 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah I’m sad to hear that your friends are so busy and unavailable. I think that used to be the case with me as well but thanks to college I’m usually surrounded by them. And if nothing we just sit and study together hehe.

      Omg yes, another glow up lover!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. While my current blog is only a little over two years old, I did have a blog almost 10 years ago as well and yeah, the community has definitely changed! I particularly struggle to find new bloggers (be it new in time or new to me) who have similar reading tastes and building friendships sometimes feels super hard on here! I’m working on my bachelor’s thesis right now so my blogging has definitely taken a backseat and I have strayed from any kind of schedule, too! So I totally get your feelings.

    I have yet to read Here and Now and Then but We Could Be Heroes and Light Years From Home by Mike Chen are two of my favourite books! I’m really excited to read his other books and can’t wait to read my eARC for Vampire Weekend, it sounds so cool!

    I never finished Only Murders in the Building despite loving the show, so hopefully, when my thesis is done I have time to catch up!

    Sending you a lot of love and good vibes, I hope September is a good month for you! 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow, ten years is a long time! Our situations are so similar, glad to see someone in the same boat 🙂

      I agree, I think it’s partly the people too, I don’t connect with newer bloggers for some reason.

      Oooh yes I’m really looking forward to Chen’s other books as well. I hope you have fun with your e-arc! Only Murders in the Building is a joy truly so you’ll have a great reward after your thesis.

      Thank you for your wishes, hope September goes well for you too ❤


  3. Glad to hear September is better already, I hope it continues to be a great month for you! ❤
    Yeah, book blogging has become… kind of lonely? Most of my friends are only on social media now and I'm there less and less and going back to blogging more. But even though I seem to blog mostly for myself I still enjoy it and will continue, even if I'm the only person ever seeing it in the end. I'll continue as long as it brings me joy 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Kat! So far it’s been busy but definitely better than August 🙂

      Exactly… it sucks how the community seems to be dwindling and people are interacting less and less. But yes, like you said, as long as it’s bringing me joy I’ll continue blogging 🙂


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