Mid-Year Freakout Tag 2022 + Reading Updates

Half of the year has just flown by and yeah let’s not even talk about the weird construct of time. Like always, I’m here at the halfway mark to do the mid-year freakout tag and also update you all on the reading challenges that I had set up for myself for 2022.

I think I’m a little behind on everything because I haven’t been reading much during my summer break since I’m preparing for competitive exams. Usually, I’m reading about one book in two days during summers to make up for the lack of books during my semesters but things have not been working out the same this time. Either way, I’m not going to beat myself about it, let’s just have a look at my reading progress.

Mid-Year Freakout Tag 2022

Best book you’ve read so far

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is a book I recommend from my heart and soul. It’s a book about therapy from a therapist but it’s also about the lives of certain people, the narratives we often hold and how therapists themselves are also human. Any description I give won’t do it any justice but know that it’s beautifully written and comes from an experienced and practising therapist and will definitely hook you in from the very first page.

It’s funny how both the books that have blown me away so far are out of my comfort zone. The last one was non-fiction and A Death in Shonagachhi is literary fiction of sorts, a genre that I usually run from. I started reading this as a recommended reading for a course but the unique and immersive writing style immediately drew me in. We follow Lalli, a prostitute and Tilu, a writer in a red light district. While there is a murder that drives much of the story, at its heart this book is about the life and death of people in Shonagachhi. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever read and the writer does a great job of immersing you in the world she has created.

Best sequel you’ve read so far

Can’t say I’ve read many sequels but The Genesis Wars absolutely blew me away! It was every bit incredible, plot twisty and gripping as its predecessor and incorporated some well-fleshed worldbuilding that really enhanced my experience. Also, omg that cliffhanger! I can’t wait for the next book.

New releases you haven’t read but want to

These are all such gorgeous and exciting books that I’ve been dying to read but haven’t gotten around to yet. When will I read them? Hopefully sometime soon…

Anticipated release(s) for the second half of the year

A Magic Steeped in Poison has been one of my favourite fantasy books this year! I wrote a review for it on my blog where I was basically singing praises so I can’t wait for the sequel to blow me away 🙂

I’m down for absolutely anything that Joan He writes and this book is no exception. And hello, who is strong enough to resist that cover??

Biggest disappointment(s)

This one was unfortunately Blood Scion. I was so hyped up for it but so many things went wrong here. I wrote quite a long and critical review of what exactly didn’t work for me and you can read it here because there’s no way I can sum it up in a couple of lines.

Biggest Surprise

I think A Death in Shonagachhi was my biggest surprise. Like I said, it’s a genre I don’t usually read and I picked it up during a course so I never expected to love it so much.

Book(s) that made you happy

The Charm Offensive was such a fun book with me constantly cooing at and rooting for the two leads. The romance was wholesome, the themes explored were brilliant and all in all listening to the audiobook had me constantly smiling.

I just finished She Drives Me Crazy and what a book! I mean sapphic enemies to lovers AND fake dating?? Chef’s kiss. This was a genuinely funny book that had me laughing out loud and just rooting for all the characters 🙂

Book(s) that made you cry

So in a surprising turn of events, I can’t really remember any book making me cry. I’m a very emotional reader so I do frequently cry while reading but I guess this time has been different. Apart from Maybe You Should Talk to Someone I wasn’t really shedding many tears. Honey Girl did make my eyes tear up a bit but I wouldn’t really count that as crying.

New favourite character

I say this every time but I rarely get new favourite characters unless I get super attached to a series so that hasn’t happened this year so far.

Most beautiful book you’ve received this year

Have you looked at this beautiful, colourful cover of Jukebox?! It’s just so freaking vibrant and fun. The moment I laid my eyes on it I knew I wanted it. And since it’s a graphic novel the inside is as pretty if not prettier!

Books you need to read by the end of the year

All my 5 star predictions, oof. I haven’t touched them…

Mid-Year Reading Updates

I’m a little behind my Goodreads goal but hopefully, I can catch up. If I can’t I’ll just reduce the goal, I’m not that iffy about it.

Other than that I’ve scratched my goals for the Pondathon partly because they were unrealistic and unachievable but also because the readathon also ended prematurely leaving me without enough time to finish the books on my TBR.

My 12 Friends 12 Books challenge isn’t going that strong either. I think this is the one I’m really hoping to finish s I’m going to double down on it. Have a look at it yourself.

And lastly, the only thing I have going on for me is my Beat the Backlist challenge. I do love reading my backlist books and as usual, I never keep a number that I wish to read, I just try to check off as many prompts as I can. Currently, I’ve crossed off 24/52 prompts. I’m keeping track of a bingo board for it as well but I don’t think I have any bingos as of yet.

And that’s my reading update! How’s your reading year so far?

Are you taking part in any reading challenges? If so how are you faring?

Have you read any of the books that I’ve talked about?

8 thoughts on “Mid-Year Freakout Tag 2022 + Reading Updates

  1. I’m a bit behind on my GR challenge too, and I”ll probably just change the goal too! I read See You Yesterday and thought it was very good.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yea, changing the goal definitely takes off the pressure. Glad you liked it! Solomon is one of my favourite authors so I know I’ll like it, I just need to find the time to read it, hehe.


  2. I loved reading your answers. My library has Maybe You Should Talk to Someone and I have always been interested in reading it, but after hearing your rave review, it has made me feel like perhaps I should be prioritising it more! I am so glad you enjoy A Magic Steeped in Poison too!
    Best of luck with your reading challenges and happy reading! 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my god I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s late to both of those! Seriously though, She Drives Me Crazy totally went beyond my expectations.


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