Spring Semester 2022: It was a Blast!

Did you all think this feature was dead? Nah, I wouldn’t leave you hanging! Welcome back to a post where I blabber about my university life and journey 🙂 I mean if you’re here, I’m guessing you are interested. I seem to have missed out on an update but that was due so long ago, I don’t even remember if it was intentional or it slipped my mind…

Anyway, Spring 2022 has been one of my most exciting semesters ever. Partly, because everyone was on campus and half of my semester was offline but also because I graduated this semester! That’s right, I finished my three years of undergrad (that’s how long it typically is in India) but I’m staying on for a fourth year to do an advanced psychology major and a creative writing capstone thesis. So I didn’t really say goodbye to my college, even though some of my friends did.

Like I said, this semester was a blast and that was partly because I had some great courses 🙂

The Craft of Writing Fiction: Quite a Fun Ride

This was a 2000-level course but it still challenged me which I quite liked. We explored structure, characters, voice and so much more through short writing exercises. It was fun to see what everyone wrote and the insane talent that some of them had! I think the professor was decently fair with his feedback and grading and even though this course took up more of my time than expected I quite enjoyed it.

Publishing Seminar: What Even is the World of Publishing

It was so funny to me that on one hand, I had a 2000-level course and then this 4000-level one which is supposed to be the last thing you do in your creative writing journey. I honestly love the professor who was also my thesis mentor and in terms of the people and the environment, this was the class I looked forward to the most. I took back so much by reading, criticizing and listening to my peers criticize everyone’s works. Apart from that, I got to know more about how publishing works in India and it was like stepping into a vast and scary world…

I was mostly on top of my thesis and thoroughly enjoyed translating it even though I had days when I was stuck on a single line or word. I guess that’s the process. I translated about 15k of the novel and I’m going to be translating the rest of it as my capstone thesis project in the coming year. It’s going to be so gratifying to have translated a whole freaking novel and hopefully after several rounds of editing I can look into pitching it to publishers! Eeeep!

Music and Cognition: It Sounded Wayyy Cooler than it Was

I’m kinda disappointed with how this course turned out because I had high expectations. I mean, who doesn’t love music?! My main issue with this course was that half the time there was too much music theory involved for me to understand, comprehend and connect everything. So I really struggled with that. But other times the information and theories were so intuitive and easy that I got bored. It’s really the worst combination. Even people with formal music training didn’t enjoy this course so I don’t know who this really was for.

But the good thing is that this course was taken by one of the sweetest professors I’ve ever known. She actually made us do a podcast as our final project which was quite fun. And in the end, the course turned out to be an easy grade so I didn’t mind it as much.

Psychotherapy: One of my All-Time Favourite Courses

I absolutely adored this course! Sure, by the end of the semester the online nature of the lectures got to me but other than that this was everything I had dreamed of. I plan on pursuing psychology and becoming a psychotherapist so this was a super interesting course for me where I got to connect theory with case studies and learn from a practitioner. We had a lot of fun activities and exercises that I learned the most from. Our final project was to psychotherapize a character from pop culture and I think that might be the best thing I’ve ever written. In fact, I’m working on editing that paper to publish it as a blog post as a new psychology segment and I absolutely cannot wait for you all to read it! I’m over the moon because it’s two worlds colliding for me: fiction and therapy and I just have a feeling in my bones that you all will greatly enjoy reading it 🙂

Experiments with Charcoal and Pastel: My Personal Therapy

Last but not the least, I took this co-curricular course even though I already fulfilled my requirements. This took place once a week and even though the professor was a little intense, the two hours I spent every week in this class were pure bliss. It helped me to focus on art, one of my biggest passion and just absolutely zone out. I already knew quite a bit about charcoals but I was new to soft pastels and despite my initial apprehensions I think it’s kind of nice, albeit messy to work with.

So yeah, that was basically how I spent my past few months. I feel like my workload wasn’t quite heavy this time and it was a huge relief because I could actually focus on having fun and living my life offline. I’m currently on a summer break and my next semester starts at August end. So you won’t be seeing any new updates till then but once I have news on what courses I’ll be taking I’ll be furiously whipping up another updates post for you all!

Until then 🙂

7 thoughts on “Spring Semester 2022: It was a Blast!

  1. I am always here for your posts about uni!! It’s so great everyone was on campus and congrats on graduating!! Three years is also the norm in NZ; do most people stay on for fourth year in India? Here usually numbers go down significantly so maybe 1 in 10 do.

    It’s incredible that you’re translating an entire novel, hope the rest goes well! That’s unfortunate about music and cognition, it sucks when there’s a lot of knowledge you’re presumed to have. Makes me curious about it though because I might’ve been okay with the music side of things but don’t know much about psychology at all. Can’t wait for your psychotherapy post, that sounds so cool!

    I’ve actually been feeling a bit similar about my semester, my workload wasn’t as heavy as last semester so I’ve had more time to hang out with friends which has been good because it’s my last semester here. Hope you have a lovely summer break!

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    • Aww thanks, Cas! Most people don’t stay for a fourth year, in fact it’s not even an option my university is a fancy liberal arts one so they give this option because they know many of us want to go abroad.

      Thank you! Yeah I was wondering if the music theory emphasis would have been added in the course description I might not have taken it and maybe more musically inclined people would have.

      Aww I hope you have a great last semester! It can be very bittersweet ❤

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      • Ah interesting, yeah because when I was looking up entry requirements for foreign degrees it always saying something like three year Indian degrees aren’t accepted! And thanks, definitely feeling bittersweet right now ahh.

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  2. Woohoo congrats!!
    I’m happy you had a good time 🙂 sad that most of your peers is gone, but to me that’s a comfort you don’t have to leave and face life yet- ahaha. Might the next year be even better, and hopefully all offline!

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