Takeaways from Last Sem & What my Spring Sem Looks Like

Hello there! I’m just popping in to give you all yet another update on my academic life 🙂

Last semester was honestly amazing and I can’t believe I was on campus with my friends living a nice well-rounded life. Take me back, oof. But anyway, I have lots to talk to you all about so let’s dive in!

Takeaways from Last Sem

I just learnt so much and grew a lot last semester, both in terms of academics and life. I think I’ve finally sort of gained a handle on how to handle friendships and relationships and how to maintain a good work-life balance. Lately, I had been feeling that I was putting pressure on myself to read for my blog and I did release that a bit last semester which is why I was able to spend more time with my friends and focus on other important stuff. Did that mean I didn’t achieve my Goodreads goal? Yes. But I honestly don’t care if I read 50 or 20 books a year because I don’t want to compromise other aspects of my life.

In terms of academics, I definitely learned a lot of new things when it comes to writing. I’m both a better reader and a writer for that course. I also had an excellent although a bit strenuous co-curricular course on worldbuilding and I really did learn so much there! It definitely makes me a little less scared of the worldbuilding aspect. I’m not sure how interested you all would be in my psychology courses but one of them was mostly a breeze and the other two were the absolute opposite and now my brain is filled with random neuropsychology knowledge that I may never use, lol.

What My Spring Sem Looks Like

You guys, I’m so freaking excited for this semester! I have some really cool courses that I’m so far thoroughly enjoyed participating in and I’m literally bouncing up and down to share them with you 🙂


I was supposed to take this course a bit earlier because it’s a 2000 level but oh my god after having done 3000 level courses for so long it’s so refreshing! Things are relatively easier and more laidback. The class is pretty fun in itself and we’ve just been doing writing exercises and reading and criticising each other’s works. I had really forgotten how fun it could be to write short, flash fiction without any pressure or planning so as an end result I’m really enjoying this so far!


In my university, if you want to do a Creative Writing minor you need to write a thesis which is about 15 or 20k words and I’ve been working on my thesis which is a translation of one part of a Hindi novel called Ibnebatuti. This seminar course is all about workshopping and fine-tuning our thesis and sort of learning more about publishing and editing. My professor and thesis advisor is already a published author and translator but he’s also calling in other people from publishing as well. So far it’s been pretty chill with mostly us criticising each other’s thesis and looking at line edits. I’m expecting this to be a breezy course, especially since I already have the first draft of my thesis. It just needs a couple rounds of editing.


This class is beautiful. Okay, I might be slightly biased but since my goal is to be a therapist I’ve literally been waiting to take this course for ages. The professor is the sweetest person ever and this is the one course where my excitement takes over my shyness and anxiety and I’m speaking constantly in every class. Like who am I??? Haha but we’ve just touched basics so far and I’m really looking forward to diving deep into this course 🙂


Can you all believe this is a course?? I’ve studied under this prof before and again, she’s so sweet and knowledgeable! Since it’s just the beginning of this course I’ve encountered a lot of musical terms like octave equivalence and pitch chroma that I’m still wrapping my head around. But I skimmed through the syllabus and it’s so intriguing! We’re looking at music and culture, what does it mean to be musical, music and emotion and so much more. It also helps that this course isn’t very rigorous and has no final exam. A true dream!


This is a co-curricular course that I’m taking, even though I don’t need to. I just wanted to take an art course so that I have the time and space every week to engage with art: a hobby I’m very passionate about but sometimes can’t fit in my schedule. I’m extremely fluent in oil pastels and I love sketching with charcoal so this is the perfect course for me. We’ve only met once but the instructor seems nice and this just seems like a great way to wind down at the end of the day.

So what do you think of these courses?

Do you ever feel that you’re concentrating too much on reading?

What are some courses that you enjoy/enjoyed in your university or are looking forward to?

One thought on “Takeaways from Last Sem & What my Spring Sem Looks Like

  1. I’m so glad you had a good time on campus with your friends! Figuring out balance is so important and I feel similar in terms of what uni last year taught me. Psychotherapy sounds like a great class for you and it’s awesome that your excitement has taken over for it 🙂 I feel like I have the opposite thing with reading in that I always put it off because I say I’m too busy with uni, but then I end up never reading 😦 I don’t know what to expect with this upcoming semester really, but two classes I’m looking forward to are advanced microeconomics, because I’ve really enjoyed micro in the past, and real analysis, because I’m finally taking it (but it still sounds scary!).

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