7 Books on My TBR I’m Intimidated By

All TBRs are intimidating. I mean they just stand there all tall and burly, glaring down at us as if we’ve committed a crime. I mean it’s not really our fault that they keep growing…

But even on your TBR there will certainly be some book that you are the most intimidated by. You may have your reasons. Maybe they’re like 1000 pages long or maybe they’re a genre you don’t read or maybe it’s a book you’ve dnfed before. Whatever may be the case, you’re hesitant to pick them up. As am I. So I thought why not make an official list of the book son my TBR that intimidate me and maybe, just maybe, I may become a little more inclined to pick them up.

7 Books on My TBR I’m Intimidated By

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Why yes I’m probably the only bookworm in the entire world who is yet to read The Book Thief. I’m not unaware of how amazing and life-changing theis book is. In fact that’s probably one of the reasons I’m so intimidated by it. There’s so much hype around it, I’m scared if it will live up to it. Also holy shit this book is thick. Every time I look at it’s size my will power crumbles…

Keepers of the Kalachakra by Ashwin Sanghi

Here’s the deal: I love all of Ashwin Sanghi’s books. But they’re a lot. Think of Dan Brown but make it more complex and entangled with Indian mythology. I know Keepers of the Kalachakra will require many of my braincells so I’m hoping to pick it up at a time when I have the mental space to do. But wenever I look at it I just question myself when the hell am I gonna read it…

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

I don’t often read classics but Wuthering Heights has been on my TBR since ages. I’m really intimidated by classics and I even picked this one up, went through about 50 pages and then put it aside. I may have just chucked it off my TBR if it weren’t for the fact that I have a physical copy which was a gift from a good friend and also Shruti @This Is Lit would probably murder me if I don’t read it.

All the Lives We Never Lived by Anuradha Roy

I have a signed copy of All the Lives We Never Lived gathering dust on my bookshelf ever since this book got nominated for the JCB prize… Agian, I started this book, loved the writing style and then put it aside for a while. I’m mostly hesitant to pick it up because it’s a literary fiction novel which is a genre that I don’t usually enjoy. Ugh, I really need to get over my fears of this genre.

Latitudes of Longing by Shubhangi Swarup

With a similar story as the previous book, I got a signed copy of Latitudes of Longing when it got nominated for the JCB prize. It won the prize and I’m still yet to pick up because…. literary fiction. I have it on good account from some fellow readers that this is a beautiful book but lord knows when I’ll be able to gather enough courage to pick it up.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

The Bell Jar is another acclaimed book that I even read a few pages off but had to put aside. Look, this book is going to be great but I know that it covers some heavy and depressing topics. And I’m honestly scared that it might be triggering or the wrong read for me if I read it at the wrong time. So yes… I have no idea when I’m going to read it but it’s on my high priority TBR nonetheless.

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

The Starless Sea is yet another chonker of a book that glares ta me from my bookshelf. It’s so huge, oh my god. I mean I loved The Night Circus by Morgenstern but I have heard such mixed reviews from all my friends and readers. Some of them like it and some don’t so I guess there’s no way of knowing but to actually read the book. Which I will do… some day…

What are some books on your TBR that intimidate the hell out of you?

Have you read any of the books I mentioned or are they on your TBR as well?

How do you pick up books that are intimidating? Do you have any strategies or tips?

14 thoughts on “7 Books on My TBR I’m Intimidated By

  1. I really understand The Book Thief. If I didn´t read it before it got all hyped up I would probably be scared of that one to 😛 Bit Scared of Shadow & Bone heard so many that loved it and recently some people who just felt meeh after reading it so I´m definitely scared of it 😛

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  2. Oh don’t worry Charvi, I haven’t read ANY of thoses you mentionned, ahah! 😄

    Now do I have books im scared off? mmmh- not currently, I don’t think. However I still haven’t picked up an agatha christie yet either – which is my godmother’s most favorite author so i’m kinda scared if I wouldn’t like her..

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  3. I’ve read The Book Thief years ago and it’s something different, but really worth the hype.

    Personally, I stay far away from classics. Just finished Little Women and that book is trying SO hard to teach readers several lessons, I hate it. Also, I thought The Starless Sea is quite boring.

    Books that intimidate me? Well, what about all hyped books. Often I end up not liking them so yeah.

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  4. Great post Charvi! I think I’m intimidated by my TBR in general and any book that’s longer than 400 pages, haha. We have a few books in common here, namely The Book Thief and Wuthering Heights; they’re intimidating to me for basically the same reasons as you! The only book on the list I’ve read is The Bell Jar, honestly I don’t really remember it even though I read it pretty much a year ago?

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