October Wrap-up: Where Did the Month Go?

October was an absolute whirlwind! It feels like it was just the beginning of the month yesterday and where did all the time go? I’ve been so busy this month with one thing or the other and it wasn’t a bad month per se, just quite stressful. We can talk more about that later but let’s have a look at all the reading I did this month.

Books I Read

Well okay, I did start quite a few books but academics took a huge chunk of my time and I ended up reading way less than I anticipated.


I feel this was the best book in this series so far. It was everything that I wanted! Some of my favourite characters, good action scenes, great humour that stuck and oh the character development! This is the kind of blockbuster writing I expect from Rick Riordan and I can only hope that the last book in this series will be even better. 5/5 stars


WHAT A BOOK. I honestly can’t believe that it surpassed the hype. I just couldn’t stop listening to the audiobook and this book had me choke up so many times. I’m just in awe of the craftsmanship of the characters and the plots and just wow. 5/5 stars


Again, this was such a mind-blowing book. A few chapters in and I was hooked. This book was so intense and I just loved all the characters and the themes and the mixed-media format of this book. I swear my eyes were glazed once I put this book down because I never wanted to leave its world. 5/5 stars

Books I Hauled


I have literally had this book on my wishlist since forever, watching it’s price decrease every couple of months and then I finally decided to purchase it since it’s one of my 5 star predictions for the month. So far I have absolutely loved everything else that the author has written so I’m sure this will be quite an incredible read as well!

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Yet another book that I watched like a hawk until its prices dropped, hehe. I read this book years ago, in fact it was my first Matt Haig book and I never looked back. I also never went and re-read it so I definitely want to huddle up in a blanket and do that this winter.


If you don’t know that I’m obsessed with this book you are seriously new here. I don’t even have the energy to link all my posts of me screaming about Felix Ever After but do know that it’s one of my all time favourite reads. But also it was so fucking expensive until recently when I got hold of it because my friend was selling her copy 🙂 Can’t wait to re-read and highlight the hell out of it!


This one is a graphic novel that I’ve heard a lot about! I’ve honestly forgotten what it’s about by now but the art looks so pretty!

Everything I Binge-watched

There’s not a lot in this section since I was drownig in academic work this month…



I absolutely adore watching romantic comedies and this one had Katherine Heigl?!?!?! I mean it was always on my to watch list but I finally watched it with some friends and it was a pretty cute movie. A bit dated like most of the rom-coms but still fun.


I watched this when it was released in the theatres and oh my god you have to watch it. It’s a crime-thriller mystery about a daughter who goes missing and the best thing is that it is shot entirely on digital interfaces and shown in the same manner. I mean the pacing the plot, the twists! Everything is just chef’s kiss and this re-watch was absolutely worth it.



Honestly as time goes on the show is losing most of its charm and the original cast. God I miss the original cast. I won’t say the new cast is all bad but none of them really stand out much? Some of these plotlines are interesting and add some spice while others just make me roll my eyes. But I’m committed to seeing this show through.


How could I have not watched it? Everyone was raving about it and I was still late to the party.. Definitely an entertaining watch and I’m curious to see how the next season will go about.


What a series! Some of the episodes were okay but I was thoroughly invested for most of them, especially the ones involving Dr.Strange, T’challa in space and the whole zombie apocalypse one. And I didn’t expect it to tie up together in the finale but wow that was well done. I mean if you aren’t caught up with the entire MCU stuff there’s no point watching it but otherwise it’s brilliant.

Life Updates

Things got hectic so quick. I think the first half of the month was better for sure.

I finished my big art project which was an acrylic portrait that I’d been at since months and I’m so proud of it! It ended up looking better than I had thought it would.

And then we had a mid-term break which was basically a brain rot lazy period as I caught up on my sleep and Netflix stuff. Sure I did spend time with my friends but since we’re all locked up in a rather small campus we eventually ran out of things to do. But my foot sprain did heal up and I played quite a lot of badminton. Maybe these sound like small things but they really made my days.

I also took upon a fun project for a friend who had to write a children’s book for a course. They wrote the story and I did the illustrations and it all looked adorable in the end and I had great fun doing it! I’m honestly more of a realism artist so I was testing myself a bit as I dipped my toes into a more cartoonish style.

But after mid-term break I think I went into a burnout stage.

There was a whole week where the work was piled so high that I literally didn’t see anyone apart from when I went out of my room for meals. That whole week is a blur. I literally created anxiety and stress for me by inventing deadlines… Yeah things are a bit better now for sure.

I also didn’t end up doing anything for Halloween because we aren’t really allowed to group up a lot so simply dressing up to take pictures seemed exhausting. I did dress up and made a reel as Evelyn Hugo for my Instagram so you should definitely check that out if you haven’t yet. I’m obsessed with it, lol.

And while my overall reading was slow I did read all 5 star books this month so I’m pretty happy with that. 3 books are not a lot but I’m fine with that number really.

November will probably end up getting hectic as well since finals will start looming but right now I’m looking forward to the long weekend before me, thanks to Diwali 🙂

What did your month look like?

What books did you read and what all did you binge-watch?

Have you read any of the books I read or hauled? If yes, what are your thoughts on them?

6 thoughts on “October Wrap-up: Where Did the Month Go?

  1. 3books is usually what I can read in a month too, happy that you enjoyed all of them!! my last two reads has been kinds meh. though enjoyeable in the meantime so that’s okay.
    Yeah I haven’t done anything for Halloween either because I was working on top of all- though I did dress as “your neighbor cazy dachshund lady dress for Halloween” for work; I’ve seen that reel and absolutely LOVED it!!

    Happy November, Wishing you all the luck for your exams ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yaaaay I’m so glad you liked Evelyn Hugo! It was a 5 star read for me, too!

    Squid game was such a good show, I really can’t wait for S2! Have you watched Kingdom? If not, I highly recommend it!!

    Liked by 1 person

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