My Friend Blurbs Books Based on Book Covers

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Does the title of this post sound familiar? It’s because I did a very similar post: My Sister Blurbs Books Based On Their Covers a while ago. I had so much fun writing the post and it did crack a lot of you up so I decided to go at it again, except with a friend. Because let’s face it, I don’t have the time to beg my sister to give semi-decent answers only for her to roll her eyes.

I mean the premise is fairly simple, I’ll be showing my friend some book covers and she will make up blurbs for them based on the impression she gets. There is a slight twist though! Unlike my sister who hasn’t touched a fiction book in a decade, my friend Saadia is a reader like you and me. In fact, she’s a literature major but our reading tastes aren’t very similar. So I decided to pick books that I felt she wouldn’t have heard of and crossed my fingers.

Okay, enough blabbering, let’s get started!

My Friend Blurbs Books Based on Book Covers

Today Tonight Tomorrow

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Saadia: The only thing I know about this book from before is that it has the academic rivals to lovers trope but I don’t know the plot as such. I’m guessing at first they are very distant but something starts to happen and they get closer and by the time they graduate they’re together. They hate each other but they’re very good at what they do and one day they realise I despise you but I actually like you.

Charvi: It is kind of what you said. Enemies to lovers but it has more to the plot. They’re about to graduate and their school has a treasure hunt of sorts for the seniors set all over Seattle and these two collaborate for the treasure hunt and realise that they actually like each other.

Saadia: Oh very Netflix show vibes.

Charvi: Ya ya, for sure! The main girl likes writing romance novels but she never tells anyone because people trash romance books so much but the same night her favourite romance novel is holding a convention and she’s conflicted about meeting her. It’s quite fun πŸ™‚

Queen of the Tiles

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Saadia: This just straightaway gives my The Queen’s Gambit energy. I see letter tiles so maybe she’s like a scribble or sudoku master player or some kind of brainy girl. Started from the bottom now we’re here kind of energy. I don’t know she gives very individualistic hero energy. Maybe she’s a prodigy.

Charvi: Well it has been compared with The Queen’s Gambit! She’s like a scrabble genius who is forced to investigate her best friend’s mysterious death after her Instagram starts showing cryptic posts and messages. Sounds so much fun! I really can’t wait to get my hands on it, it’s coming out April 2022

Perfect on Paper

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Saadia: This just sounds like Sex Education, looking at the subtitle, because they also give advice even though their own love lives are all over the place. But Perfect on Paper gives me the vibes of a typical Shoujo anime which is geared towards a female audience and is mostly about romance and what not. The main character, the girl is usually someone who is “perfect on paper” but she has a lot of issues at home, she’s doing a part-time job and saving to meet the ends. Something like that. That’s what the title reminds me of. But the girl looking away and the guy looking at her makes me think there’s a rivalry between the two girls or maybe the guy thinks that this girl is not up to any good. The bricks and the uniform make me feel that this is set again in academia. Maybe this girl is trying to bring these two together but she falls for one of them.

Charvi: How are you so spot on with that?! This is a very interesting and well-written book where this girl, Darcy gives love advice. She has a locker that she runs anonymously where people can pay a certain amount and slip in a letter asking for relationship advice and she writes back to them. And she gives good, sound advice because she watches so many relationship gurus on Youtube and looks out for patterns and attachment styles. She’s literally psychoanalyzing them. Darcy is in love with her best friend Brooke and one day this guy discovers that Darcy is behind the locker and enlists her to help him get back with his ex but of course he starts falling in love with Darcy.

Live, Laugh, Kidnap

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Saadia: This also gives me high-school or college vibes where you round up a bunch of people and get money from them after committing some kind of kidnapping? That looks like a school registry or something in the girl’s arms like with Regina George in Mean Girls? Or maybe they’re doing something satanic because there’s a candle.

Charvi: *laughs*

Saadia: Maybe Satan worshipping is mixed with a cool money-making club mixed with bullying.

Charvi: It’s described as “a group of teen girls going up against an exploitative megachurch in their small Montana town”. It’s so chaotic and there’s a lot happening here including an Influencer cult, some money-making scamming company and the kidnapping of a rich kid to name a few things… Wow. I loved the author’s other book which is why I immediately added this one to my TBR.

The Boy Who Steals Houses

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Saadia: There are a lot of keys on the cover so I guess he’s some sort of kleptomaniac or maybe he has an obsession with collecting keys. Maybe he wants to create trouble for other people because of his troubled past. Like he’s a troubled emo guy and then a girl comes and lights up his world. Very Five Feet Apart meets All the Bright Places type.

Charvi: You’re wayyy off on this one. It’s a very interesting story about someone who picks houses.

Saadia: Ohhhh

Charvi: So Sam and his brother have been abandoned by their family and they survive by living in people’s abandoned houses from when they are off vacationing. But this one time the family comes back earlier and kind of take the two boys in. The family has lots of kids and each sibling thinks that the two strangers are friends of another sibling. And of course in the meantime he starts falling for one of the girls in the family.

Saadia: This sounds so heartwarming, especially with the found family trope πŸ™‚

Hot Dog Girl

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Saadia: I’ve heard about this, it’s set at some sort of carnival. Maybe it’s like that Cinderella book…

Charvi: Geekerella?

Saadia: Yes, that one. I think she’s just a side-character-girl who nobody cares about until she has a breakthrough and suddenly she’s the main-character-girl at this carnival.

Charvi: I think you’re kind of close. She really is a hot-dog girl in a costume at a carnival and her crush who’s also a part of the park has a girlfriend who’s literally the princess of the park. And apparently this might be her last summer ever at the park unless she can find a way to stop it from closing. It has super Geekerella vibes! Geekerella had a comic con and this one has a theme park.


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Saadia: This is giving me Netflix coming-of age movie vibes where the whole cast is white. I think it has similar vibes to that cult novel we were discussing because it says lie, cheat, bribe. Maybe it’s about getting admission into a college of your choice but you’re not getting in so you lie, cheat and bribe. Kind of like that Sabrina Carpenter movie: Work It.

Charvi: Oh yeah, it does have those vibes. But it’s actually about a girl Chloe who has a perfect life. She’s going to the college of her dreams, has a good boyfriend and best-friends and her mother is a celebrity as well. But then it turns out her mother bribed the college admissions and now she’s arrested and it has become a huge scandal. Chloe loses everything she had and now she’s wondering what the truth is and asking questions like: Why did her parents think the only way for her to succeed was to cheat for her? What did she know, and when did she know it? And perhaps most importantly, what does it mean to be complicit?

This sounds so good! (I haven’t read it yet)

Saadia: Yeah, it sounds so deep because the premise is very Netflix but it’s exploring a lot of stuff. It has promise. The cover gives white energy though XD

The Ex Talk

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Charvi: This is also by Rachel Lynn Solomon, the author of Today Tonight Tomorrow.

Saadia: Oh. I think this looks like two people who dated each other have started a podcast talking about relationships, maybe dating advice and taking up questions? But maybe it then becomes a ploy to get back together or something gets complicated.

Charvi: They’re actually public radio co-hosts who hate each other. One of them proposed an idea where two exes host a show offering relationship advice and just talk and their boss puts the to of them to it since they both hate each other. They’re not exes so this is a lie but neither have any option. The show gets much bigger and it gets difficult to hide the truth when the two of them start to fall for each other.

Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous

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Saadia: Umm I think maybe her Chinese horrorscope is a hen or a cock, it means bad luck.

Charvi: *laughs*

Saadia: I’m just going wild here because mostly I haven’t gone wild yet. And she’s dressed like the bird too! So maybe it means she’s carrying some bad luck and there’s an assumption that she’ll never do well but then she’s going to have a breakthrough.

Charvi: Hehe, it’s very different from what you said. I know you couldn’t have thought of this but basically she’s an influencer who’s addicted to her phone then she gets sent to a digital detox farm when all she wants to do is have a best last summer of highschool. And obviously she meets a cute farm boy there…

The Reading List

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Saadia: This just gives me Looking for Alaska vibes like she has a pile of books she wants to read or maybe a guy or girl she likes reads books so she wants to read these books in order to have something in common with them. Or… I don’t know the cover doesn’t give much.

Charvi: The reading list thing is kind of accurate. It’s about a young woman who’s working at a library and finds a reading list and decides to read through it. We also have an old man who is a widower and wants to have something in common with his bookworm granddaughter so he goes to the library and these two people decide to go through the list together. It sounds like a really nice and sweet read.

Saadia: It sounds very much like The Book Thief but lighter.

Charvi: I can’t believe I still haven’t read The Book Thief…

Have you read any of the books on this list? If yes, what are your thoughts on them?

Which of these blurbs did you find the most fun?

Do you pay so much attention to book covers? Do you care if they spotlight some important parts or themes of the book or not?

14 thoughts on “My Friend Blurbs Books Based on Book Covers

  1. Ohh, I loved this post! I pay attention to covers a lot. It’s what draws me to a book before anything else. I can’t remember a synopsis for the life of me, but covers always stick with me.
    Perfect on Paper is actually a favourite book of mine and I really liked your friend’s description for it! πŸ™‚

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  2. I loved reading these types of posts, I think it is so funny to see what people guess. I think your friend did pretty well– the queen of tiles one was close. I loved that both Saadia and the book blurb mentioned the queen’s gambit. Such a specific connection !! I would happily read anything by Hanna Alkaf.
    Once again, loved reading this post !! πŸ’•

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