How I Keep Coming Up With Content Ideas

I have been blogging here for about three years now and honestly it feels like a freaking long time. I started writing on this blog because I had some ideas and things that I wanted to talk about with other people. But over 200 posts later one does start to run out of ideas…

Now you might be someone who writes when inspiration strikes in which case you’ll wait for an idea and not force yourself to come up with something. And that’s great if it works for you but in most cases that would leave you with no posting schedule and erratic blog posts here and there. This might be your cup of tea but it’s not mine. My blog is the one thing I like to keep consistent and constant in my life which means I need more ideas on what to write about. And it’s not like I’m forcing myself to churn out blog posts, no matter how crappy they might be. I know that there are many things I am yet to write about and even more wonderful ideas somewhere in my head, I just need to get them out on paper, or well my screen.

So I’m sharing a few tricks and techniques that help me to keep coming up with topics and ideas to write about, in case you find yourself in the same boat as I am.

How I Keep Coming Up With Content Ideas

You need to keep your eyes and ears open because inspiration can strike from anywhere. Seriously, don’t disregard anything. Whether you’re out for a walk, attending a biology class or just watching Netflix; inspiration can strike absolutely anywhere. Before you go to sleep just lie down in your bed and try thinking of anything you want to write about. That’s the best time for ideas to be flowing in your head. Even if you get the slightest of idea just write it down. Please write it down or you will forget. Even if it is a half-formed idea you can work on it. It’s better than nothing.

Another great way to get ideas is by reading other people’s blog posts. Look around at what’s going on in the community. What new or old memes or tags have come up? Do you want to participate in it? You might even like someone’s post idea and want to do it yourself. In that case, please ask for their permission first. Ask them if it would be okay for you to write a similar post and do credit them otherwise it’s plain plagiarism and that’s a huge no-no.

And lastly, if none of this works, I’ll tell you a little exercise that has been successful for me. I read a blog article on this and sort of modified it according to my own needs. What you need to do is as soon as you get up in the morning and freshen up, sit down with a notepad or your laptop and write 10 blog post ideas. Don’t get up unless you’re done and repeat this on a daily basis. I know, it seems too simple and useless but have some faith!

People tend to be more creative in the morning. Write down any crazy idea you can think of. It doesn’t have to be a stellar idea, you just need to write it down and get into a habit of doing it day after day. I honestly did this for a month before I stopped because by that time I was all out of even the craziest of ideas. But the exercise left me with a huge list of things I want to write about. Now every time I’m wondering what I should write about, I simply flip through that list. And yes there are many crazy and strange ideas on there which I’ve crossed out because they won’t work but about 80% of that list is slowly making its way to my blog, including this post!

One day I’ll cross out everything on that list which is when I plan to start this exercise all over again. It’s the most helpful idea generator exercise which has worked for me and even if you don’t believe in it, just give it a try 🙂

How do you keep coming with fresh content ideas?

What do you do when you burn out? Do you take a hiatus or resort to something else?

What are some of your favourite blog post ideas that you’ve come up with?

14 thoughts on “How I Keep Coming Up With Content Ideas

  1. “Please write it down or you will forget.”

    I feel called out…the amount of times I’ve had ideas strike me whilst in bed and I’m like ‘oh no I’ll remember it in the morning’. I never do and now we’ll never know what could have become from those ideas I let slip away sksksk.

    I think for me taking my hiatus has helped me refocus my energy and gain the courage to expand my blogs content into the other areas of my life I’m passionate about. (ahem like astrology, kpop etc related posts will come to my blog next year) None of that would have been possible if I’d not gone on hiatus, as I’d just keep squashing them down thinking no one would want to read them. But those posts make me happy to write and think about, so maybe not everyone who follows me currently will be interested in those posts and that’s ok hehe. I do have a list on my phone now though of post ideas I’ve had, that I’m saving and will slowly work my way through for next year.

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    • I’m literally calling out every single person in the world, Clo 😝 Including myself!!
      Imagine if one day we get a list of all those ideas we forgot about 🤔

      Yess, hurray for hiatuses! But also I’m very excited for whenever you’re coming back!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are *sniffs* you could let us all bury our heads in the sand a bit longer sksksk

        Ooooo I mean, I would be down to get a list of all the ideas I forgot about. Would be nice tbh haha.

        *squishes* tentatively hoping it’ll be Jan ’22 but it really depends so like earliest is Jan, latest is sometime in 2022 when I get my ducks together xD

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  2. I love this!!! I tend to be a mood reader and writer as well so ideas rarely come my way. I’ll do this starting tomorrow morning. I don’t know about 10 ideas, but at least I’ll do 5. Been experiencing blogging fatigue even though I just started this year so I end up almost not posting anything new. Will take a break and just generate ideas through this list. Might as well write any ideas for possible stories I write in the future. perhaps a month of break will spruce things up for me. Thanks for the tip!

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