Indian Lit Readathon Edition 4: All You Need to Know!

Hello and welcome back for the fourth edition of the Indian Lit Readathon!

We had a really great response last year and an absolutely amazing time making the readathon happen. And like every year, we’re back – bigger and better. The format of our readathon changes a bit every year but the spirit remains the same: to read more books by Indian authors 🙂

This year’s edition has an exciting theme and we promise you won’t find it hard to fit in some reading time for this readathon into your schedule. So keep reading for more details.

What is Indian Lit Readathon and when is it happening?

Indian Lit Readathon is a readathon that aims at encouraging readers to pick up books written by Indian authors or authors of Indian origin. As usual, it’s being hosted by Nandini, Shruti @This Is Lit and yours truly 🙂 This year’s edition will be a week long, running from 12-18th July with fun twitter sprints and challenges running in the background! It officially starts at 12am on Monday, Indian Standard Time, and goes on till midnight on Sunday.

What are the prompts, challenges and theme?

This year’s theme is a game that is beloved by everyone and a staple of every Indian’s childhood: Snakes and Ladders. The readathon will be played on a snakes and ladders board where you need to save your pawn from the snakes, climb the ladders and reach the finish point. Every square on the board accounts 20 minutes of reading. You get to climb up every time you stop on a ladder but it’s not that easy. If you really want to get those ladders you need to time your reading and stop at a certain number of pages.

For example, if a ladder is on block 12 and I’m on block 11 I need to read for 20 more minutes t climb it. But if I get too engaged in my book and read for 40 minutes instead of 20 then whoops! I just missed the ladder.

It’s a game of strategy, you see. You can also calculate when you’re going to land on a snake but these snakes don’t really bite, they’re actually fun challenges! Every snake represents a different readathon challenge and if you can complete the challenge you’re free to continue but if you can’t then you slide down the board. These challenges are so much fun though, we won’t be surprised if you would want to take part in them even if you skip over the snakes 😉

We’ll be keeping track of people’s progress daily and you can check where you are on the readathon leaderboard. Of course, there’s no pressure so this is optional. We just want this readathon to be as relaxing and fun for everyone as possible.

What are the rules?

There’s really just one main rule: only books written by Indian and Indian-origin authors are allowed. Other than that it’s a free-zone! You can read from any genre, any format and any number of books! You can even dnf a book and still get ahead on the board based on the minutes of reading you got clocked in before you dnfed it.

How do I sign-up?

Sign-ups are now open and you can sign-up anytime before the readathon starts. Just click on this form to sign-up for the Indian Lit Readathon.

If you have any other questions feel free to leave them down in the comments. Or you can contact us on either Twitter or Instagram. Follow us on our social media to keep track of what’s happening and get book recommendations and so much more!

Graphics to grab!

You can update your progress on the board by editing the pawn at the end of each day to represent your progress. And don’t worry, we have a super easy guide as to how you can do that 🙂


Q1. How do I calculate my progress?

       Every 20 minutes of reading counts as one block and you start off at 0. Here’s a handy table to illustrate the calculation –

Total Reading Time (minutes)Progress
<20Block 0
<40 & >=20Block 1
<60 & >=40Block 2

… and so on.

Q2. How do I mark my progress on the board?

       Link to board, pawn and put instructions here

Q3. Which challenges belong to which snakes?

       The challenges have been arranged in ascending order. For instance, the snake at Block #10 corresponds to the first challenge and so on.

Will you be taking part in the Indian Lit Readathon? 

What do you think about the theme and the prompts? 

Do you have any idea of what books you would like to read for the readathon? Feel free to leave some recommendations for everyone else 🙂

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