March and April Wrapup: Changing Things Around Here

Hello everyone!

This wrap-up is a bit overdue, partly because I wasn’t happy with how my wrap-ups were coming along and partly because this month has been especially tough because of many reasons. I hope all of you are aware of the crisis India is in due to the pandemic and it certainly has taken a toll on me. I don’t want to talk about it here too much (that’s literally all we talk about in real life and see in news) but I would urge you all to help in any way possible. If you can, please donate! Check out this list of ongoing fundraisers related to covid-19 distress for an extensive and verified list. If you cannot donate that’s fine, please spread awarenesss however much possible on your social media!

Right, so apart from all that going on I kind of got bored of the way my wrap-ups are structured. The reason why I had stopped writing wrap-ups is because I started hated writing them and it feels like I’m going down the same road now. Which is why I’m changing up some things. I’m expanding my wrap-ups from binge-watching to books and life updates and more stuff that I’ll figure out on the way. If you have anything you would like for me to add to my monthly wrap-ups then please do let me know, I’m all ears for ideas πŸ™‚

March and April Wrapup: Changing Things Around Here

Books that I Read and Hauled

While March was pretty average, April was actually great when it came to hauling books! Reading wise I read a great number of books in March but I thought April would leave me with more time and energy to read, but no worries. Most of the books I read were on the higher range of star ratings so at least I’ve got that going for me


No book by Acevedo ever disappoints, and this one especially tore at my heart and made me ugly-cry so many times! Seeing these two totally different sisters develop a relationship with each other and come to terms with their grief was a wonderful experience. 5/5 stars


This one was a much overdue re-read and was as hilarious and well-written I remembered it to be. 5/5 stars


This was the kind of creepy psychological thriller that I thought I would love but honestly some parts were just unexplained and made no sense when I reviewed the book and the ending was too open-ended for my liking. Still, the writing style really had me glued to the book. 3.5/5 stars


This was such a powerful narrative of an immigrant’s struggles and it moved me even more when I found that it’s partly based on a true story. The writing really made me feel as if I was right there. 4/5 stars


This was the first hindi book I read in a very long book and I actually had a great time translating it for my creative writing course. The revisions are driving me a bit insane but the story is kind of sad but really well-written. 4/5 stars


UMM THE BEST DUOLOGY EVER?! This is such a masterpiece of a second book, amazingly written with character arcs and just such a great ending. Things got wrapped up well enough and there were still some plot twists and a beautiful epilogue to look forward to. 4.5/5 stars


Excuse me I still can’t talk about this book without tearing-up IT BROKE ME. Such an amazing concept and a flawless execution. Matt Haig never disappoints. This is my new favourite book!!! 5/5 stars


This was so disappointing. I mean I liked it even though I trudged through it slowly but it honestly wasn’t worth the hype. I could see myself loving it maybe ten years ago though. 3.5/5 stars


This was a re-read and there’s no doubt that the PJO series will always have my whole freaking heart and soul πŸ™‚ 5/5 stars


This is my least favourite book in the series cause I’m not a huge Jason fan but I still liked the plot and how it builds up to the rest of the series. And of course I adore Piper! 4/5 stars


UMM OMG?! This book was everything I wanted and so much more. Not only did it have an ADORABLE romance we get to read about themes of self-discovery and relationships building. And of course we had all sort of lovely mental health representation for depression, OCD and anxiety as well as Jewish and queer rep and a character with eczema. The author really brought everything I wanted to this book. 5/5 stars


This was such a magical book! It’s sort of a queer and latinx fantasy reflection of Dumplin’. I’m not comparing the titles in any way because Miss Meteor is far better anyway. But seriously, I fell in love with the whole cast and the friendships and romances that were developed. 4.5/5 stars


Someone give me an award, it took me 3 months to read this book… No shade on TDR, I just take my time with dark books. I would say that I enjoyed the second half of the book much more because even though Rin only cared about the war and taking Su Daji down I was more interested in what the hell would happen after that. Oooh and that plot twist towards the end has me churning in my grave. 4/5 stars


Oh god how was this worse? The only reason I trudged through this book is Nikolai. It was so very predictable and I couldn’t handle more of Malina and the oh will she choose the Darkling shit. 3/5 stars


I actually have an in-depth review up for this here, but if you want quick thoughts: amazing writing and world-building plus mind-blowing plot-twists but a very slow pace for the first half of the book. Oh and that open ending is too open for my liking. 4/5 stars


This book is definitely one of the most detailed and heart-breaking accounts of mental health I’ve ever read. It’s partly biographical and honestly offers such a rich narrative, I would definitely recommend everyone to pick it up. 5/5 stars


Again, what a beautiful book about tea and baking and themes of loss, grief, identity and friendships. And the slow-burn romance?? Chef’s kiss. 4.5/5 stars

As for the books I hauled, there were so many that I’m not sure I catalogued them properly. I went to bookstores for the first time in these past two years, I think so of course I went slightly overboard! April was also my birthday month so I received some books as gifts as well. I didn’t plan on my expanding my wrap-up so I didn’t keep track of what I was hauling but in the future I’ll be properly cataloguing them in my wrap-up πŸ™‚

Everything that I Binge-Watched



Thoroughly enjoyed this one! I haven’t read the book but I loved the nuances of race and privilege they portrayed about feminism in the show


This was actually good?? I only started watching because of Katherine McNamara and Matthew Daddario but I loved the mystery of the plot as well as how everything ended!


If you’re looking for a boisterous trashy movie to go on in the background or just sorta lift your mood I would definitely recommend this one about four friends who go to Vegas and lose the groom.


I expected this to be a trashy watch but I’m surprised at the messages the movie was able to convey despite the mostly fun and crazy plotline.


Absolutely disappointing. Nowadays ‘psychological thriller’ is used for absolutely anything. I thought the concept seemed great but the execution was terrible and honestly let some plot holes that made me question if this was just psychological or sort of paranormal/fantasy. Wouldn’t really recommend to anyone.



Just me watching any random season for Survivor for emotional support, lol. Really enjoyed this one too.


This one is so amazing and underrated! I would have never known about it if my psych professor hadn’t brought it up in class. It’s basically a show that elaborates on therapy and mental health and has some pretty accurate representation of how therapy works.


I follow this artist on instagram who makes this adorable comic strip series of a cube called Cubemelt and recently it got turned into an animated series! The episodes are short and sweet and the whole show is absolutely the best to watch whenever you need a mood boost.


Not me being amused by other people’s miseries. Seriously though, Jameela Jamil and The Tenderloins is the best combination ever.


This show was actually good??? I went in with low expectations but I loved the plot of this show and how they addressed certain themes. Of course I can’t fully comment on some stuff because I’m not black and I’m honestly not a huge Marvel stan who would point out all the inaccuracies or deviations from a character and what not that you see on Tumblr. I simple enjoyed it and am in love with the new Captain America.

WINX CLUB S1,2,3 & 4

This started as a nostalgia watch and has quickly turned into something that I play for comfort or just let run in the background. I’m a sucker for the beautiful transformations and god this show deserved better from Netflix. But also oh my god why are there SO many jealousy sub-plots, I’m tired.


I blame Shruti for getting me addicted to this. I literally binged it within 24hrs?? I’m lowkey embarrassed as to how invested I was seeing that I wasn’t even aware of the presence of this show until last week. Whatever, I’m a sucker for the bromance in this show and totally plan on bingeing the next season soon.

Life Updates

So now that I know I’m going to be doing life updates I will note things down cause my memory is like that of a goldfish. And honestly time has no meaning at all these days.

For March… I’m honestly blanked out. Apart from submitting assignments and just generally being busy with academics I don’t remember doing much of anything. Oh wait, yes! I went for a wedding with my family in Goa back when the pandemic hadn’t become a crisis once again. It was very short and the only reason I had been looking forward to it was the beach. I’m a huge ocean lover, you can literally leave me on a beach for hours and I’ll just be happy swimming in the waves.

I had such an amazing time, I honestly just want a beach house at this point.

April was one hell of a month. It actually started off great, my sister and I went to Delhi with a cousin to sort of live alone for a while. Long story short, my plan was to visit some friends and just chill but that’s exactly when Delhi went into crisis and my cousin got covid so the rest of my stay was social distancing plus looking after him and just generally worrying about academics and getting back home. It was genuinely stressful and things definitely haven’t been the same since then. I got back home after a little more than a week but the general pandemic conditions just got worse everywhere.

But I did still end up being able to go to a couple bookshops in Delhi before shit went down which explains my book hauls. Plus I had my birthday on the 23rd. I turned 20! Of course we couldn’t actually go out and just generally it was as good of a pandemic birthday as possible. But yeah, my mental health hasn’t been the best this month and I honestly miss being in my university. I constantly miss my friends and just getting to live a pre-covid life but then that’s everybody.

Here’s to hoping May will prove to be a much better month and things will only get safer!

So what do you think of the new style of wrap-ups?

How was your March and April? I hope you all are staying safe and doing well ❀

Have you read any of the books I mentioned? If yes, what are your thoughts on them?

10 thoughts on “March and April Wrapup: Changing Things Around Here

  1. Ahh so happy to hear you loved the midnight library!! and we can’t keep meeting like this sounds so good- adding it to my want to read!

    aww happy delated birthday! sad to hear the bad timing but good that you could visit a few bookstores.
    I hope May is much kinder to you xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yesss, The Midnight Library just tore me apart LOL. Ahhh yaaay, you’ll absolutely love it!!!
      Thank you, Kristina! Aww I hope your May ends up being better as well ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the new wrap-ups. It’s easier to read, especially on a mobile device, and it looks very nice. πŸ™‚ I’ve the Midnight Library on hold at my library and I’m excited to pick it up. It seems like it’s going to be a fun and thoughtful read. XD Happy belated birthday to you, Charvi! Wishing you a lovelier month ahead. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww thank you so much, that makes me so happy cause I swear even at the last moment I was debating whether I want to publish them hehe. And formatting the book covers is a huge pain but totally worth it as long as they look pretty XD
      Omg yaaay, you’re in for a great time!
      Thank you soooo much ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. i really enjoyed reading this post, Charvi! this is a great style for wrap-ups and i think including both book and life updates is great :)) i really hope you and your family stay safe in these times ❀ and i love how you're rereading the PJO/HOO series haha, you're making me want to reread these books too (even though i just reread (some of) them like last year LOL). Percy Jackson really has my entire heart tho :') πŸ’“ and i'm super happy to hear that you enjoyed The Ones We're Meant to Find, i can't wait to read it and let it emotionally destroy me! wonderful post 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It makes me so happy that people are liking this style πŸ™‚
      Yeah we’re doing our best to stay locked up and safe. Omg hehe I think reading the PJO/HOO series should be a yearly thing XD
      Ahhh yesss it will absolutely destroy you, good luck for that!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Literally most of the books you’ve read are on my TBR haha, I’ll get to them eventually one day. I love the new style for the wrap ups though! You could always include a section of like ‘things your working on’? It’s something I have in my wrap ups just because it’s nice to share glimpses into the things I’ve working on related to the blog. Sending you so much love, here’s to May being a better month πŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe yeah I hope you get to them soon! Awww thank you ❀ Ooh that’s a great suggestion although I don’t really work on my posts a lot unless it’s 3 days before publishing so idk what I would mention. Aww thanks, Clo πŸ₯°πŸ₯° I hope May is great for you too!


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