February Binge-Watching Wrap-up: It’s Been A Busy Month

February has been tiring. Loads of workload on the academic front and honestly Wednesdays are terrible. I hate Wednesdays and I’m writing this on a Wednesday so I might sound slightly rambly. Yes I invented a word, deal with it.

I honestly wasn’t able to watch much this month because I didn’t get the time, plus I discovered some new youtubers and streamers so I’ve been spending time on that instead of movies and shows. Also I know February is the shortest month but seriously, where the fuck did time go? Anyway, let’s get on with the wrap-up!

February Binge-Watching Wrap-up: It’s Been A Busy Month

What I Binge-Watched

To All the Boys Always and Forever

Of course I jumped on the bandwagon to watch the last movie in this series. I honestly wasn’t fond of the last one because I’m forever Team Ambrose! Anyway, this one was cute, as usual the aesthetics just had my heart. Of course the plot was quite simple and predictable so it was kinda a good background watch and I’m just gonna miss Kitty, I stan her so freaking much ❤

Sense 8: Creating the World

I finished re-watching S1 of Sense 8 last month with my friends and then I found out they did a short documentary on how the show was made which I missed out on last time? It was SO good. The show is shot with a diverse cast in 6 different countries and I believe over 4 continents so it was just so much fun to watch how they shot every scene and just the cast goofing around had my heart.

Pulp Fiction

Yes I hadn’t seen the critically acclaimed Pulp Fiction until now. Of course I knew about it but then people forced me to watch it and it was such an interesting and cool concept! I loved the ending scenes where everything tied together although there were some specific scenes and characters that I felt were not needed. I did like the movie but I’m also not sure if I get why people are obsessed with it… Feel free to tell me in the comments.

I Care A Lot

Wow, this was an interesting concept. Not gonna lie, I was very intrigued in the beginning and Marla’s character was different and engaging but then after a while this just became a typical mafia movie. I just wish more of it were set at the old age home and about the old woman. I honestly went into it thinking the old woman was a criminal of sort and she would sort of battle it out with Marla and then was quite disappointed when it turned out to be so different. It was a decent movie but kinda forgettable after the first half.

What I Rewatched

The Good Place S1-4

I miss good sit-coms that make me laugh and cry and pine and gah I just end up rewatching the old ones. The Good Place is such a brilliant show. I blame Sai who constantly keeps talking about it in his Instagram stories which made me just binge it once again. If you haven’t watched it dear god, do yourself a favour and gift yourself the experience of viewing this masterpiece about the afterlife and being good and bad. Oh and I also rewatched the Good Place Exclusive Digital series on Youtube and every single episode is perfection. Will I ever get over The Good Place? NEVER.

Sense 8 S2

I finally finished rewatching this one with my friends and damn I had forgotten so much??? And now I’m hung over this show all over again…

What I’m Currently Watching

The Misery Index S3

The Misery Index is back with a third season! I absolutely adore watching the Tenderloins and my queen Jameela al Jamil 🙂

Impractical Jokers S9

I honestly live off of Impractical Jokers. I’ve watched each clip on youtube multiple times and seen the seasons over and over so of course I’m thrilled to have a new season!

Winx Club S1

Okay so in this era of debating and crying over how bad the Winx Club Netflix adaptation is I found that Shealea was watching the original one again and I thought that’s a great idea! I was obsessed with the show as a kid, I probably drew my first fanart for this show which I still may have lying around somewhere so I was so excited to dive in. Although I watched the show dubbed in hindi as a kid so I’m a bit sad that I don’t know the english theme song even though it’s the same tune, lol. My progress has been very slow so far and the show is quite straightforward and you can kinda tell it’s old but the nostalgia makes everything worth it.

What all did you watch in February and ended up enjoying? How was the month for you?

Have you seen anything from the shows and movies I mentioned above? If yes, what are your thoughts on them?

What is a movie or show you’re looking forward to watching in March?

14 thoughts on “February Binge-Watching Wrap-up: It’s Been A Busy Month

  1. I continued my Smallville rewatch and got to season nine. Besides that I finally started Bridgerton wit a friend and watched season six of Brooklyn 99 and the first season of Orphan Black. I still need to watch To All the Boys Always and Forever but honestly I wasn’t big fan of the second one.I watched Sense 8 years ago.

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  2. I’m definitely still in my animated-only phase. I rewatched Fruits Basket and Haikyuu and finished the last season of Carmen Sandiego 😦 I also finished S1 of Tokyo Ghoul in one sitting, which was an EXPERIENCE that I did not want to repeat 🤣

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    • It was nice actually except that it was VERY predictable, the usual storyline about my bf is in a college and I want to go to a different college. Like I love Lara Jean and her sisters but it wasn’t a very memorable movie.


  3. I also watched always and forever! Loved the ending ❤️
    My friend watched Wix too- but he said he didn’t liked it despite loving the cartoon as a kid, it’s way more « adult » and just like every other shows.. it’s great that you liked it, however!

    I went from binging true crime youtubers to watching an anime again; Love, Chenibyo & other desilutions.. which is so adorable!!

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    • Ah there’s some confusion, I actually watched the Winx original cartoon. I absolutely hated what I saw from the trailer and other people’s reaction of the Netflix version so I didn’t bother watching it cause they’ve turned it grimy and dark like every freaking show they have 🙄

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