Jump on the Webtoon Train: 8 Webtoon Recs to Get You Invested!

If you don’t know what Webtoon is then you’re living under a rock.

Okay, okay I’ll try not to be too harsh but surely you’ve heard of webcomics? Well even if you haven’t, I’m here to shove my favourites introduce you to some amazing webcomics on Webtoon πŸ™‚

Webtoon is a popular site as well as app where you can read a range of webcomics for free. I first discovered Webtoon because Tiffany recommended Lore Olympus on her Youtube channel Read By Tiffany. Like the greek mythology sucker I am, I got the app and fell in love with the webcomic. I’m actually not recommending it today because so many people have already hyped it but I want to talk about some other webcomics that deserve the world.

If you aren’t reading webcomics already, get with the trend. I’m even getting you all started with my favourites so you have no excuse, okay?

And if you need even more recommendations then go check out the webcomics that May loved in her post: A Recommendation List of 10 of My Favorite Webcomics (a Pretty GayΒ Selection)

Jump on the Webtoon Train: 8 Webtoon Recs to Get You Invested!

1. Gourmet Hound

If you want a wholesome webtoon that is absolutely adorable but will also make you hungry, this is it!

Gourmet Hound follows Lucy who’s superpower is her insanely strong sense of taste and smell. She’s on the look for an ex-Dimanche chef whose food was heaven for her so that she can taste it one last time. On the way she makes friends and meets other Dimanche chefs, including Gramps, our tall and handsome grandpa. I swear I’m not kidding, you need to read to find out what this is about, hehe.

My food knowledge definitely improved after reading Gourmet Hound but mostly it was my stomach complaining when I read it through the night. But seriously, despite it’s adorable front, this webcomic dives into relationships, family, past and just so many incredible themes.


STATUS: Complete

Click here to read it on Webtoon

2. Bad Signs

This webtoon is absolutely hilarious and I would honestly go buy it as a book if I could.

12 people signed up for a reality show but their plane crashes, leaving them on an island to survive. All 12 characters are based on zodiac signs so it’s really freaking interesting and it’s just that the humor is so on brand. The characters are about as lost, depressed and exhausted as us but still manage to provide entertainment.

I hope I’m making sense because all I can really say about Bad Signs is that it’s godamn funny and legit like watching a reality show.

STATUS: Ongoing

Click here to read it on Webtoon

3. Castle Swimmer

Castle Swimmer is the most beautiful underwater romance I’ve ever read. Like where do I even start?


*melts into a puddle*

Uhh yeah we basically follow Kappa, the prophecy fulfilling beacon who needs to be killed by Siren, the prince of the Shark clan so that their curse can be lifted. But of course, these two idiots fall in love and make for an adorable romance that has me weak at my knees.

ALSO, THE ART. Holy shit, it’s absolutely ethereal you all.

STATUS: Ongoing

Click here too read it on Webtoon

4. Seed

Seed is a chilling and creepy webtoon about the relations between AI and humans and where the boundaries blur.

Seed is based on Emma who accidentally stumbles upon an AI called Turry and starts chatting with it, thinking it’s a bot. When she really finds the extent to which Turry can go, things take a turn for the worse, forcing her to find a solution to it all.

I am just constantly creeped out by anything about AI and technology taking over our lives because let’s be honest, it’s very much possible. So yeah, this was a very intriguing webtoon that really kept me on edge. Although I was a bit disappointing with S2 because the storyline it followed wasn’t as interesting as the one in S1, in my opinion. Nevertheless, you should really go check it out!

STATUS: Waiting for S3

Click here to read it on Webtoon

5. Escape Room

Oh my god, this is without any doubt, the creepiest and yet most fascinating thing I’ve ever come across.

I LOVE escape rooms. I’m absolutely obsessed with them despite the fact that I’ve only ever been in one. This webtoon definitely sits in the mystery-horror genre and has frequent trigger warnings for blood and gore.

We follow Sean who wakes up in a sadistic escape room where he can die in a hundred thousand ways. I don’t want to say anything else because it may be a spoiler.

I read this overnight and it was simultaneously the worst and best thing I ever did. I had creepy nightmares but on the other hand, it was absolutely impossible to put it down. The art is so freaking amazing, it haunts me till date. Not in the oh-it’s-so-gorgeous way but the can-i-die-of-fright way. This might even be my all time favourite webtoon, gosh I can’t wait for S2!

STATUS: Waiting for S2

Click here to read it on Webtoon

6. The Witch and The Bull

I honestly only started reading this one because there was a free coins (the webtoon currency) contest going on but holy shit, I’m glad I fond it!

What really catches your eye is the art style. It’s absolutely breathtaking. I can honestly spend hours staring at the panels, they’re absolutely magical. And to add to that, the storyline is so wonderful and mysterious plus the romance makes me go uwu.

We follow Aro the witch and Tan, the king’s rude advisor who has been turned into a bull. As Aro and Tan embark on an adventure to find a way to reverse the magic we see them growing closer, despite the magical forces at hand that try to separate them. This on is based on zodiac magic and it’s just chef’s kiss. Gah, I’m just a sucker for this one.

STATUS: Ongoing

Click here to read it on Webtoon

7. microHUNTER

I’m honestly going to start yelling at people to read this severely underrated masterpiece. IT NEEDS TO BE DISCOVERED!!!

Microhunter follows Baekhyeon as he steps out to grab food for his sister, only to discover that every human on the planet has shrunken to the size of ants. Not only that, everyone has special abilities that they may use for good or for bad. Now Baekhyeon must make his way to his sister while trying to save as many people as he can on the way.

This is such a thrilling mystery!! Apparently the world in microhunter has already been predicted by Baekhyeon’s sister Mina who tried to sell the story as a novel. My lips are otherwise sealed but this is a very exciting adventure story with twists and turns.

You all better believe me and start reading it asap. I can’t believe so many people are missing out!

STATUS: Ongoing

Click here to read it on Webtoon

8. Adventures of God

Adventtures of God is a comic series which follows the imperfect God who struggles to maintain the universe without his assistant Greg and Jesus. And of course he’s frenemies with Lucifer or Lucy whom he keeps trying to set up.

This is such a hilarious series! Fans of Sarah’s Skribles would definitely like the art style as well as the humor of this comic series. It carries multiple plotlines and many deep themes woven into humor. All in all, a damn good webseries that I binged in a matter of days despite it’s 400 episodes.

Oh and as a fun thing, the authors always use people’s fanart as banners for different episodes which I find really cute πŸ™‚

STATUS: Ongoing

Click here to read it on Webtoon

Do you read webcomics? If yes, which are your favourites?

What draws yo more in webcomics, the art style or the plot line?

What are your favourite webcomic genres? I’ll read in absolutely any genre πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Jump on the Webtoon Train: 8 Webtoon Recs to Get You Invested!

  1. I have been told to read webcomics by so many people (and I really do want to!) but I haven’t. To be honest, it’d because most aren’t complete but these sound so cute and wholesome and interesting and um I am going to add these to my library (??) and definitely read them sometime soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I used to obsessively read Webtoons but it’s been a while since I’ve read them (and I wanna get back to them soon)! I subscribed to both The Witch and the Bull + Seed. Other favourites are: Rot & Ruin, Not Even Bones, Lore Olympus (of course lol), The Croaking, The Red King, Midnight Poppy Land, House of Stars, Empyrea, and Third Shift Society. LOL okay, that’s a lot but I love these. Most of them are still ongoing, some paused for the next season, but House of Stars is finished!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I shall be hopping on the webtoon train. Technically I already have, I started True Beauty the other day. I’ve also got Lore Olyumpus and Tower of God on my to read list. Rain’s post made me add The Witch And The Bull but you’ve also recommended it so…its definitely going on my list now. The art style looks so pretty too and the concept sounds great 😊 thank you for all the recs Charvi πŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Whoaaaa! You’re a webtooner??? 😍😍😍 I’m scared to start, what if this is another addiction to my list of already existing addictions????? Lovely list tho Charvi! They look so tempting!

    Liked by 1 person

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