Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone: 5 Non-Fiction Books I Loved

If you’ve been around for a while you can probably guess that I’m a huge YA Contemporary and Fantasy lover. Those are my two main genres although I frequently read graphic novels and mystery-thrillers as well. The one genre that I maintain my distance from is non-fiction.

I don’t like it. Mostly, I find non-fiction books boring, even when they are self-help books I don’t find a lot of them helpful or inspiring. So yeah, I have a bad track record when it comes to non-fiction books. Still, for the past year or two I’ve tried keeping an open mind and trying more non-fiction.

Has it been beneficial?

Woman shrugging and saying “maybe”

If I read like 10 non-fiction books I only ended up liking 5 of them so that’s not a very encouraging ratio. But nevertheless, there are some non-fiction books that I do love and would like to talk about so here we are! Maybe you can try them if you’re new to the genre as well or if you love non-fiction books then I think you’ll definitely love my recommendations as well.

Just a note though, when I say non-fiction, I literally include everything that’s not fiction, from autobiographies to self help books and what not. Excited? Let’s get started 🙂

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone: 5 Non-Fiction Books I Loved

1. Notes On A Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

I am an absolute sucker for Matt Haig. I read this amazing, weird yet utterly unique book back in high-school when I used to read books randomly. Fast-forward a few years and I found the author, or his book, Notes On A Nervous Planet. I was a bit hesitant because non-fiction, but I placed my absolute trust in Matt Haig and he did not disappoint.

This book is beautiful. As someone with anxiety, I felt absolutely seen in this book and I keep going back to it whenever I need. In general, Matt Haig’s presence is an absolute gift. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram, you will never regret it. He has a calming presence for me and I just love every single sentence he writes. Yeah, I’m a bit obsessed…

2. What Would Freud Do? by Sarah Tomley

I swear I would never have heard of this book unless I had been randomly browsing in a bookstore. I stumbled upon it by accident and what a happy accident! In case you haven’t realized it, I’m a huge Psychology nerd. I literally have a whole Psychology section on my blog.

Anyway, What Would Freud Say? is pitched as half introduction to psychology and half life lessons and I simply adore it! Literally anyone can read it, even if you don’t know the P of Psychology. It answers mundane questions like I keep looking at my phone every few minutes “Why can’t I concentrate?”, “I’m usually so well-behaved. . . what’s with the road rage?” in terms of psychology theories which is exactly what I try to do with my Psychology posts as well 🙂 So if you love the Psychology posts on my blog please go add this one on Goodreads!

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3. Night by Elie Wiesel

All the credit for this one goes to my literature course which forced me to read Night. I actually have an exception to my no non-fiction books, which is Holocaust literature. It horrifies me but draws me in like nothing else and The Diary of a Young Girl is a childhood favourite of mine.

So it’s no surprise that I ended up loving Night. It was quite short, well-written and bone-chilling and I absolutely could not keep it down. I just finished it in one sitting and just sat still in awe and shock. I’ll literally shout about this book from the rooftop!

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4. Almost Adulting by Arden Rose

So I had no idea that this book is by a Youtuber? I just found it on Storytel and dived into it and this was such a fun read! Light-hearted, full of jokes and some life lessons and stories as well 🙂 Almost Adulting is a good read for when you’re in the mood for something light or just need to listen to something as you do your chores. I don’t know what else to say about this book but let it be known that people have read this one on my recommendation and loved it.

5. Shh! Don’t Talk About Mental Health by Arjun Gupta

Shh! Don’t Talk About Mental Health is an independently published book and I really haven’t seen people hype it as much as it deserves to be hyped. This is a non-fiction book about mental health and I genuinely feel that it’s a great introduction to mental health. It’s not a self-help book per say but more about history, facts and a bit of the author’s personal story. It’s very informative and well-written and I just wish more people would go ahead and pick this up!

Have you read any of these books? If yes, what are your thoughts on them?

Do you step out of your comfort genres or stick to them?

Do you have any non-fiction recs for me? I can’t promise that I’ll read them but I’ll definitely check them out 🙂

19 thoughts on “Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone: 5 Non-Fiction Books I Loved

  1. I did read notes on a nervous planet, but I gotta say that I liked Reasons to stay alive better!

    We also had to read night in high school english..but I have absolutely no idea what I read as it was back in the days where I couldn’t understand properly xd it’s not my cup of tea of topic, however — as for the others, they look nice indeed! I’m gonna add them on my virtual wanna reads !

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  2. Wait, did we find What Would Freud Do? together? It seems so familiar! I’m really interested in Notes on a Nervous Planet – anything by Matt Haig, really. I had bought Reasons to Stay Alive so it could be my first read of 2020 but that didn’t pan out. Maybe in 2021? Loved the post. 💕

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  3. I haven’t read any of these yet and I like to believe I’m an eclectic reader but that’s just a lie because I clearly don’t read a lot of genres that frequently and non-fiction is one of them. Interesting to see how the ratio of non-fic you read and loved is clearly 1/2 because I feel like that would be the case with many readers who primarily read fiction books. Oh, and I’ll definitely be checking out these recommendations! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe yes, I kept believing that lie for a whilebefore I realised I din’t know a lot of books that others were reading. Yeah, if someone has grown up reading fiction it just becomes difficult to love non-fiction, that’s what I feel. Oh yaay, I hope you end up liking them! 🙂


  4. Notes On A Nervous Planet by Matt Haig sounds like something I should. I also have terrible anxiety and I’m always on the lookout for non-fic books about it. I remember reading Night quite a few years ago and it was astounding. Heartbreating, but so incredible. I do believe there are three books total in that non-fic series…set…thing. My goal this year has been to read more non-fic books and I did really well until about August, when the pandemic started to get even worse here in the States. siggghhh lol.

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    • Omg yes, definitely try it out, it’s probably my all time favourite non-fiction book ❤
      Yup, it has three books but I just don't feel like reading the other two for some reason. Maybe sometime in the future…
      Oof, I think all goals can be set aside when it comes to the pandemic, mental health is first and foremost 🙂

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      • I don’t blame you, they are definitely dark and difficult to read. I think I had about 6 months to a year between my reads of each of those books.

        Yeah… pandemic has been such a mood downer but I’ve picked up picture books in the meantime, or whenever I feel too down to read chapter books, and it’s helped so much! 🙂


  5. I’ve not read any of these books, however I remember you talking about the Matt Haig book 👀 Non-fiction books, I tend to gravitate towards ones which revolve around the moon, astrology, tarot and/or witchy related things. I definitely want to read more non-fiction books but I struggle to find ones which interest me, I’ll probably make this a goal for next year to be honest. Actively read more non-fiction hehe.


  6. i think the tough thing with non-fiction is that you can be reading a topic that’s interesting but the writer hasn’t dragged you in well enough. which is why its that bit harder to find the nonfiction books that suit you? either way im glad youre still enjoying them and wanting to try more. theyre a nice change


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