My Favourite Murdergirls ~ The Badass Warriors I Stan

You know what my favourite book trope is? Badass and powerful warrior girls who can stab and kill effortlessly. I absolutely worship such characters and beg for a chance to be face to face with them even though most of them might just end up killing me…

And apparently I’m not the only one!

A while back I saw Justine @I Should Read That do a video titled My Favourite Murdergirls. I simply loved the idea and it has been stashed in my drafts ever since. So yeah, this post is inspired by her video, please do go check out Justine’s lovely channel 🙂

My Favourite Murdergirls ~ The Badass Warriors I Stan

Fang Runin from The Poppy War

Hello yes, I’ve joined the screaming and crying TPW fandom and stepped in line to offer my soul to Rin. Honestly, the character development on this girl is out of the world. I have never – R.F Kuang is a freaking genius. I absolutely love how Rin is a messy girl who’s hungry for power and knowledge and she’ll do almost anything to get it. She’s fierce and angry and stands up for herself and I just- I have so much respect and love for her, she can set me on fire any day.

Helene Aquila from An Ember in the Ashes

Listen, I’m smitten. I’m freaking in love with Helene and nobody better touch her. My heart screams for her and everything she’s gone through and just- how do people in the fandom hate her? I know a lot of you started understanding her more after the second book but let it be know that I have faithfully been loving her since the middle of the first book.

Ahem, more to why I love her, Helene is just emotionally and physically one of the strongest characters I’ve ever met and she has such a fierce passion for protecting her loved ones and her people! She’s independent and powerful, used to not relying on others and asking for help and like, I relate. I know she starts off a bit orthodox but everything she knows gets challenged and she adapts herself. ALSO, HASN’T SHE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH ALREADY?! Sabaa better leave my girl alone…

Zafira from We Hunt The Flame

Zafira is a queen for me, but for others she’s the Hunter. The fierce Hunter who braves the cursed forest of the Arz to feed her people. The forest where nobody else returns from alive. Yes, that’s our warrior girl! It’s been a while since I read this book but I still remember Zafira’s passion and how bold, brave and emotional she is. Yes, an emotional badass warrior who doesn’t need to be robot-like in order to be a great warrior. Also, the love Zafira has for everyone around her just moves me so much! Also her archery is on point. Yes, I did make that pun.

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Ia Cocha from Ignite the Stars

If there’s one underrated badass space warrior it’s Ia Cocha. Seriously, why is Ignite the Stars so underrated??? I absolutely stan Ia, I would gladly lay down my life for her at any point of time. She is harsh, clever and will do anything to get what she wants. I’m absolutely here for the development her character goes through and I love her attitude which is mostly I’m-better-than-everyone-else which is absolutely true. Without doubt Ia would scowl at me if I start worshiping her but nobody can stop me!

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Nimona from Nimona

Bet you didn’t see this one coming! You can’t help but love Nimona but at the same time, she’s a villain to be feared. She’s quirky and absolutely excited to be a villian and destroy stuff and kill people. I feel like her enthusiasm makes her very dangerous as well as her wild powers which aren’t very clearly defined but know this: she can shapeshift as easily as you and I breathe.

I love that Nimona doesn’t classically dress or speak like a villain neither does she have that scary intimidating vibe around her but she’s still very badass! Definitely a top murdergirl.

Who are your favourite murdergirls? Recognise any from this list?

Would you want to meet your favourite murdergirls or would you rather not risk getting killed?

Have you read Ignite the Stars? If not, please do, it’s a very underrated book!

5 thoughts on “My Favourite Murdergirls ~ The Badass Warriors I Stan

  1. This looks like such a fun post! I feel like I’d never be able to narrow it down to five haha. XD I really need to read The Poppy War books soon. Great post, Charvi!

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