September Releases I Need to Start Saving For

How is it September already? I swear time has no meaning at this point. Sure I want this year to finish off as quickly as possible but at the same time, where are all the days going?

I looked down at my spreadsheet where I keep track of new book releases and September’s list looks a bit measly… However, I’m still over the top excited for these releases so let’s go check them out!

September Releases I Need to Start Saving For

1. The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stoker

I’m that kind of bitch who will read anything Lauren James writes. I’ve only read The Loneliest Girl In The Universe by her but I was so struck with it – seriously, that plot twist was golden. Anyway, The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stoker is about Harriet who dies and finds herself in the afterlife with a gang of ghosts who have powers and now she needs to hone her powers. I love this idea and this is literally all the information we’ve been given so I absolutely can’t wait to read it!

RELEASE DATE: 3rd September

2. Miss Meteor

Give me all that fat and sapphic rep!!! Miss Meteor is about a beauty pageant where Lita and Chicky want to enter simply because none of the girls who’ve won the pageant are like them. Now I can only assume from the rumors I’ve heard that we have a fat mc and there’s a queer mc and sapphic romance. Not sure if it all applies to the same character but this is all giving me Dumpin’ vibes and I’m so here for it!

RELEASE DATE: 22nd September

3. How It All Blew Up

Right off the beat, How It All Blew Up is pitched as Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda goes to Italy so how could I not want to read it??? So Amir comes out to his Muslim family and then runs off to Rome? Damn does this kid have enough money to do that? Apparently he gets used to his life in Rome until his old life came knocking back at his door. Now he better be honest with the US Customs officer or risk losing his freedom and life. Now the whole blurb is vague so I’m excited to read more about this but I’ve also been seeing some mixed reviews so I’ll be cautious before picking this up.

RELEASE DATE: 22nd September

4. A Deadly Education

Now I haven’t read a lot of dark academia but I’m dead set to get my hands on A Deadly Education. See what I did there? Anyway, this book is about a school for magically gifted kids where failure means death and students aren’t allowed to leave until they graduate or die?? El begins to uncover the secrets of this school while trying not to wipe out all the students with her dark magic. Umm there’s so much dark magic?? Secrets, magic and murdery vibes? I’M HERE FOR THIS.

RELEASE DATE: 29th September

So as you can see, I don’t have a very long lineup this month. In fact, I have very few books on my list to stalk for the latter half of 2020 so feel free to leave all your recommendations for September and the rest of 2020 “)

What September book release are you looking forward to?

What ARCs have you been reading recently? Are they any good?

Which of the book releases coming out in the latter half of 2020 are you most excited for?

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