Everything I Binge-Watched in July

Hello there!

July was a tough month for me due to a lot of different reasons and since I was doing the 30 books in 30 days challenge I didn’t watch a lot of movies or shows…. until I gave up on the challenge and binge-watched the majority of my wrap-up movies in the last five days of the month.

And from now on, I’ve decided to include shows and movies that I dnf as well just because I spent my time on them and would like to rant how they were not worth it 🙂

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1. Impractical Jokers S1, 2, 3 & 4

Impractical Jokers is my go to whenever I’m moody or sad or just going through a down time and I basically watched everything that was available on Netflix and every clip possible on YouTube. I keep re-watching and these 4 never bore me, god I love this show!


2. Warrior Nun – DNF

God, this was so boring. I was super psyched for this show but I couldn’t get past like 4 episodes because they were focusing on necessary stuff and going as slow as a tortoise. I wanted to see more of the Warrior Nuns and their organisation but literally not even 1/4rth of the first few episodes is about them. It’s all about this mc who just wanders around doing stuff? My reviews aren’t always literate but this one just bored me to death. Also why does every mc have to be a sassy I don’t give a shit character with no other personality trait??







1. Impractical Jokers the Movie

So like I said, Impractical Jokers is my jam. I adore these idiots and had been wanting to see the movies since ages! Now I wish I hadn’t…. It’s honestly sort of boring. The whole vibes seemed a bit off? For me the worst part of it all was that you couldn’t really tell which of the jokes and pranks and challenges were genuine or staged. I despise staged stuff and part of what makes Impractical Jokers great is that anything can happen spontaneously which is what I really missed. So yeah, the movie was pretty meh.


2. Predestination

UM THIS MOVIE BLEW MY MIND. I just- what do I even say? I was up late at night reading all the theories and explanations till my head hurt and then I just ended up tossing and turning in bed all night cause this movie messed with my mind and all of you need to watch it right now!!



3. Manto

This movie was okay? It’s a biography of Sadaat Hassan Manto and I’ve read some of his stories and honestly I’m in awe of the man. Most of this movie was kinda sad and the rest of it was just a bit slow and meh? So I don’t really know my feelings for this one but I’m still glad that I saw it.


4. The Old Guard

I LOVED THIS MOVIE. First off, I’m here to watch Charlize Theron fight. She could stab me a hundred times and I would continue to worship her. Especially that haircut of hers. But seriously, the plot was good, the action was amazing and there was a plot twist at the end so hopefully they’ll make a second movie cause I need more of Andy!!!


5. Doctor Strange

I was craving for something familiar so I turned to Doctor Strange cause I love Benedict Cumberbatch.  I had to physically restrain myself from re-watching Sherlock for the umpteenth time, after I finished this movie. So then I wanted more of Benedict Cumberbatch and went on to watch Infinity War.


6. Infinity War

There were so many good moments in this book that I had forgotten about! But also some meh moments that I skipped. I’m honestly in the minority when I say I borderline hate the Guardians of the Galaxy series and the crew except for Gamora and Groot. I just can’t stand them so I mostly skipped their parts. But overall it’s a good movie.


7. Shaun the Sheep Movie

My sister saw me watching this movie and was absolutely baffled as to why I chose to watch such a kiddish movie. I watched a lot of Shaun the Sheep in my childhood days and the show was absolutely adorable! I especially love the animation style for this show and was glad to see the movie being made in the same fashion. The movie was cute, not very deep or anything but it provided me with the light entertainment I needed 🙂



Have you seen any of these movies and shows or do you plan to?

What have you been watching recently?

What is your preferred genre for when you’re feeling down in life?




5 thoughts on “Everything I Binge-Watched in July

      • it is soooo long and the first season seems boring (although it is a lot more humorous than the other seasons), but really picks up in the last 5-6 episodes!! if you like sci-fi with a combo of mystery, then i recommend it! Daisy, May, Mack, and Elena are the most underrated MCU characters, and you get to know the characters A LOT better as you go throughout the series. the show improves as it goes on, and if you stick with it, you are in for a compelling story about found family.

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