Interviewing Rachel Lynn: Author of Today Tonight Tomorrow!

Hello everyone!

I’m here to talk about an upcoming YA book release that I absolutely adored. There are so many amazing books which are coming out in 2020 that it can be hard to keep track. I for one have a whole spreadsheet for this… Anyway, I’d especially been keeping an eye out for Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon when I got a chance to be on the street team for this book!

Being part of Rachel’s street team has been so much fun and let’s just say that I haven’t been okay ever since I read Today Tonight Tomorrow. I finished it in a single sitting and oh my god I have so many feelings! There will be a review coming up on my blog soon but for now I’m bouncing up and down with excitement because today I’m interviewing Rachel for her book Today Tonight Tomorrow 🙂





Interviewing Rachel Lynn: Author of Today Tonight Tomorrow!



1. Hello Rachel! I’m so excited to have you on the blog 🙂 For those who haven’t heard about Today Tonight Tomorrow, can you tell them what it’s about in a few lines?


Of course! Today Tonight Tomorrow is a YA romantic comedy that takes place over 24 hours on the last day of senior year. It follows longtime rivals Rowan and Neil, who reluctantly team up to win a senior class game as they realize they may not despise each other as much as they thought.



2. There’s nothing better than a well-written enemies to lovers romance. How did you get the idea to write this story? Did the plot come to you first or the characters?


The book was inspired by two movies I saw several years apart. The first spark was Before Sunrise, a movie where two characters meet on a train and spend a day together in Vienna, exploring the city and falling in love. The second spark was, coincidentally, a movie from the same director, Richard Linklater: Dazed and Confused. I watched it for the first time in 2017, and while there are a lot of problematic things about it, I loved how it captured the nostalgia and excitement of the last day of senior year. 

That was when Today Tonight Tomorrow became more fully formed in my mind: I wanted to write an updated Dazed and Confused, but with the kind of love story in Before Sunrise



3. Wow, that’s an excellent origin story! Was the whole process of writing and publishing Today Tonight Tomorrow any different from your other books?


Today Tonight Tomorrow is my third book, and it was very different from publishing my first two books in that it sold on proposal. At the time of my first book deal, a two-book deal with Simon & Schuster, both my debut and my second book were written. When it came time to submit a potential third book to my publisher, all they needed to see was a synopsis and the first few chapters. This is pretty standard if you already have a relationship with the publisher! 

I’d written a draft of TTT that I was in the process of rewriting, so my agent submitted three revised chapters and a synopsis to my editor, who offered us another two-book deal based on that. Then I wrote the rest of that new draft and sent it to my editor, and we worked on revising it from there!



4. I loved reading about both Rowan and Neil and I couldn’t choose between them. So I’m not going to ask you to play favourites but which character did you enjoy writing the most?


Thank you so much! Oh wow, it’s tough for me to pick a favorite too. I put so much of myself into both of them, and Rowan in particular has so many of my insecurities. I really loved writing Neil, though, because I wanted him to be this very awkward, nerdy boy with hidden layers of sweetness — the kind of boy who doesn’t usually get to be the hero in a romance novel. 



5. Oh you totally achieved that! I was definitely swooning over Neil. One of my favourite parts about your book is all the beautiful themes that are interwoven in the story. Which one is your personal favourite, something you knew was going to be a part of this story when you first started writing it?


The high school nostalgia, definitely. One of the first notes I scribbled down about this book was that I wanted there to be a conflict between the character desperate to leave Seattle and the other afraid to let go. As I revised, that turned into Rowan clinging to this idea of what high school was “supposed” to be.



6. As a young writer, especially of the romance genre, Rowan has many anxieties around writing and showing people her work. Was any of this narrative stemming from your own experiences?


Some of it, absolutely! While I wrote a lot as a kid and teen, I didn’t get serious about it until after college, and I’ve always been such an introvert that it was terrifying to share it with strangers for the first time. The first time I shared my fiction writing was with a local writing group, and they were so kind and encouraging. It’s still scary to send something new out into the world, but fortunately the excitement overpowers the fear! 



7. Here’s a fun question, if you were to create a playlist for Today Tonight Tomorrow, which 3 songs would definitely be in there?


“You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me” – Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

“Crush” – Tessa Violet

“Perfect (In My Mind)” – Gold Motel



8. I’m definitely looking these up after this! Lastly, what is one message that you want your readers to take away from this book?


Rowan hides her passion for romance novels — both reading and writing them — because she’s been judged in the past. Media marketed toward women and teens is constantly viewed as lesser, and I hate to see it dismissed the way it so often is. So part of Rowan’s arc is about gaining the confidence to embrace what she loves without shame. I hope that’s a message readers can take to heart.


That’s such a beautiful message! It was an absolute delight to have Rachel on my blog and I hope you all loved getting to know more about Today Tonight Tomorrow! If you haven’t yet, go add it to your Goodreads TBR:


Goodreads ~ Bookdepository ~ Amazon ~ Amazon India

The Hating Game meets Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist by way of Morgan Matson in this unforgettable romantic comedy about two rival overachievers whose relationship completely transforms over the course of twenty-four hours.

Today, she hates him.

It’s the last day of senior year. Rowan Roth and Neil McNair have been bitter rivals for all of high school, clashing on test scores, student council elections, and even gym class pull-up contests. While Rowan, who secretly wants to write romance novels, is anxious about the future, she’d love to beat her infuriating nemesis one last time.

Tonight, she puts up with him.

When Neil is named valedictorian, Rowan has only one chance at victory: Howl, a senior class game that takes them all over Seattle, a farewell tour of the city she loves. But after learning a group of seniors is out to get them, she and Neil reluctantly decide to team up until they’re the last players left—and then they’ll destroy each other.

As Rowan spends more time with Neil, she realizes he’s much more than the awkward linguistics nerd she’s sparred with for the past four years. And, perhaps, this boy she claims to despise might actually be the boy of her dreams.

Tomorrow…maybe she’s already fallen for him.



Which author would you like me to interview on the blog?

Have you read any other books by Rachel Lynn Solomon? One Year of Maybe is definitely on my TBR!

What are some of your favourite enemies to lovers books?



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