My Nominations for the Fourth Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards

This post took a freaking long time but it was so fun to go through and sort my lovely friends and their blogs into categories and admire their blogs over and over again!

Honestly my favourite part of nominating people for awards is going to the comments section and watching everyone squeal and cry because we book bloggers need more respect and love!! I myself go all squishy and a nomination just absolutely makes my entire day so wheee, let’s make some people happy!



The Fourth Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards

The Book Blogger Awards were first created and hosted by Joce @ Write Through the Night in 2017. When she quit blogging in 2019, May @ Forever and Everly began hosting them, and starting this year both May and Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane are co-hosting!

There are a lot of categories and I haven’t nominated bloggers for every category. I especially wanted to mention that I won’t be nominating anyone for the Young Adult books category because almost all the bloggers I know blog about YA books so this turned out to be mission impossible for me… Anyway, here we go!


  • Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger (13-19)

I nominate May @ Forever and Everly because let me tell you what May’s blog has:

– a freaking gorgeous aesthetic

– humor!!!! I love her writing voice

– pretty diverse books!

– also great book reviews

– and omg she’s such a sweet person and organises such wonderful things like these awards, I’m in AWE

  • Best Adult Book Blogger (20+)

I nominate Simant @ Flipping Through Pages :) Simant is such a dedicated book bloggers and she’s so friendly and approachable. I remember I first saw her grogeous blog with it’s aesthetic and very well written book reviews and other amazing posts and little me was in love. And of course I’m still in love. Sim’s also managing her reading and blogging with a cute new-born baby and that’s just so much effort and dedication, she definitely deserves this award!


  • New Adult / General Adult

I nominate Sahi @ My World of Books for her lovely reviews of books that I don’t usually read but get intrigued by after reading her posts. I love scrolling through Sahi’s well-structured posts and sometimes I take up her recs and then actually find time to read them? I know, it’s a shocker but I rarely crawl out of my comfort zone so thanks to Sahi I’ve been branching a bit into new adult and general adult novels.

  • Romance

I’m not a romance reader but I love visiting Sam @ Fictionally Sam ‘s blog to see what steamy romance novels she’s reading and occasionally some of them garner my interest. I love hearing her thoughts on the books and her reviews are so lovely, you all should definitely check out her blog.

  • Science Fiction / Fantasy

Of course Nandini @ Novels and Nebulas is the first person who comes to mind because I’ve never seen someone so dedicated to sci-fi and fantasy books, especially when it comes to promoting diverse SFF sci-fi and fantasy! I whole-heartedly trust Dini’s recs and have found so many new favourites thanks to her! She’s the one person who can convince me to read sci-fi, a genre I’m usually wary of. Also, she did a complete rebrand this year and her blog gives so much more space and sci-fi vibes – you must go see her posts!

I’m also nominating Dani @ The Perspective of a Writer because I really like reading her reviews on sci-fi and fantasy books. They’re so well written! I love the style in which she writes which feels as if I’m talking to her as she excitedly explains why she loves the books she read πŸ™‚

  • Literary Fiction / Classics / Poetry

Look nowhere else other than Shruti @ This Is Lit when it comes to literary fiction! Do I enjoy reading literary fiction? Not particularly. But I still love visiting Shruti’s blog where she writes reviews in her own snarky voice and yet other interesting posts like the time a bot wrote her blog post. She occasionally dives int YA too so that’s always fun to see. You know what, I could have nominated her for best blogging voice too but let’s face it, she would have demolished the competition…


  • Best Book Reviews

I’m going to nominate Vee @ Vee Reading for her lovely reviews! They’re very insightful and I love how she does a pros and cons list which not only makes it easier to read the review but also gets straight to the point and she hides the spoilers in the text as well. It’s a wonderful format and I really appreciate her taste in books.

I’m also nominating Ikram @ Readlogy for her wonderful book reviews. She divides the review up into neat categories and everything is so minimalist and charming and I especially adore how she sums up her overall thoughts towards the end of the posts.

  • Best Book Recommendations

I’m nominating Fanna @ Fannatality because not only do we have similar tastes in books, she has excellent recommendations, especially when it comes to diverse books that might not be under my radar. I usually love whatever she recommends so this nomination was a no-brainer πŸ™‚

  • Best Discussion Posts

I absolutely adore the discussion posts that Faith @Pages Left Unread writes! They bring up such interesting and important points and really engages you in a conversation so it’s always fun to visit their blog or see a notification from their blog pop up in my email.

I honestly live for Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea and her blog because it is just perfection?! I get so excited upon seeing a new discussion post alert from her bog because I know without doubt that she’s going to choose some intriguing topic or even if it’s an old one she’s going to present it in new ways. Caitlin is always open for discussion and it’s such a pleasure to visit her blog πŸ™‚

  • Best Blog Aesthetic

Hands down, Tiffany @ Read by Tiffany has the prettiest and most aesthetic vibes ever. Everything is so calm and pink and pastel and pretty! Okay I’m seriously running out of words here but like I see pink and my mind immediately goes to Tiffany and her beautiful, soft aesthetic.

I am a huge fan of the dark witchy vibe Camilla @ The Reader in the Attic and her blog give. It’s just a mysterious and sort of aloof vibe and I love the colours on her blog which mainly consist of black and purple and the occasional greens and blues. I’m always in awe of the illustrations on her blog so every time I go check out a post I’ll take at least a minute to just fully take in the lovely aesthetics ❀

  • Best Blogging/Writing Voice

For this one I’m nominating Rain @ Bookdragoinsm simply because she makes me laugh and grin a lot because her platform and social media just gives those complete fangirl screaming and jumping up and down vibes which is always reflected in her content! I just love reading her rant or get excited about anything related to books because it’s so rare to see someone fully express themselves in their writing!


  • Most Helpful (someone who posts thoughtful blogging guides/advice)

This one definitely goes to Kal @ Reader Voracious because she’s like a superwoman always ready to jump up and help other bloggers and readers. She gives great advice and has such amazing resources up on her blog, my favourite being the book blogging and reading spreadsheet tracker which literally everyone I know in the bookish community adores. So yeah, she’s like the person for this award.

I also want to nominate Elgee @Elgee Writes because I absolutely adore the posts she puts up on her blog, especially when she sums up self-help books for others and gives tips and advice for bloggers. Even her discussion posts can be so encouraging and full of genuinely amazing advice. I often tweet out her posts because honestly nobody deserves to miss out on them!

  • Most Supportive (someone who always shares others’ posts in wrap-ups/has kind comments/boosts other bloggers with initiatives, etc.)

Kate @ Reading Through Infinity is such a sweet person who’s always boosting other on all her platforms and keeps organizing giveaways and leaving lovely comments on other people’s blogs. Kate also has a lot of initiatives, especially around this pride month when she invited queer book content creators on her blog as well as booktube channel. She’s the one person you can’t help but love and adore πŸ™‚

  • Most Creative (creative/original posts)

CW and fellow co-bloggers @ The Quiet Pond have such amazing posts and initiatives which are definitely out of the box! I love Pondathon and the different post series she organises like the pride series and the one for asian heritage month – CW just works so freaking hard and the entire story behind her blog is the most creative thing anyone could have come up with!

I’m also nominating Clo @ Cuppa Clo because I never know what to expect on her blog because it’s all such wonderful and creative content! I’m especially excited for her story series which are usually about readers, book bloggers, bookstagrammers and booktubers so they’re all extremely fun to read πŸ™‚

  • Best Social Media Influencer

I adore Rameela @ Star Is All Booked Up for always bringing wonderful books under my radar but also for her book inspired outfits and wonderful bookish tik-tok videos. I honestly contemplated joining tik-tok just for her, she’s so amazing and entertaining!

And oh my god how can I not nominate Kajree @ Paperbacks and Pen for her gorgeous bookish pictures and the amazing edits she does. I’m always putting books she recs on my TBR and I’m in awe of her bookstagram where she discusses such important bookish topics in the captions. She changed up her blog and lost her older posts and followers but her content is still gold ❀

  • Best Personality

I love Kate @ Your Tita Kate because she’s always so sweet and upbeat and woke and friendly and every other nice adjective I can think of. I absolutely love her enthusiasm for everything! And also her laughs. And her cats. I mean having cats also counts as a personality trait, right?

I’m in awe of Em/Zainab @ Em’s Bookish Musings because I just get great mysterious, edgy vibes from her? She’s just so wonderful and I love everything on her blog and she just seems like a great person even though I recently discovered her. Okay just combine that mouth open emoji and heart eyed emoji and that’s basically me for Em/Zainab.

  • Friendliest Member of the Community

I’m all smiles any time I think of Iris @ Hoard of Books because she’s just so sweet and friendly and literally the human personification of a smiley emoji. She’s always leaving sweet and encouraging comments and every interaction I’ve ever had with her is just heartwarming, okay? You need her in your life.

  • Best at Promoting Diverse Books

I’m nominating Fadwa @ Word Wonders because she honestly hustles so much and is always promoting and excitedly talking about diverse books. She gets me so hyped for books I don’t even know anything about and she somehow creates wonderful comment for her blog and booktube?! I bow down to this queen.

I would also like to make a quick mention of how sad I am that I can’t nominate Shealea for this award since she no longer has a blog 😦 Shealea is the first person I think of when someone says diverse books and also sunflowers but most of all I thoroughly applaud the amount of effort and dedication she puts into promoting diverse books. This isn’t an official nomination but still an appreciation for this wonderful person.

Oh and Shealea’s running Caffeine Book Tours where she organises book tours for diverse books and it now has it’s own website! You all definitely need to check it out and sign up to be a coffee bean πŸ™‚

Best Overall Book Blogger [two winners!]

I think this award should definitely go to Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books because she’s the sort of all-rounder I think of when it comes to book blogs. I love reading every single post she and Nyx write because it’s perfection. Every post is the perfect mix of humor and gifs and contemplation and books and I obviously am besotted with her blog, as should you all.


Phew! That was a huge post and I’m honestly super exhausted despite this being a fun task. I hope you don’t take offense if I didn’t tag you! I either didn’t find a good enough category for you or felt that your amazingness couldn’t be captured in a single category. Or I simply forgot because I’m tired and I have a memory of a gold fish so I sincerely apologise 😦 But know that I love you all and appreciate the amazing people you are and the absolutely wonderful content all you book bloggers put out there!


Are you nominating anyone for the Book Bloggers Award 2020?

Do you agree with any of my choices for these awards?

Do you know of any underrated book bloggers that I’m not aware of? Do let me know in the comments, I love discovering new bloggers πŸ™‚


35 thoughts on “My Nominations for the Fourth Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards

  1. As someone who hardly goes out of my own comfort zone, I’m delighted to know that I might play a part in you trying to read out of yours… Thank you so much for the kind words little sis 😍😍πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am super dazed to find my name among these awesome and great bloggers. And thank you for the encouraging words, Charvi. You made my day!.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. aahh thank you so much for particpating in these awards, charvi, and for writing such lovely things about each of the bloggers! it truly makes me feel so happy ❀ and of course, thank you so so much for nominating ME for an award, i can't explain how much that means to me πŸ₯ΊπŸ’“

    Liked by 1 person


    im glad to know that someone loves my senseless screams and fangirl thoughts! i love you so much it’s an honor to be nominated alongside these great bloggers πŸ’–

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  5. Hallo, Hallo Charvi,

    I love how your list is a nice mixture of the bloggers I love reading myself and new bloggers I have yet to discover! You really have a balanced list between the two! I added your post to a mini blogroll I put under my own nominations for the awards as a way to unite us all together and help others find the posts everyone has been creating. This is my first year participating and it has been such a hearty bout of joy to share and to receive – I am loving it!!

    Perhaps we share some mutuals in the book blogosphere? read my noms list to find out!

    Liked by 1 person

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